The ending song of “Chang’an Beauty Walk” needed to be recorded for the first time today.
Originally, this matter was to be completed two weeks ago, but Han Yi was worried about Jiang Zheng’s health and delayed it for a while.

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Jiang Zheng had shown remarkable musical talent since childhood and could use various instruments and go between different genres freely.
At the age of 18, she graduated from an internationally renowned music conservatory.
Her teacher sent her graduation album to an influential pop music competition.

Who would have known that she would defeat six generals in five trials, and would also win three awards including the Best Golden Melody Award, the Best Album and the Best Newcomer Award in one fell swoop? Jiang Zheng became an instant hit.
There were more than a dozen music companies that sent olive branches to her, but her brother Jiang Ran felt that the circle was a mess and strongly opposed her debut.
Jiang Zheng had always gone her own way.
No matter how her brother persuaded her, she set up her own studio and personally picked an agent, namely Han Yi.
Of course, she didn’t know that Han Yi was chosen privately by her brother.

The ending song was called “Sin of Beauty”.
The style of the song was treacherous and gorgeous, and it had some elegance in its restraint.
The lyrics revolved around the motif of redemption and revenge, depicting a woman who was born sinful but not evil.
It was quite consistent with her style since Jiang Zheng had always spoken for women.
So, she had promised to sing the song herself.

She motivated herself and put on the headphones.
The prelude sounded suddenly, and a drum sound and ethereal harmony established a quiet and arrogant tune, followed by Jiang Zheng’s unique sugary voice, which flowed out quickly, violently, and impacted the heart directly…

Han Yi stood outside, feeling excited inside.
The only time Jiang Zheng was unreliable was when she met Ji Muye.
Apart from that, she had always been capable and powerful, and he didn’t need to worry about her at all.

It was only sung a few times and the whole song was recorded.
Although the staff did not dare to speak to Jiang Zheng, they expressed their heartfelt admiration for her superb singing skills.
You know, even if some people had debuted as singers, once they put down their singing, when they picked it up again, most of them would sing in pieces, requiring millions of musicians to come on stage to barely be able to make it hearable.
Jiang Zheng greatly reduced their workload, so everyone looked relieved.

After finishing the recording here, Jiang Zheng returned to her cool appearance and walked out wearing sunglasses.
And she unexpectedly met He Xiao and Ji Muye head-on.

He Xiao looked surprised, as he trotted over and bowed to Jiang Zheng.

Jiang Zheng said lightly, “It is a coincidence.”

This was a coincidence, she didn’t know if it was said by He Xiao or Ji Muye.

Han Yi wondered, when did Ji Muye and He Xiao have such a close relationship? One was from the film and television circle and the other from the singer circle and they were completely different from each other.
Their only intersection was the “Star Games” that they had participated in together before.

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He Xiao looked expectant and wanted to invite Jiang Zheng to the recording studio to listen to his newly written demo.
Jiang Zheng had promised him before, so she would naturally fulfil that promise.

However, Ji Muye had also followed him to the recording studio, which made people feel incomprehensible.

He Xiao hurriedly said, “Mr.
Ji has recently become very interested in singing.” Today he just posted on his Moments that he was going to record here when he received Ji Muye’s WeChat.
The two thus came together immediately.

The group moved to the recording studio.

He Xiao asked Jiang Zheng to sit down, and Ji Muye sat down beside her.

Jiang Zheng straightened her back, while her knees and toes moved silently to the other side.

Although He Xiao was the youngest member of the IKEEN men’s group, he had a clear and high-pitched voice.
He was the vocalist for the high-pitched songs of the team.
It was just that IKEEN had been established for three years.
Among the nine members, three had transferred to acting, two had hard to recover from injuries, and the remaining few were struggling to support themselves.
Thus, the disbandment of the team was inevitable.

He Xiao had no interest in acting.
The last time he participated in a variety show, it was only because it was arranged by the company to make some quick money.
It was urgent for him to create a solo album as soon as possible.

