der and put it in front of him.

Ji Muye immediately turned on the computer, frowned and looked at the photos.

Jing Meini paused and asked patiently, “Muye, what’s wrong with you?”

Ji Muye said casually without raising his head, “It’s alright.”

It didn’t look like it was alright, Jing Meini felt that out of the seven souls, he seemed to have lost half of them[1].

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The photos were almost all of the main actors of the movie, star guests and industry leaders, as well as a few of the fans shaking hands with him.
The only picture that captured Jiang Zheng’s figure was the big group photo and a photo of her sitting in the back row watching a movie.
Those were indeed seats reserved for media reporters.

Jiang Zheng’s pair of beautiful eyes were particularly conspicuous in the big group photo.
And in the photo of her sitting in the back row, the photographer just caught her wiping her tears with a tissue…

Ji Muye was in a very complicated mood.
Did she really just come to see his movie?

But his acting skills should be approved by her.
Otherwise, could it be that sand accidentally got into his eyes? Ah.
Absolutely not.

Jing Meini looked at Ji Muye’s lips, and the corners of his lips twitched for a while, while his expression was constantly shifting between happy and unhappy.

She said faintly: “You asked me to contact a temple last time.
I found a meditation course that integrates the functions of absorbing and exhaling, sitting in meditation, and purifying the mind.
Would you like to experience it in advance?”

Ji Muye came back to his senses and frowned: “I can’t live up to the expectations of my fans like this.
Arrange more work for me.”

Jing Meini: “…” Who was it that cried and said that he was depressed and needed to resolve his depression.
She went to great lengths to find such a temple that was willing to teach him lessons alone, but now this ancestor refused to go.

Ji Muye closed the computer and said with a serious face, “I heard that the actor of the play “Dongnu Kingdom” has resigned?”

Jing Meini felt a sigh in her heart.
The heroine of this drama was Jiang Zheng.    

She hummed and heard Ji Muye say: “The theme of this drama is novel, and the investors are also very strong.
The cast is also quite dazzling…”

Jing Meini: “?”

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“I can act, and the producer is looking for someone to put out the fire.”

Jing Meini smiled: “Please speak directly.”

“I’m quite interested in this movie.
Could you talk to someone?” Ji Muye threw the ball to Jing Meini.

She blinked, “You should know that the female lead in this drama is being played by Jiang Zheng.”

Ji Muye shrugged, “I know.” It sounded like a lighthearted statement.

Jing Meini choked.
She had been Ji Muye’s manager for so many years, and she had watched him climb hard all the way, from the bottom to the position he was in today.
Now that he had finally won such a high-quality actor award, he should pick some good film and television works to consolidate his position in the industry.
Although “Wangshan” was very good, it was a literary film with limited box office appeal after all.

Ji Muye’s top priority needed to be a blockbuster commercial to boost the market’s confidence in him.

“Dongnu Kingdom” was a court drama TV series, which was completely different from the path that Ji Muye should take.

Could it be because…

Jing Meini breathed out a cold breath from the bottom of her heart and cast a suspicious look at him faintly.

Ji Muye didn’t seem to see it, as he calmly said: “Is Jiang Zheng lower than me? I heard that she practiced rock climbing, rowing, boating and horse riding for a long time before this drama.
If I follow her, can I still go into the gutter?”

Jing Meini: “…” What a wonderful argument.

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