, get good results and show good demeanor.”

Next, the host began to announce the entrance of the star athletes.

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“Please invite athlete number 1, Jiang Zheng, to enter.” 

The camera swept over and Jiang Zheng's face appeared on the big screen.
After being magnified several times, her delicate features stood up to the test.

The fan group screamed frantically, wave after wave, “Jiang Zheng, Jiang Zheng, the Zheng Zheng is endless, Jiang Shan has you!”

*Jiang Shan (Mountain Jiang) is Jiang Zheng's fanbase name.

No matter how good Jiang Zheng thought about the audience, she was shocked by the situation.

Han Yi saw that Jiang Zheng was still dawdling, “Zheng Zheng, come up on stage.
Everyone is shouting your name.”

Jiang Zheng wanted to cry.
Now she not only had fans that occupied half of the stadium stands, but she was also about to stand on a swing that looked three stories high.
What a godlike luck. 

The duck was forced onto the shelf, and was forced to go to heaven.

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The live broadcast bullet comments swept across the screen like a hurricane from the moment Jiang Zheng appeared on stage.

*bullet comments are comments that shows across video in chinese video platform.

#Ahhhhh finally waiting for my Zheng Zheng

#mamma mia! Zheng Zheng is too beautiful, right? 

#It is indeed the Great Villainess of the entertainment industry, she was able to sing and act in a movie, sell out live in seconds, and fly on a swing.

#The first variety show the goddess came down to earth to participate in, support support support!

#hahahahaha can feel the tension from other athletes, who dare to compete with Jiang Zheng first I fear will not see the sun tomorrow.

#Qiao Xi already can not see the sun tomorrow.

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#This swing is too high.
It is twelve meters, three floors high, and you need hitting the bell on the opposite side to win

#I hope the program team will do a good job of safety measures, otherwise it's too dangerous. 

#I'm not interested in the competition, to be honest I just want to see Jiang Zheng disliking people. 

#They are lucky to be disliked by Jiang Zheng.

The bullet comments were blazzing through the screen and Jiang Zheng, the centre of attention, really didn't want to go onto the field.

She tried to tug on Han Yi's sleeve, but failed to do so. 

Han Yi pushed her back into the playing field, “Go go go!”


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