Esper Harem in the Apocalypse

Chapter 7 - See Through

Telekinesis, one of the absolute forms of power. It can annihilate cities in the blink. Yet, Rudy was using it for cleaning the pool.

Of course, He still hadn ’t realized the true potential of his powers and abilities. He has yet to experience all his powers, although he first needed to learn and control them.

Rudy made sure that Reina entered the storeroom and then turned to the pool.

”If I clean it now, Reina will get suspicious, so I will wait for her to come back with a pipe and send her to clean other pools, ” Rudy decided.

He pointed his finger at the cap of the sewer and tried to lift it using his powers. However, he ended up plucking the plant near the sewer.

”This seems to be a good training practice for testing my powers, ” Rudy muttered. He closed his eyes and cleared his mind. Then, he took a deep breath and focused everything on the cap of the sewer.

’I can feel it. I feel like I am touching it… ’ Rudy simply imagined lifting the cap, and it hovered in the air. ’Good. ’

He didn ’t want to lose control like he did for the first time, so he slowly moved his finger across the area and placed the cap on the ledge.


Rudy sighed in relief and muttered, ”It is mentally exhausting. ”

”Rudy! ” Reina yelled from the storeroom. ”Can you help me lift the pipe?! ”

”Coming! ” Rudy rushed to the storeroom and saw Reina struggling to lift the pipe.

It was a long spiral pipe covering half of the storeroom.

”Help me pull it from under the rest of the stuff. After that, we can just drag it to the pools, ” Reina stated.

Rudy grabbed the pipe and said, ”Stay back. ”

”But… ”

”Get out of the storeroom. ” Rudy looked at the stuff upon the pipe and said, ”That can fall off. ”

”Okay… ” Reina reluctantly left the room and watched Rudy from outside.

Rudy slowly pulled the pipe without any problems and dragged it to the pool. He dipped one end into the pool and the other into the sewer.

”Now, let ’s get to cleaning! ” Reina said cheerfully and grabbed the bucket.

”Umm… ” Rudy took out his phone and uttered, ”Can you charge my phone? ”

”Sure! ”

Rudy handed his phone to Reina and said, ”The port is defective, so make sure it is charging before you come back. ”

”My phone has the same problem, so I know what you are talking about. ” Reina went to her office to charge Rudy ’s phone.

The charging port on Rudy ’s phone was defective. He bought this phone from a site that sold refurbished phones and received the faulty product. The return was available, but it charged extra for import, so he didn ’t bother exchanging it.

The cost of repairing the charging port was more than the phone ’s cost, so Rudy got it fixed from the local shop, but it stopped working after a few weeks.

That was Rudy ’s life condition. He lived his life in poverty, where there were days where there was no food to eat. His house had no electricity because they couldn ’t pay the bills, so he used public places to charge his phone. He used to study under the streetlamp.

His mother worked hard for both of them, but their house rent took up 90% of her income.

’Things did get better after she remarried, though. But I want to make it better now. ’

Rudy used his telekinesis powers and dumped the entire pool water into the pipe. It took him some time and mental strength to do it, but he managed to do it without messing it up.

After a while, Reina came back and said, ”It ’s working. ”

Reina was shocked to see Rudy had cleared the pool within 5 minutes, but Rudy somehow managed to convince her by explaining some water physics and gravitational force to confuse her.

”But we still need to wash the pools, right? ” Reina looked at the empty pool and saw its tiles and walls were smeared with algae.

”Yes. But leave that to me. ” Rudy pointed his finger to the faraway spot across the pools and said, ”How about you dump everything you find on the floors and tile it into the pool? So we can dump everything at once without doing it again. ”

”Good idea! ”

Rudy made a logical explanation and sent Reina away.

’I feel bad for fooling her again and again, but I am not doing anything bad here. ’

Once Reina was out of his sight, he removed the pipe from the sewer and cleaned all the pools.

Of course, he still needed to wash them with water to remove the dirt and algae from the tiles. The easiest way to do that was to spray water everywhere and fill the pool again, then use that water to wipe off the dirt and algae. He wanted to use diluted acid to make it easier, but Reina didn ’t have any.

However, Rudy had a better way.

’If I can use my power properly, I might just be able to wash the pool clean without any extra effort. ’

Rudy was getting used to his powers, and he was learning them by doing simple tasks.

He jumped into the empty pool and waved his hand in the air as though he was rubbing it against the tiles. And as expected, the dirt was cleared from the area where he waved his hand.

”I am not touching it, but I can feel the sensation… ” Rudy pondered. ’What would happen if I touched the fire? Since I can feel the sensation, I might also feel hot. But would that injure or burn any parts of my body? ’

That was an excellent question, but Rudy was certain that he would never do such a stupid thing just to sate his curiosity.

In the next two hours, Rudy cleaned all the pools and made his way to Reina, who was sprinkling water everywhere so the dirt could easily come off.


Author ’s Note- Vote with power stones for the extra chapter!

I would like to say that the earlier chapters might be slow-paced because each chapter will focus on Rudy ’s new powers. However, once his basic powers are explained, and he has learned them, the story development will be fast, and it will be focused on romance + action.. Of course, that includes lemons too.

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