d to talk bad behind me, if you want to hug my thigh, I will calmly stretch out my thigh to let you hug it.”

Qiao Xi shook her head, too shock to speak.

“Instigating fans, it's a real talent to actually used my name to climb the hot search.”

Upon hearing this, the crowd turned on their phones and checked.
Sure enough, #Qiao Xi alluded to Jiang Zheng bullying on new actress# was on the hot search list.

Crowd happily watched the commotion.
As a crew member, they had spent three months with Jiang Zheng day and night.
As long as you wasn't being lazy nor evading work, although she is cold, she never deliberately finds people's fault.
For Qiao Xi, she looked like she hadn't said anything bad.
But she actually had been guiding everyone on the topic.

Looking at Qiao Xi's Weibo, with just today's post she had gained 10 thousands of new fans. 

Han Yi was handing over a phone to her before, Jiang Zheng took a glance on it and directly showed it to Qiao Xi.

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“The big account was trying to silently poke fun, but the little one actually reveals the true feelings.”

Qiao Xi saw that Jiang Zheng actually found her small Weibo account.
This woman is really vicious and cruel.

Jiang Zheng stretched out her index finger and gently touched the screen with his fingertips.
Several screenshots were taken, which were directly forwarded to the chat group of “Chang'an People's Way”, and then the group was immediately on fire.

Who would have known Qiao Xi, who seems to be kind to everyone and gentle like water, but she was actually spitting some vulgar words and raging in small account.
She was scolding everyone, prop team, make-up team, to actors and actresses.
Even some lunch deliveryman wasn't let off by her.  

Qiao Xi instantly lost her face in front of everyone.

At this moment, the producer rushed over, “What's the matter? We're almost finish.
Could Teacher Jiang just be a bit nice?”

He stood in front of Qiao Xi as he spoke.

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Jiang Zheng's lips curled up, and she slowly said: “I was wondering who could gave her the courage, it turns out that she has climbed some high branch.”

The producer pretended not to understand, and continued to talk, “We have all paid a lot for this drama.
For my sake, could you just forgive each other? Could you, Teacher Jiang?”

What he said was clearly accusing Jiang Zheng of being hard and deliberately destroying the harmonious atmosphere of the crew.

Jiang Zheng didn't even glance at the opposite person, she clicked on Weibo, and replied under Qiao Xi's post: That's really embarrassing.
I know my influence is quite big, you can take advantage of it.
But I suggest you to wrap it up now!

Posted it, and she threw the phone away into Han Yi's hands.
Then she turned around and moved away.

Everyone: “! ! ! !”


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