isobey her orders.
She suppressed her temper, and asked, “Are you already married at home?”

Cui Ling shook his head.

“Do you have anything to hide?”

Cui Ling continued to shake his head.

“Why can’t this palace hold you?”

Cui Ling’s expression was indifferent, he knelt down and kowtowed, shouting, “This commoner is guilty!”

Tang Qinlan was so angry that she squeezed out a sentence from between her teeth, “You were hungry for a day and a night, but you still have the strength to say that this commoner is guilty.
Then continue to starve.
If you die of starvation, I will let them throw you into the river to feed the fish.”

After speaking, she lifted her foot and kicked Cui Ling away.

The maid Cen Baoqian frowned, secretly thinking that Her Majesty couldn’t help it after all.

Cui Ling didn’t seem to see it and knelt stiffly and didn’t move.

Outside the camera, everyone was staring at Jiang Zheng’s foot, but the foot was lifted in the air, swayed, and still fell to the ground.

She pursed her lips and looked up at Han Yi.

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Han Yi understood.
Others didn’t understand.

Jing Meini hurried to help Ji Muye stand up.
Ji Muye waved his hand and stood up from the ground.
He had been kneeling for a long time, so his knees softened when he stood up suddenly and he almost knelt down again.
Jing Meini quickly stepped forward and grabbed him.

Jiang Zheng was startled.
Seeing this scene, she blamed herself more and more.
She really couldn’t kick the wall of her house.
It would just kill her.
Although she gave herself a crazy mental build up before filming this scene, she still couldn’t kick it down when it came to actually doing it.

Director Xing Weimin stood up from behind the monitor and walked over, “Teacher Jiang, are you alright?”

Jiang Zheng’s face had turned pale, “I’m sorry.
Can you give me a few minutes?”

Xing Weimin quickly nodded and said yes.

Han Yi helped hold up her skirt, Jiang Zheng lowered her head and stood under the tree next to the shooting site, thinking about it.

With her back to everyone, she dared to frown and sigh.

Han Yi: “You just kick him down with your eyes closed?”

Jiang Zheng shook her head, “I can see him even with my eyes closed.”

Han Yi: “…” What was the logic of this?

“Would you like to find the director and screenwriter to delete this scene?”

How could Jiang Zheng do this? This kick must be done.
Teacher Yu Juan said that this kick was kicked on Cui Ling, but it was actually kicked in Tang Qinlan’s heart.
The scene couldn’t be deleted, and she had to change her expressions between anger and distress.

At this moment, Han Yi saw Ji Muye walking towards this side.

He coughed twice and said in a low voice, “Your wall is coming.”

Jiang Zheng turned around suddenly.
Han Yi left consciously, not wanting to be the light bulb.

Jiang Zheng frowned, wondering if Ji Muye thought she was deliberately delaying time so that he could kneel longer? Given her previous “dark history”, it was not impossible for him to have this idea.

Ji Muye smiled and said, “Teacher Jiang, you finally got the chance to kick me, why don’t you cherish it?”

Jiang Zheng was so shocked that she almost coughed on the spot.

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Ji Muye smiled warmly, Jiang Zheng could see that he was joking.

She immediately raised her face, “I’m afraid your fans will hunt me down.”

Ji Muye shrugged, “They just don’t know you.
Besides, you’re acting according to the script, and if they want to scold someone, they can only scold the screenwriter.”

Jiang Zheng was stunned.
Lol, did he come here specifically to comfort and enlighten her?

Her restless heart seemed to be wrapped in warm wind, light and fluttering, and all of a sudden, her emotions were gone.

“However, Teacher Jiang, please be merciful.
When you kick, can we do it in one go?” Ji Muye winked very cutely after finishing speaking.

Jiang Zheng’s heart was fluttering, he and she were now a we, were they?

Immediately, her courage surged up and a yes was squeezed out of her throat.

After the meeting, everyone found that Jiang Zheng had walked into the set again with high spirits.

The director shouted action.

After Jiang Zheng finished her angry words about throwing Cui Ling into the river, her shoulders trembled slightly, her eyes seemed to be smiling, but her face was as white as ice, and she kicked Ji Muye’s arm as soon as she lifted her foot.

Ji Muye fell down, and the two cooperated tacitly and passed the scene.


Everyone secretly sighed.
As expected of a boss, even if it’s an important scene, you only need to adjust your emotions for two minutes.
How could other actors, adjust and adjust, but still need to NG many times to pass?

Jiang Zheng walked out of the camera zone with a gloomy face.
As soon as the director said it, she quickly turned around.

Ji Muye got up from the ground and gave her a thumbs up.

Jiang Zheng breathed a sigh of relief and smiled at him from across the crowd.

This was probably the first time the two had smiled at each other since they joined the crew.
Although it happened in a flash, it was as if it had become a little secret between the two of them.

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