Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 13 - Cang Lang Mountain Range

kind of answer was that?

Su Zimo believed that it was impossible that Die Yue did not know. The only possibility was that Die Yue did not wish to tell him.

Die Yue said calmly, “This is a test. If you can survive, you will completely transform and unleash the true powers of The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness. If you cant endure it… You will no doubt be shared and devoured by the spirit demons. Everything will end then.”

Su Zimo realized that if he were to survive in the Cang Lang Mountain Range for one year, he would definitely face various kinds of spirit beasts. Danger would be lurking in every corner. This was a cruel test.

Of course, it was also a form of training.

A life and death experience!

In the moments of struggle between life and death, one could mould a strong and powerful spirit perception!

Die Yue said, “Its not too late to regret now. If you decide to stay here, I wont take care of you. If I dont see you in Ping Yang Town one year later, I will leave on my own.”


Su Zimo smiled. Be it Zhou Dingyun who could come back to look for him at any point in time, the enemy of the Su family or to seek revenge for Zhui Feng, he did not have a choice.

“I will return alive in one years time.”

In the darkness, Su Zimos eyes were bright and clear, and firm and resolute.

He requested a brush and paper from Die Yue and wrote the wordsI will be away for some matters. Please dont miss me.

Su Zimo folded the paper and passed it to Die Yue. He said, “Find a way to send this to the Su residence. Uncle Zheng recognizes my handwriting.”

Die Yue nodded and said, “There are still three hours to dawn. I will impart the Tendons Transformation section to you and leave before dawn. You only have three hours to cultivate. Make full use of the time.”

A page of sutra verses appeared in Su Zimos mind again.

“The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness. Body Tempering is the foundation. If the flesh and skin are not hard and strong enough, when one cultivate Tendons Transformation, the body will swell and explode amidst the contraction, expansion and pulsation of the large tendons. The cultivator will become paralyzed.”

“The Tendons Transformation method originates from the Anaconda Demon King and the Sanguine Ape Demon King. Cultivate the anaconda section, followed by the ape section. Anaconda is the most agile one. It has the ability to cut swathes, twist and coil as well as bend and stretch. Apes are adept at climbing the mountains and ascending the rocks.”

“Upon the initial success of Tendons Transformation, the bodys resilience will increase tremendously. It will be as agile as the python and as light as the ape. It will rise like the wind and fall like an arrow. Your strength will also increase. The pulsating sound of the large tendons will be similar to that of the vibration of bowstrings. Upon phenomenal success, the three body parts – skin, flesh and tendons – will be in perfect harmony. One will be able to expand and contract the muscles and change his figure or appearance. No one will be able to see through him unless the Perfected Nascent Soul make use of his detection methods to do so.”

Die Yue spoke about the profound meaning of Tendons Transformation tirelessly.

In the deep forest, it was dark and silent. Even the cicadas were not making any sound. It was only resonating with the pleasant and lazy-sounding voice of a lady.

The green-robed scholar beside the lady was focused and listening attentively.

Time passed and the dark sky gradually faded.

When the first ray of sunlight broke through the mist and landed in the forest, Die Yue stopped and turned to Su Zimo. She said softly, “Im leaving.”

In Su Zimos memory, he had never seen Die Yue speaking to him with such a tone.

For some unknown reason, there was a strange feeling in Su Zimos heart.

As if he had been possessed, Su Zimo asked, “If I encounter any danger, will you really leave me in the lurch?”

Su Zimo regretted as soon as he finished his words.

True enough, Die Yue sneered. “What has your life and death got to do with me?”

These words seemed very cold-blooded and inhuman.

After inviting a snub, Su Zimo looked embarrassed. He was silent.

Die Yue turned and left. In the blink of an eye, she disappeared into the dense forest.

Su Zimos lonely figure remained rooted to the ground Just as Su Zimo was feeling a little disappointed, Die Yues voice rang again. It became increasingly distant and gradually faded off.

“Cang Lang Mountain Range is the world ofdemons, especially at night. If you can tide over the first month, you will have 30 percent chances of leaving it alive in one years time.”

Su Zimo was stunned.

No matter what, Die Yue was not completely unconcerned about him. Otherwise, there was no need for her to impart the Tendons Transformation to him last night.

“There is only a 30 percent chance of survival after enduring the first month?”

Su Zimo was secretly shocked. He assessed the surroundings with vigilance. After confirming the absence of danger, he tied the Thunderbolt Saber on his back and sat cross-legged to recall the contents of the Tendons Transformation sutra.

If he wished to survive in the Cang Lang Mountain Range, he would have to master the Tendons Transformation as soon as possible.

According to Die Yue, his ability would be of a threat to the Level 8 Qi Refinement Warrior upon attaining the initial success of Tendons Transformation.

This also meant that he could slay most of the spirit beasts in the Cang Lang Mountain Range. His chance of survival would increase tremendously.

Su Zimo constantly used the breathing and expiration method and diligently tried to comprehend the Tendons Transformation.

It could be due to the foundation of the Body Tempering or the pressure of being in danger; not long after, Su Zimo managed to master the initial stage of the Tendons Transformation breathing method.

He did not need Die Yues reminder this time. Su Zimo combined the sutras of both Body Tempering and Tendons Transformation and cultivated them simultaneously.

With each breathing and expiration, Su Zimo was hardening and refining not only his flesh and blood but also his large tendons. He had become more flexible and powerful.

Su Zimo was immersed in the cultivation and had forgotten his whereabouts.

After an unknown period of time, Su Zimo suddenly felt a liquid-like substance dropping onto his face. It felt a little warm and sticky.

“Is it raining?”

Just as this thought arose, Su Zimo opened both his eyes immediately. His countenance changed greatly.


How could rain drops feel warm and sticky?

Su Zimo was instantly jolted awake. He finally realized that he was in the danger-filled Cang Lang Mountain Range and not the original cultivation field!

There was danger!

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