Esper Harem in the Apocalypse

Chapter 17 - [Bonus ] Culture Crisis

[This morning, the tunnel connecting a town and the next city highway, which was abandoned due to supernatural activities, was obliterated!] a reporter said on the television.

Then, the camera switched to the tunnel scene as the reporter said, [As you can see the destruction. It is massive.]

The trees, mountains, walls, ground, everything around the tunnel was razed into nothing. The tunnel itself was nowhere to be seen, and the annihilation occurred till far away.

[Fortunately, this tunnel had been abandoned before the apocalypse, and no one dared to come near it due to supernatural belief. So no one is injured,] the reporter informed.

[However, a young high school boy named Rudy was found unconscious in the middle of the destruction. He has been admitted to the hospital, and his family and friends are waiting for him to wake up.]

[What about his injury?] the other reporter asked. [What did the doctor say about his condition?]

[They said nothing is wrong with, and his condition is perfectly fine,] the reporter responded in a calm tone.

Rebecca and Eric were in the hospital room, sitting in front of Rudy. They were waiting for him to wake up.

Rebecca couldn ’t stop crying, and Eric was checking the news on his phone to find out more details about the incident.

After a few minutes, Rudy opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling. His face immediately turned pale after realizing he was on the hospital bed.

’Don ’t tell me everything was a dream! ’

Rudy thought ’him going back in time and getting superpowers ’ was all a dream. He felt devastated.

Honestly, it would have been the cruelest twist for a person like Rudy, who had suffered a lot.

”Rudy! ” Rebecca yelled his name and walked to the bed with tears in her eyes. ”You are awake! ”

”Hey… mom… I can speak? ”

”What are you talking about? ” Eric bumped his fist on Rudy ’s leg and said, ”Did you hit your head somewhere? Well… you probably did if you survived the massive destruction. ”

”Hmm? ” Rudy had no idea about the destruction he had caused. He went on a rampage after his emotions took control over him and his superpowers.

The doctor entered the room and asked, ”Has he woken up? ”

The doctor checked Rudy ’s vitals and left the room with Rebecca. Eric turned on the news on his phone and showed it to Rudy.

Meanwhile, Rebecca entered the doctor ’s voice and asked hesitantly: ”Uhh… I… I am a single mother, and we hardly make money to live. I would appreciate it if you could… uh… ”

The doctor didn ’t even look at Rebecca and simply said, ”Hmm. ”

”Umm, how much is the bill? ” Rebecca asked in a low voice.

”30 dollars, ” the doctor replied.

”Huh? ”

The doctor turned to Rebecca and asserted, ”Nothing was wrong with your son, and we didn ’t do anything. We ran some check-ups and gave him a room to rest. So the bill is only 30 dollars. ”

Rebecca sighed in relief and moved her hand to her purse to check if she had enough money, but she only had 13$ in her purse.

Rebecca nodded at the doctor and said, ”Thank you. ”

After that, Rebecca left the room and made her way to the reception.

’What should I do? I came to the hospital directly because I got the call, but I didn ’t bring enough money, ’ Rebecca asked herself.

However, when she reached the reception, she saw Eric paying the bill.

”Why would you do that? ” Rebecca asked with an anxious look on her face.

”Don ’t worry about it. ” Eric smiled at Rebecca and said, ”Rudy is like my brother. We basically grew up together. And it ’s only 30 dollars, so don ’t worry about paying it back. ”

”I can ’t do that! I will pay them back to you once we get home, ” Rebecca insisted on paying back.

”Well, if you want to pay back, then just send Rudy to my house to play tomorrow, ” Eric snorted.

”But didn ’t he sleepover at your house last night? ” Rebecca asked with a puzzled look on her face.

”Uhh… ’ Eric averted his gaze and wondered, ’Did Rudy lie to her? Well, there must be a reason. ’

”Yeah, he did, ” Eric nodded. ”But can ’t he come again? ”

”I will ask him, ” Rebeca replied in a calm voice.

Meanwhile, Rudy was in disbelief after watching the news.

’I did something like that? ’ Rudy asked himself. ’The last thing I remember is the feeling of my body getting ripped apart into a million pieces. ’

”Hello… ” A nurse approached Rudy and said, ”My name is Kaguya. I am a newbie-nurse in training and today is my first day. Nice to meet you! ”

Rudy ’s eyes widened after seeing the nurse. He smiled at her and said, ”Nice to meet you too. ”

”Are you okay? Your eyes are getting teary, ” Kaguya asked.

”Yeah, I am okay, ” Rudy replied with a distant smile on his face.

”Uhh… I will bring your reports. ”

’So it ’s her first day today, huh? ’ Rudy uttered inwardly.

When Rudy was left crippled after the accident in his previous life, Kaguya was his nurse.

Kaguya was the chief nurse of the hospital, and she took care of Rudy. She helped him bathe, eat food, in excretion, and she even helped him masturbate sometimes by stroking his penis. She had taken a liking to Rudy, and she felt sorry for him after seeing him in pain.

Of course, Rudy was the only one she helped masturbate and excrete. And it was before she became the chief nurse. Usually, it was a male nurse for male patients and a female nurse for female patients.

Rudy ’s family couldn ’t pay his medical bills, so Rudy was moved into a public room with other patients.

One day, after Rudy ’s daily check-up, when Kaguya was checking up on other patients, one patient with mental illness stabbed Kaguya with a knife.

He stabbed her countless times in front of Rudy, and Rudy couldn ’t do anything but just watch.

”Not this time… ” Rudy swore he would change the fates of the girls who met a tragic end in his past life.


Author ’s Note- I want to make it clear that some of the main girls have had a tragic backstory or tragic ends. However, that was in Rudy ’s previous life. But now that Rudy has the power stronger than the gods, he can save them.

Nothing bad or sad will happen to any of the girls.

Also, I updated the previous chapter and added a note to explain the reasoning behind his actions in the last chapter. Read it if you are interested. If you don ’t see the note, simply open and close the chapter a few times, and that should do.

One more thing, I am overwhelmed by the support this novel is getting. Thank you. You guys are awesome!

Let ’s spread the culture!

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