Esper Harem in the Apocalypse

Chapter 14 - Ghost Girl

”This haunted tunnel is also new, ” Rudy muttered. ”It wasn ’t in my previous life. I don ’t even remember there being a tunnel. If I recall correctly, there was a flyover instead. ”

Rudy scrolled down and read the blog.

The tunnel was created eight years ago, and it was the first mega project of the town in three decades.

The tunnel connected to the main highway, making it a lot easier for travelers to drive by. The other way to the entire town was long, and it took almost thirty minutes.

However, using this tunnel, people can drive through within 10 minutes.

”Yup, this is definitely something different, ” Rudy murmured while reading.

However, soon after the tunnel was built, a high school girl ’s dead body was found. She was stabbed 112 times in the chest and stomach. However, the reports suggested that the girl didn ’t die from the stabbing, but she died from blood loss.

”So the girl I saw… was her. She did look pale, and the way she was walking… was as though she was trying to leave the tunnel. ”

”She was alive even after she was stabbed several times. She was left alone to die in the middle of nowhere… ” Rudy could sympathize with the girl because he died the same way in his previous life.

Unfortunately, the cameras in the tunnel weren ’t activated at that time, so the culprits were never found.

Soon after that incident, many accidents started occurring in the tunnel.

The victims reported seeing a girl in high school uniform walking in front of their cars. In some cases, the victims reported that they saw the girl sitting in the backseat of their vehicles. While some reported seeing the girl chasing them from the side mirror.

Upon further investigation, the girl was confirmed to be the same girl who was brutally killed.

However, the doctors and officers did not believe the stories of the victims. They believed that the victims were either sleep-deprived or it was the tricks of the lights in the tunnel that were making them see things. But, after receiving pressure from the higher-ups, the tunnel was closed for a day for a thorough investigation of the tunnel.

The tunnel was barricaded from both sides, and officials were keeping an eye on the ends. A party of twelve members went to investigate. They were supposed to enter from one end and come out of the other.

However, they didn ’t come out even after 10 hours had passed. When the officials went to check, their bodies were found in bizarre conditions.

After that, the tunnel was restricted from entry, and it was planned to be demolished. However, the apocalypse happened, and it was left abandoned.

”I can ’t believe I am unscathed after passing through the tunnel, ” Rudy trembled. ”I even called out to her. ”

Rudy went downstairs and drank some water. Then, his gaze fell on the jar in the kitchen.

”What am I going to do about this? ” Rudy asked himself. ”I cannot keep this here forever. ”

Rudy placed his hand on the jar and uttered, Only if there were fewer notes instead. ”

When Rudy glanced at the jar again, his face turned pale because there were only dozens of notes in the jar.

”No, no, no. ” Rudy immediately opened the jar and took the notes in his hands. But much to his surprise, they were 100$ notes.

He sighed in relief and counted the notes.

”23, 24, 25… 26, 27… ” Rudy counted.

’So she was telling the truth when she told me they can be more but not less. ’ Rudy looked at the empty jar and uttered, ”I gave 50$ to the taxi driver. So she gave me 2750$ in total. ”

”But… ” Rudy looked at his hand and wondered, ”What was that ability? It gave me an equal value on money in return. And… the notes are original too. ”

’I wonder where those coins and 1$ notes went, though, ’ Rudy wondered.

They went into a nearby bank locker.

”Now then… I will hide this money where mom hides her savings. She won ’t know if… ” When Rudy checked under the drawer, there was only 28$.

”Don ’t tell me… we only have this much? ”

’I didn ’t know our condition was that bad… ’

Rudy rubbed his hands on his face in frustration and muttered, ”I really need to do something to get rich in a short time. ”

Fortunately, it was possible with his superpowers.

”Now then… ” Rudy looked at the money in his hand and wondered, ”If I put them in, mom would find it suspicious. What should I do? ”

Rudy glanced around and noticed the packets on snacks.

”Oh! ” Rudy exclaimed. ”Aren ’t they the one where sometimes we get money from the inside? I remember buying them every day in the hope of getting something. But sadly, my luck has always been the worst. ”

Rudy used his powers to look inside the content of the packets and saw most of them didn ’t have any money inside them.

Rudy smirked and uttered, ”I can use this. ”

Rudy opened all the packets and put one 100$ note inside each of them, and packed the packets again using his powers.

”Now mom will think we simply got lucky… ” Rudy muttered.

Of course, getting 100$ from 1$ snack was unbelievable. The highest amount of bill the comply placed inside was 10$, and that was the rest.

But Rebecca didn ’t know that, so Rudy ’s plan was perfect.

”In my previous life, the company went bankrupt and closed the production, though. I hope they don ’t repeat the same mistake again, ” Rudy scoffed.

In his previous life, the company became greedy and decreased the probability of the money from 30% to 10%. After that, they stopped giving money which was the downfall of the company.

Rudy locked the doors and left the house to look around the sea to see the changes and differences in the town.

He flew in the air and hovered above the clouds without any fear.

”Let ’s go see what mom is doing. ”


Author ’s Note- The clock is ticking!

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