She succesfully coaxed a cell phone from the nurse here and searched for the word Jiang Zheng, but the result made her want to hit a rock again and die. 

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“Did Jiang Zheng, the villainess of the entertainment industry, bully anyone today?”

“Great Demon Jiang's horrible deeds must be said”

“Jiang Zheng diss a senior said that he is not worthy of being a star, not worthy of speaking”

“Newcomers in the music scene were stared at by Jiang Zheng, depression relapsed”

“Jiang Zheng again and again *N times to stop playing big names”

“Jiang Zheng is the devil who laughs at whoever laughs”

“How many people does the great villainess Jiang Zheng blocked”

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“The Queen of the Poisonous Tongue”…

There are so many black post and headlines, 'how many people has she offended in the past five years?'

Jiang Ran signaled Han Yi while patting Jiang Zheng on the back.

Han Yi hurriedly laughed and coaxed, “When you saw these black posts before, you would only sneer and say: Not everyone can be a Great villainess!”

Jiang Ran: “…” might as well not say a damn thing!

Jiang Zheng wiped her tears, “But why do they say that I love to block people? How can I have such an ability?”

Jiang Ran silently looked away.

Han Yi coughed twice. When Jiang Zheng first debuted, because of the popularity, the number of people who tried to take advantage her was endless. Not to mention the monster in the entertainment circle was countless. Jiang Ran, the big boss behind the scenes, couldn't bear to see that his sister was wronged.
After cleaning up a few people who didn't have eyes, a legend began to prevail in the entertainment circle: Jiang Zheng is not easy to provoke, and one who provokes will be unlucky.

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Sure enough, at the beginning, there were some people who acted as demon in secret, and basically walked around Jiang Zheng's back.

The media could only write a few words based on guesswork, and buckle all the shit bowls on the head of Jiang Zheng who does not know anything.

Then Jiang Zheng turned into a villainess, and Jiang Ran had contributed two-thirds to this situation.

“Zhengzheng, the media likes to make headlines, you don't have to worry too much.
Just look at the nickname your fans give you, and you know how much they love you.” Han Yi opened Weibo.

Jiang Zheng looked over and couldn't even finish reading the rainbow farts in her super talk: #voice kissed by God, #woman with her own BGM, #man who wants to kneel when he looks at woman who wants to become bent when he looks at her, #hot search body, #soul actor, #Zheng's wall never falls, #queen of expression management ……

“There are many enemies, but there are more people who love you.” Han Yi gave her a piece of mind.

Jiang Zheng nodded in confusion.
She didn't know how she had turned from a little cutie to a big villainess, and she didn't know if it was too late to change back.

The first thing you need to do is to cancel all the subsequent work and let Jiang Zheng rest for a while.

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Jiang Ran asked Han Yi to cancel all subsequent work and let Jiang Zheng rest for a while.

Han Yi was a little embarrassed, “Everything else is easy to say.
Tomorrow Zhengzheng is going to participate in a variety show recording.
The preview has been posted, and the promotion has been done.
If it is temporarily cancelled…”

Jiang Ran said nothing , “I'll take care of this.

Jiang Zheng frowned, one seriously, said:” brother, you taught me if word has been spoken, action must be done, do you remember?”

Jiang Ran;” ……
” He was very moved.

Han Yi wanted to laugh, but didn't dare to.

“Han Yi, who is participating in this show?” Jiang Zheng asked, tilting her head.

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Han Yi pursed his lips, and finally said, “Ji Muye will also participate.”

Jiang Zheng's eyes lit up, “Really?” She couldn't hide her joy.

Jiang Ran threw several eye knives again.

Han Yi was wronged, but he couldn't show it.      

“I'll go, I'll go,” Jiang Zheng rubbed her hands excitedly, “Tomorrow is brother Mu's schedule, how can I not go to show support?”

Han Yi: “?” Ji Muye is really powerfull, Jiang Zheng had lost five years of memory, but still can remember him in her heart.

Jiang Ran: “???” Damn, where did this Brother Mu come from? ? She was just feeling wronged before.

The author has something to say: the battle between the real brother (Jiang Ran) and the wild brother (Ji Muye) officially kicked off hahahahahahahaha


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