Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 12 - Night Conversation

g the Body Tempering sutra. Second, it was due to the boundless essence that originated from the medicinal liquid.

The first absorption was much faster than usual!

Su Zimo woke up only after three hours of sleep. All of his previous fatigue had been swept away and he was full of vigor and energy.

Su Zimo felt something was different. He touched the wounds incurred today but did not feel any scars. There was only skin that was as smooth and fine as jade!

“Such powerful healing ability!” Su Zimo was secretly astonished.

Simultaneously, an idea flashed across Su Zimos mind. He mentally cultivated the Body Petrification quietly.

Su Zimo could clearly feel the tightening of his muscles instantly. Every inch of his flesh was squeezed together without any gap. They were as hard and firm as a rock.

“This is also considered a blessing in disguise.”

Su Zimo secretly thought and said. “Without the trigger of these external injuries, it is most likely very difficult to understand the profound meaning of Body Petrification in such a short time.”

Su Zimo got up and said to Die Yue, “Im going out.”

Die Yue did not seem to have heard him. She seemed to be resting with her eyes closed.

Su Zimo walked out of the cultivation field, returned to his mansion and changed into a green robe. He headed to the Su residence directly.

Su Zimo had pent-up frustrations in his heart regarding todays matter. However, it was not targeted at the Zhao family and Lee family. Instead, it was targeted at the Su family and his older brother Su Hong.

At this moment, the night was pitch dark and the streets were isolated. Su Zimo used the Plow Heaven Stride and dashed ahead crazily. Soon after, he arrived at the Su residence.

The doors of the Su family were not tightly shut. Instead, it was wide open.

Su Zimo pondered for a while before heading to Uncle Zhengs living quarters.

The courtyard was not big. There was a round stone table in the middle of it. Uncle Zheng was just sitting there. He seemed to have waited for a long time.

“Second young master, you eventually still came.” Uncle Zheng was a little emotional.

Su Zimo sat beside the stone table and looked into both the eyes of Uncle Zheng. He said in a deep voice, “Since you know the intent of my visit, is Uncle Zheng still going to keep it from me?”

Uncle Zheng bitterly smiled and shook his head.

“Since a young age, older brother forbade us from learning martial arts. He sent me away to study and forbade us from intervening in the family business… There are too many things. Older brother had intentionally or unintentionally distanced Xiaoning and me from the Su family. Xiaoning is simple and innocent and doesnt sense it. But I have long noticed this.”

Su Zimo said softly, “If Xiaoning had learned martial arts since she was a child, todays matter might not have happened. I can tell that those people behind Uncle Zheng today are all Postnatal Experts who had been through countless fights and battles. Since our family clan has such strength and power, why didnt we reveal them earlier? What business is older brother into? Is he only selling horses? Why did he go to the Country of Yan and not Country of Da Qi to do business?”

Uncle Zheng looked like he was in a difficult position. He wanted to say something but held back his tongue.

The two faced each other in silence. The atmosphere was becoming increasingly stifling.

Su Zimos words were startling when he spoke suddenly, “Were my parents murdered by someone?”

Uncle Zhengs countenance suddenly changed. However, it reverted to normal in the next moment.

“Uncle Zheng, Zimo is not the once frail and weak scholar. I believe you have also seen it yourself. What exactly is the Su family afraid of? Who is the Su familys enemy? Tell me!” Su Zimo held onto Uncle Zhengs arm, his eyes shining sinisterly and coldly.

Uncle Zheng gave a long sigh. “Second young master, it is not that I dont want to say it. It is just that telling you wont do you any good. Certainly, you are different from before. You have become stronger and can even kill many Connate Experts. But… ”

After pausing for a while, Uncle Zheng shook his head and said, “After all, these are still just the strength of mortals.”

These words seemed familiar.

Half a year ago, before she left, Shen Mengqi had told Su Zimo that even if he were to attain the Postnatal or Connate realms in the future, they are only of mortal strength and could not withstand even a blow of the immortals!

Su Zimo understood what Uncle Zheng was implying.

However, he did not expect that the enemy of the Su family had been the legendary immortal cultivators since a long time ago.

In addition, Su Zimo himself had incidentally offended a Perfected Golden Core. All these events seemed to be part of destiny. After numerous twists and turns, they still could not get out of it.

“At what realm is the enemy of the Su family at? Qi Refinement Warrior? Foundation Establishment Cultivator or Perfected Golden Core?” Su Zimo asked calmly.

He had long heard from Die Yue that mortals at the Qi Condensation Realm were called Qi Refinement Warrior. There were ten levels and the tenth level was the Perfected level. Those in the Foundation Establishment Realm could be called a Cultivator. Only those in the Golden Core Realm were qualified to be calledPerfected.

“You… ”

Obviously, Uncle Zheng was surprised that Su Zimo actually knew the terms of cultivation. His expression was full of shock.

After some time, Uncle Zheng said, “The Foundation Establishment Cultivator and Perfected Golden Core are far beyond our reach. Ordinary mortals are certainly not a match for even the Qi Refinement Warrior.”

“You may be able to kill the Connate Experts now. However, even a Level 1 Qi Refinement Warrior can kill you.”

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

Naturally, Su Zimo did not believe Uncle Zhengs words.

According to Die Yue, demon cultivation was also a kind of cultivation of Dao. It was definitely not any lesser than the three sects of Immortal, Buddha and Fiend.

He had already mastered the Body Tempering section of the The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness. Could he not defeat even a Level 1 Qi Refinement Warrior?

Furthermore, the two massacres during the half a year had boosted Su Zimos confidence greatly.

“Uncle Zheng, do you mean that you will tell me everything and no longer keep the truth from me if I am powerful enough to attack and kill the Qi Refinement Warrior?” Su Zimo asked again.

“This… ” Uncle Zheng said hesitatingly. “Second young master, you dont have the spirit root. You can only be a mortal for life. Ultimately, you wont be a match for the immortals.”

Su Zimo sneered. He thought of what Die Yue had said before and casually commented, “What kind of immortals are Qi Refinement Warrior considered as? Even the Perfected Golden Core dare not be so impudent to call themselves immortal!”

When Die Yue said this, Su Zimo was stunned and speechless by her supercilious and domineering aura that belittled the heaven and earth.

Now, Uncle Zheng had the same expression on his face. His jaws dropped slightly and his face was filled with shock.

“Lets wait for young master to be back before we talk about this again.” Uncle Zheng finally spoke.

“Okay, I will ask older brother when he is back.”

Su Zimo did not stay behind. He turned and left.

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