After he sang the song, Jiang Zheng nodded and praised his tone, but the overall song melody arrangement was still a little tasteless.

Han Yi watched from the sidelines.
Ji Muye looked like a good student, when Jiang Zheng explained seriously, he put on a gesture of understanding and kept nodding, the point was that he did not stop staring at Jiang Zheng for even a moment.
Even the fine sweat on her forehead was stared at.

He smiled and handed him a glass of water, “Mr.
Ji, have you been busy recently?”

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Ji Muye took it and thanked him, “It’s okay.”

Han Yi didn’t give up, “Why didn’t I see Miss Jing today?” With the professionalism of Jing Meini, she wanted to use magic to cut Ji Muye into ten avatars, how could she let him wander around the world doing nothing?

Ji Muye said indifferently, “She has something to do today.”

Han Yi snorted, not wanting to ask further questions.

Seeing that there was enough time, Jiang Zheng moved in, put on headphones and tried to change the song with He Xiao.

Ji Muye looked at Jiang Zheng’s back through the glass, the look in his eyes suddenly sinking.

He Xiao was flattered.
Teacher Jiang was sitting right in front of him, and her watery eyes were full of him, and nothing else.

Jiang Zheng was secretly relieved.
Fortunately, there was glass blocking Ji Muye’s voice and breath, she just needed to turn around and not look, and she could be impeccable.

She thus looked at He Xiao’s eyes more and more gently, causing him to blush.

The cooperation between the two of them was getting better.
He Xiao’s high-pitched voice sang the chorus to the point of goosebumps, while Jiang Zheng, who was good at rap, made the song psychedelic at the beginning and the chorus, adding in a cool atmosphere.
One high, one low, one singing and one harmony, burst out with a peculiar effect.
It was originally just a simple tune, but it suddenly became more foreign and advanced.


Han Yi laughed with Ji Muye, Ji Muye laughed with Han Yi, and after laughing, the room was filled with an embarrassing silence.

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Jiang Zheng’s acting was the same, and singing was also the same.
When she sang the emotional part, one couldn’t help but close their eyes and shake their head.
Ji Muye caught a glimpse of this scene, and immediately turned his face away, his mind was full of Jiang Zheng’s waistline that appeared and disappeared from time to time yesterday.
Even Jing Meini’s call was only seen after Han Yi reminded her.

He glanced at it and hung up the phone relentlessly.

Han Yi: “…”

After a while, Han Yi’s phone rang, and when he looked down, he saw that Jing Meini was calling.

Just at this moment, Jiang Zheng and He Xiao walked out after recording the song.

Seeing Han Yi hesitate, Jiang Zheng asked, “Who called?”

Han Yi glanced at Ji Muye, “Miss Jing called.”

Jiang Zheng snorted.
She and Ji Muye had no cooperation at present.
Jing Meini calling Han Yi, she was afraid that it was because Ji Muye could not be found?

Then brother Mu sneaked out? Had he been under too much pressure lately? Did he need a breather?

But how did Meini know that he was here?

Ji Muye pursed his lips and stood up slowly, “I still have something to do, so I’ll say goodbye first!” After speaking, he raised his feet and walked out.

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He Xiao: “Mr.
Ji, didn’t you say you want to come and practice singing?”

Ji Muye looked as usual and smiled, “Next time.”

Jiang Zheng chased after him, “Mr.
Ji, please stay.”

Ji Muye turned around and looked over.

No one was around, Jiang Zheng pursed her lower lip, and lowered her eyes to hide her worry, “Mr.
Ji, do you know Alpha Wave music?”

“What?” Ji Muye didn’t know why.

Jiang Zheng: “This is pure music that resonates with brain waves.
There are 60-70 beats per minute.”

Ji Muye hummed.

“This kind of music can relax the mind, improve your concentration, and heal the soul.”

“I think you have serious dark circles under your eyes.
So, I’ll recommend it to you.”

Ji Muye: “…”

The author has something to say: Hehe.
Who are my dark circles for?

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