Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 27 - Sanguine Crystal Bow Cold Moon Saber

ere was a look of mockery in the manager of Sky Treasure Pavilions eyes.

He was waiting for Su Zimo to make a fool of himself.

Su Zimo asked that the pseudo spirit weapons to be as heavy as possible. The Cold Moon Saber weighed close to 500 kilograms. Given his Level 9 Weapon Refinement cultivation realm, he could barely handle the spirit weapon with his spirit qi. It was impossible to kill the enemy with such a weapon.

The manager of Sky Treasure Pavilion believed that the moment Su Zimo took the saber, it would crush his feet!

However, the manager of Sky Treasure Pavilion was dumbstruck the next moment.

Su Zimo took Cold Moon Saber easily in his hands. He even tried a few strokes with it. It was as light as a feather to him. He nodded and said, “The saber is pretty good. It is just that it is still quite light.”

The manager of Sky Treasure Pavilion, “…”

“What kind of monster is this man? He has no spirit qi, but he could handle the weapon that weighed 500 kilograms with his physical strength. The most annoying part is that he finds it too light…” The manager of Sky Treasure Pavilion rolled his eyes.

“This is Sanguine Crystal Bow. Take it.” The manager of Sky Treasure Pavilion could not be bothered to go into details. He was in no mood to explain to him.

The Sanguine Crystal Bow was bloody red and there was a crystal clear luster to it. It was as if blood was flowing in the bow, exuding a strange aura. It weighed as heavy as the Cold Moon Saber.

Su Zimo slanted the Sanguine Crystal Bow over his body, while he tied the quiver on his back, putting the twelve sharp arrows into the quiver. He tied the Cold Moon Saber at his waist. He was all ready.

“By the way, Young Master Su, we have found someone suitable regarding your hiring notice. However, the person is somewhat different from your requirements,” the manager of Sky Treasure Pavilion said.


“He is Song Qi, a Level 7 Qi Refinement Warrior. According to him, if you are willing to pay him with some spirit stones in advance, he could reach Level 8 Qi Condensation. Of course, if you dont agree, I can say no to his request.”

He did not know how long he had to wait before a Level 8 Qi Refinement Warrior could take on the assignment. Su Hong was seriously injured, he had no idea of his condition. Now that the Su family had suffered such misfortunes, Su Zimo intended to rush back to Ping Yang Town immediately. He had no time to wait.

“Tell him to come. I would like to meet him,” Su Zimo said in a deep voice.

The manager of Sky Treasure Pavilion brought someone with him in no time. He was a Qi Refinement Warrior in his forties. He looked handsome and composed.

“This is Young Master Su. You can talk to him regarding your requests.” The manager of Sky Treasure Pavilion stood to the side after finishing the introductions.

Upon seeing Su Zimo, Song Qi did not look down on him or flatter him. He cupped his fists and said, “Young Master Su.”

Su Zimo asked, “Are you in a hurry to use spirit stones?”

“Yes. If I have sufficient spirit stones, I will be able to get through Level 8 Qi Condensation.” Song Qi nodded.

“How long will it take?”

“Well… I cant say for sure. Nobody can tell you the exact timing to break through a realm.” Song Qi was being very frank.

Su Zimo had a good first impression of the man. He was silent before he asked, “Since you are lacking spirit stones, why dont you join a clan?”

“I am a pseudo spirit root. No major clans are willing to accept me. Even if they accept me, they will only treat me as a servant.” Song Qi smiled bitterly.

A pseudo spirit root was the worst spirit root. It contained the five elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth. It would absorb a mixture of spirit qi. It was impure and ones cultivation speed was very slow.

There were also spirit roots that only contained one element, for example metal spirit root, wood spirit root and fire spirit root, it was akin to the legendary heaven spirit root. It could take in the purest spirit qi, and its cultivation speed was fast. If one did not encounter any mishaps, one would most likely become a Golden Core!

Given that he was a pseudo spirit root, Su Zimo knew that Song Qi must have been through a lot of suffering to be able to reach Level 7 Qi Condensation in his forties.

“Lets go. Come with me to Ping Yang Town. I will give you one thousand spirit stones in advance,” Su Zimo said.


Song Qi exclaimed. He could not conceal his joy.

Song Qi did not expect that Su Zimo would agree to his request. After all, he was not a Level 8 Qi Refinement Warrior, and he requested his employer to pay him spirit stones in advance. He felt sorry about it.

He did not expect that Su Zimo would give him one thousand spirit stones right away!

“Young Master Su, thank you very much. I will do everything possible to protect the Su family!” Song Qi thanked him profusely.

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