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Jiang Zheng stood sideways, turned her head slowly, her eyelids drooped, the fan was slightly clasped to the tip of her nose, then after she chuckled, she raised her eyes and looked over.

Ji Muye happened to see this scene when he came over.

Obviously separated by many people, Jiang Zheng's eyes were like a spring water, that just falling straight into his heart, and then made ripples, circle after circle.

He had been in the industry for many years and he had seen a lot of beautiful girls.
He was like a dormant spring cicada, an old monk who enters meditation, and he never looked more, thinked more, nor came closer.
But Jiang Zheng brought the heat of early summer and the sound of the Buddha in the meditation hall, which made him wake up from the meditation.

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Jiang Zheng, who was smiling cheerfully on the rope, occupied his entire field of vision as if he couldn't tolerate the existence of other people.

Feng Wan'er played by Qiao Xi appeared in the scene.
At this moment, no matter how wronged she was, she had to perform well with the protagonist to make this scene good.

Just when Jiang Zheng was standing firmly on the pillar, she (Qiao Xi) rushed out of the crowd and shouted, “Li Rui!”

She said Li Rui (李蕊), not Li Rui (李睿).

The person who was on the rope with Li Rui were confused.

The troupe leader with thick and deep eyebrows came to Feng Wan'er with a tray and a smile.
Feng Wan'er pushed him away and pointed to Li Rui and said in a trembling voice, “Someone! Pull this fugitive down for me.”

Li Rui still has a smile on her face, but the light in her eyes is a little hidden.
She shook her fan and opened her lips.
“Did this lady recognize the wrong person?”

Feng Wan'er stood under the rope with a grim expression and raised her head and shouted, “Your father was a felon sentenced by the emperor twenty years ago.
Your Li family was killed by all the people.
We have known each other since childhood, and I can recognize you even if you are turned into ashes.”

The troupe leader's face was cold and stern.
He slowly raised his eyes and looked at Li Rui.
This woman was picked up by him on the way.
She told him that she had been living with an opera troupe since she was a child.
Only because her master and mother died suddenly and the troupe broke up, she came to beg for food.

It turned out to be a lie.

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He spat hard on the ground, and the others immediately gathered around.

The yamen lurking nearby rushed out when the situation was not look good.

The boy who was on the rope jumped off and went back to the troupe leader.

Li Rui did not panic, leisurely stepped on the rope, went to the center, looked down at the people of Chang'an city.

According to the script, she would escape from the scene with the help of the male leader.
As a result, just as the male lead rushed into the scene, the veiled hat on Qiao Xi's head somehow bumped into the rope.
Jiang Zheng fell down without even realising it.

In order to make the scene more real, under the rope was covered with soft sand.
Under normal circumstances, even if someone fell, they wouldn't get hurt.
Unfortunately, there was a small stone hidden in the sand.
Jiang Zheng's back of head   hit it directly, and fainted the moment she landed.

It happened so fast that everyone was stunned.

Qiao Xi retreated in fright and raised her hands to show her innocence.


Han Yi jumped up and rushed past, only to find that someone ran faster than him and held Jiang Zheng in his arms.


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