was because of her, Rudy tried to help the household.

That was what pushed Rebecca to marry again, so she could get family support. However, Rudy didn ’t know the reason.

Rudy didn ’t want to repeat the same mistake again. He wanted to help the household, but he had to do it in secret without anyone finding out.

”Huh? ”

”There is a charity event in the school for the homeless people, ” Rudy replied. ”And I was assigned to collect money for them. ”

”But you told me over the phone that you are staying at Eric ’s house. ”

”Yes. But it ’s morning now, so I came here. ”

”Oh. Alright. ”

It wasn ’t weird for Rudy to stay over at Eric ’s house.

Eric lived with his twin sister and single mother. His mother was the owner of the multiple convenience store franchise, so they were rich.

Eric would often invite Rudy over to study and play games ever since he was a kid. Rebecca knew that she couldn ’t give Rudy a happy childhood, so she allowed him to do whatever he wanted.

”It ’s the weekend now, so you don ’t have any school, ” Rebeca uttered. ”How about you take a bath and rest for today? ”

”Yeah. ”

Rebecca gave Rudy 10$ from her purse and said, ”Here. I will be home late, so eat whatever you want with this money, okay? ”

”Wait, where are you going? Didn ’t you just come back from your night shift? ” Rudy asked with a confused and concerned look on his face.

”Yes… ” Rebecca patted Rudy ’s head and said, ”Actually, we are low on money this month. We still need 200$ in three days to pay the rent. So I am doing a few extra jobs. ”

Rudy didn ’t say anything and just stood there.

After seeing Rudy act like that, Rebecca caressed Rudy ’s face with her hand and said, ”Don ’t worry. Everything will be okay soon. ”

Rudy couldn ’t hold the urge to hug Rebecca, so he hugged her.

Rebecca was surprised, but she hugged Rudy back and said, ”I forgot how long it has been since you last hugged me. ”

Rudy hadn ’t seen Rebecca in years, and after seeing her and talking with her after all those years, Rudy became sentimental.

Rebecca was 38 years old, or so she had told Rudy, but she looked as though she was still in her twenties.

”Uhh… ” Rebecca gave Rudy a soft push and made some distance between her and Rudy. ”I should be going now. ”

”Yeah. ”

Rebecca left for her job, and Rudy went to the bathroom to take a bath.

The house they lived in originally belonged to Rebecca ’s family, but after the death of Rudy ’s father, all his property was assigned to Rebecca.

However, the lawyer forged fake papers and had Rebecca sign them. After that, Rebecca lost the rights over the property, and now they needed to pay 1200$ every month for the rent.

They had to pay rent to live in their own house.

Rudy wasn ’t aware of the above incident yet as it happened long ago, but he was going to uncover every secret of everyone and everything around him.


Author ’s Note- Next chapter is going to be about the apocalypse. Yes, Rudy will finally find out about it.

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