ty of the Dongnu Country.

Her Majesty the Queen personally went to Mount Mordor to circle the mountain, and pray that the mountain would bless the weather, the country and the people.
In Dongnu Country, the sacred Mordo Mountain was a god-like existence, and it was believed that the queens who had passed away lived on the top of the sacred mountain and looked after the land and people of Dongnu Country at their feet.

Tang Qinlan set off for the Shenshan Mountain on the second day of the husband selection.
From Xianyundu, the largest ferry port in Wangcheng, they took a cowhide raft all the way down the Ruoshui River and came ashore when the Ruoshui River turned east.
Clouds and mists were locked, the sacred mountain could faintly be seen, the queen circled around the foot of the sacred mountain, measured with her feet, and prayed with her heart.
It took more than half a month for her to return to Kangyanchuan.

During the period, Chen Gang took advantage of the absence of the Queen and came to the tower where Cui Ling was staying.

This watchtower, which was given to Cui Ling by the queen, had a long history.
It was once the residence of a royal family, with luxurious interiors and courtyards.
After Chen Gang was led into the bedroom by a servant, he immediately threw himself in front of Cui Ling.

This episode tested Ji Muye’s acting skills very much.
He lifted people up from the ground with a smile on his face.

The servant stood by and served tea.

The brothers seemed to be in harmony.

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After drinking a cup of tea, Cui Ling told the servant to go out.
The servant stepped back towards the door and carefully closed the door.

Chen Gang immediately straightened his knees and looked at Cui Ling with a smirk.

Just now when he came in, the leader of the neighboring country happened to have people bring boxes filled with gold, silver, jewelry, and robes, making him jealous.

“I really envy you, Cui Canjun, for getting money and sex.
If I am, I would be happy if I could sneak away with enough money, gold and silver.”

“But Cui Canjun’s military love.
Your righteousness is heavy, you must be reluctant to throw it away.”

“Thanks to your blessing, I also wear gold and silver now, and the old guy from the neighboring country is very polite to me.”

He laughed more and more sloppily when he said this, “Brother, the little princess in the neighboring country is soft and tender, and she is quite beautiful.
If you beg the old guy to get her married to me, he will definitely not dare to refuse because of your face.”

When Cui Ling heard this, he first put the teacup in his hand down.
He placed it firmly on the table, and then his fingers swept across the water, and three drops of tea suddenly bounced, as fast as a gust of wind, and slammed into Chen Gang’s shoulders and chest in the blink of an eye.

Before his rambunctious smile subsided, he turned into a ferocious ghost, shrank to the ground and wailed.

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Cui Ling got up coldly and walked over, stepping on Chen Gang’s face, directly crushing his howling.

“Forget the good deeds of Lord Jiedushi, you have three heads that are not enough for me to chop!”

Chen Gang’s nose and tears were dripping.
He didn’t know what was wrong with Cui Ling, and why suddenly his body had started hurting.
Could it be that the barbarians had taught him some sorcery?

The more he thought about it, the more scared he became, and when he met Cui Ling’s frosty eyes, his face turned pale, and he shivered.

When the servant came in again, the place had returned to calm.
Chen Gang respectfully bowed to Cui Ling and said goodbye.

Cui Ling told him not to just have fun and study hard.
On the wedding day, he was also required to lead a horse for his brother.

People walked to cover the door, Cui Ling slumped on the sofa, smoke curled up his face, and at this moment his eyes were filled with a look that no one else had seen.

Deep, depressing, and shocking, Ji Muye’s figure blended into the dark and unclear background, and the whole picture made people feel the tense atmosphere of the mountains and rains coming.

Xing Weimin shouted cut with satisfaction.
As expected of Master Ji, his emotions were in place, and his eyes were just right.
If he was to start complimenting, even his hair had acting skills.

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