Esper Harem in the Apocalypse

Chapter 12 - The Super Gene Experiment

eating each other. But, a miracle occurred.

The infected who ate another infected were cured. The infected genes in their body collided with each other and neutralized the effect.

Furthermore, that person still retained his superpowers. So, the scientists and the government got a new idea. They started feeding the infected to each other, and sure enough, stronger superhumans were created.

However, something was strange. Those people never felt hungry or fatigued. Moreover, they had more superpowers than they had imagined.

Out of all the infected who recovered, there was one who couldn ’t recover.

It was the first human test subject— T.A. Instead, he evolved.

He gained the power to control the genes. He once again awakened the neutralized infected genes from the bodies of those who had recovered and once again made them mindless lumps of meat.

They spread all around the country and infected as many people as they could.

T.A, on the other hand, gained immortality and perfect tolerance against everything. He had become a perfect superhuman.

He traveled across the world and spread the infection to as many people as he could.

And thus occurred the major apocalypse.

Millions of infected roamed the world and spread the infection to the rest of the world.

Friends, family, nothing mattered. Everyone wanted to save their own skin.

The havoc ran amok for three years, and the world lost 30% of its population.

The world tried to fight back with nuclear power, but everything was useless against them.

Then one day, after three years, T.A disappeared along with all the infected, without leaving any trace. No one knew where he went, but everyone was still afraid.

After weeks of searching and confirming the world was safe, everything went back to normal.

It took two years for the people to get back to their daily life, but everything was fine now.

After reading the article, Rudy was left speechless. He couldn ’t comprehend that something like this had happened.

”So… I am not back in my world? ” Rudy wondered.

”This didn ’t happen in my time, so that means… I am in some alternate reality or a parallel world? ” Rudy asked himself.

”Wait… does that mean… everything is different in this world? Can it be that things won ’t go as they went in my previous life? ”

After pondering for a while, Rudy uttered, ”But I have superpowers now. So it doesn ’t matter. ”

Rudy accepted the reality as an adult rather than causing a tantrum over it.

Rudy let out a weary sigh and scrolled down the screen to see an article about the abandoned tunnel.

Without wasting his time, Rudy clicked on it to find out more about the haunted tunnel and the reason behind its story.


Author ’s Note- I kept the apocalypse ’s story as simple as possible. And yes, the next chapter is about the ghost girl, so look forward to it.

Thanks for the support, and don ’t forget to throw some power stones at me.

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