Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 9 - Body Tempering Sutra

mo began practicing Tri Rock Bear Style while Die Yue watched coldly by the side, pointing out whenever he made a mistake.

Whenever Die Yue pointed out his mistakes, Su Zimo would be in agony.

At the end of the day, Su Zimo had not made any progress with the Tri Rock Bear Style, but he was already covered with wounds. He had bruises all over his body and he was drenched in perspiration, lying down drained of all energy on the grass, panting heavily.

Of course, Su Zimo knew very well that if not for such a harsh environment, it would take him even longer to succeed in Tri Rock Bear Style!

At night, Die Yue prepared another barrel of medicinal liquid for Su Zimos cultivation.

The amazing part was that, regardless of how heavily injured Su Zimo was in the day, after cultivating in the wooden barrel for a night, he would be alive and healthy in the day and he would not have any scars on his body.

In the next three months, Su Zimo slaughtered cattle and ate them, practicing Tri Rock Bear Style in the day and going into the wooden barrel at night, practicing his breathing and expiration under the stimulation of the medicinal liquid.

Su Zimo gritted his teeth to endure the endless cultivation.

Under such a harsh cultivation environment, Su Zimo had a deeper understanding of Body Tempering Sutra. He was able to reach initial success at his Ground-rupturing Palm and Mountain Reliance.

However, he did not make much progress with Body Petrification.

Su Zimos skin, had changed from the rough texture when he first practiced Tri Bovine Style to being smooth and delicate. It was as if he had regained the natural state.

His skin looked as fair as jade, but in fact it was even tougher than before!

Su Zimo had become more muscular and his body was firm and sturdy. He seemed to become taller. Although he was only 17 years old, he was more than six feet tall, similar to Die Yues height.

Three months ago, when Su Zimo tried his hand at Shen familys residence, he was slashed by swords in the fight. Although he did not sustain any external injuries, the impact from the saber and sword still caused damage to his muscles and he was in pain for a long time.

Right now, Su Zimo surmised that if he was stabbed by Postnatal Perfected Experts, it would not cause any damage to him.

After cultivating Body Tempering, and through half a year of tough practice, his body was similar to swords and sabers.

Of course, these were not the only changes he underwent after cultivating Body Tempering.

He had immense strength and amazing speed. There was a sharpness in his gaze. All these brought about a transformation in Su Zimo.

This morning, Su Zimo walked out of the cultivation field. He changed into a green robe, tidied up and went to the Su familys residence.

Su Xiaoning would be back today.

Regardless of whether it was Su Zimo, Su Hong or anyone else in the Su family, everyone doted on her and could not bear for her to suffer any grievances.

Su Zimo reached Su familys residence in no time.

“Second Young Master is back.” The people in Su family were delighted and greeted him warmly.

Su Zimo smiled and nodded at them.

After recuperating for three months, Uncle Zhengs injuries had healed, but he seemed much older than before.

“Brother is not around again?” Su Zimo asked casually.

Uncle Zheng smiled. “He is caught up with business recently. He had to take care of the business and wont be able to make it back today.”

Su Zimo and Uncle Zheng chatted in the hall while waiting for Su Xiaoning to return.

Two hours had passed…

Four hours…

Noon had passed.

Cang Lang City was not too far from Ping Yang Town. It would take at most two hours to reach by foot. But right now, Su Xiaoning had yet to come back.

Su Zimo turned solemn, there was a cold glitter in his eyes.

Uncle Zheng frowned, thinking before he shouted. “Liu Yu!”


Uncle Zheng said in a deep voice, “Bring some men to Cang Lang City and check whether Miss Su has set off or not. Report to me if theres any news.”

“No need.”

Su Zimo waved his hands.

He knew his sister best.

Su Xiaoning had been very obedient since a young age. She would never do things that would cause her family to be worried.

Since Su Xiaoning had yet to reach Ping Yang Town, there was only one explanation. She had run into mishap!

Su Zimo stood up slowly, his expression cold.

Uncle Zheng and Liu Yu could feel a suffocating pressure at his single movement!

These two people had been through multiple fights and battles and had many experiences where they had a close brush with death. They had no fear even when they faced immortals or thousands of army.

But right now, they could not help but tremble with fear when facing Su Zimo!

“Second Young Master has indeed changed!” Uncle Zheng and Liu Yu stared at each other, having the same thought.

“Report—Shen Nan from the Shen family is outside the door, seeking entry.” One of the Su family guard shouted.

Uncle Zheng took in a deep breath. “Let him in.”

“Hehe, how are all of you doing?” Shortly after, Shen Nan who was clad in white strolled in smilingly.

Su Zimo did not utter a word, his eyes narrowed slightly as he stared at Shen Nan.

Shen Nans heart skipped a beat.

For some unknown reason, Shen Nan felt like being targeted by a ferocious tiger and a starving wolf. He might be torn into pieces in a blink of an eye!

“I am only here to send a message. Zhao family and Lee family wanted to invite the two young masters of Su family to a banquet,” Shen Nan hurried to say, feeling somewhat guilty.

Su Zimo came to Shen Nans side, saying calmly, “My brother is not in, I will go with you.”

“Second Young Master, there must be something funny about the banquet. You must not go!” Liu Yu hurried forward and whispered to Su Zimos ears.

Su Zimo swept his gaze at him.

Liu Yu bowed his head, and said through clenched teeth, “Second Young Master, I will go with you!”

Su Xiaoning was missing and the Zhao family suddenly invited Su Hong and Su Zimo to a banquet. It was obvious that it was an ambush. He might not make it back alive. But he would never stand by while Second Young Master went alone to fight the enemy.

“Liu Yu, Young Master Zhao has said that he only invited the two young masters from Su family, no one is to go with him, otherwise…” Shen Nan did not finish his sentence, but it was obvious that he was threatening them.

“Lead the way,” Su Zimo said coolly.

Shen Nan gave Uncle Zheng and Liu Yu a provocative look, before he sneered and swaggered away from Su familys residence.

“Mr Zheng, what do we do? Should I bring people to attack then. Nothing must happen to Second Young Master!” Liu Yu was anxious.


Uncle Zheng shook his head, frowning. “The other party is obviously ready. Right now, the Zhao familys residence is full of danger. Given our current strength, we will not be able to compete with them.”

Uncle Zheng paused for a long while before he said in a deep voice, “Get the nearest black armored cavalry to come as soon as possible!”

“But… will they be able to arrive in time?” Liu Yu asked.

“I have no idea.” Uncle Zheng sighed. “Right now, we can only hope that Second Young Master and Miss Su can hold on for as long as possible. This is the only solution.”

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