Esper Harem in the Apocalypse

Chapter 4 - Getting A Job

”So you can bring more people if you want, but the pay would be the same as it was promised. ”

’Pandemic? What pandemic? ’ Rudy had yet to realize and explore the world. He wasn ’t aware he wasn ’t in the same world, it was a post-apocalyptic world where the world had experienced and survived the apocalypse. However, its remains were still scattered across the world.

Travis stood up and left after saying, ”I am outta here. ”

’Great! Now only one left! ’ Rudy was close to getting the job.

The interviewer looked at Scott and asked, ”Can you manage to clean 12 pools in one day? ”

Scott nodded and said, ”I can call for some help, so it ’s easy for me. ”

”We don ’t have enough to pay for a team, though. ”

”You don ’t have to worry about it. ” Scott took out his phone and said, ”You can give me 3000$ for cleaning 12 pools. ”

”That ’s too much! ” the interviewer said in a loud voice. ”I already said I would pay 100$ for one pool. So even if it ’s 1200$ for 12 pools, I can manage to give 1500$. ”

”You run the pools, so you must know that the average cost of cleaning the pool is 200-400. I am charging only 250$ for one pool, ” Scott replied with a grin.

What Scott said was true, and it was logical to pay more if they wanted to finish the work in a short amount of time. However, Rudy wasn ’t going to give up yet.

”I will clean everything in 3000$, including the slides, rides, the canteen, floor, lockers, bathrooms, everything, ” Rudy offered. Unlike Scott, Rudy offered to clear not only the pools but everything in 3000$.

”You will even take care of the grass? ” the interviewer asked with a curious and surprised look on her face.

”Yes. ” Rudy nodded. ”Everything means… everything. ”

Scott gritted his teeth in frustration as he lost the deal from his hand. He clenched his fists and said, ”I will only charge 2500$ for everything, and I have a team, so the work will be efficient. ”

”I will do it for 2000$. ” Rudy wasn ’t going to let this chance go of earning money. He was ready to go as low as 1500$ if Scott pried further.

”Do you also have a team? ” the female interviewer asked Rudy.

”No. I work alone, ” Rudy answered honestly.

”Cap! ” Scott glared at Rudy and said, ”There is no way you alone can clean everything within one day. ” He then turned to the interviewer and said, ”He is lying. You better be careful, or he will run away with your money! ”

”If I don ’t clean everything within the next 12 hours, you don ’t have to pay me, ” Rudy said with a smug look on his face and smirked at Scott.

Scott threw the chair and left the place in anger.

’2000$ is not a bad deal, ” the interviewer thought. ’But what if he is lying? But he said I don ’t have to pay if he doesn ’t do his job… ’

She looked at Rudy with a curious look on her face and asked, ”Are you sure you can manage everything by yourself? ”

”You will be surprised, ” Rudy replied with a grin.

’It should be fine, right? If I use my superpowers correctly, then cleaning everything will be a piece of cake. ’

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