, should’ve done it harder so he couldn’t talk. 

After tilting his head to reflect deeply on his own actions, Lin Zhizhi left the classroom with a brisk pace. 

An attendant struggled to stand back up, then helped Lan Tian up, looking at the dark-haired boy’s distant back, “Lan Shao, what should we do?”

Lan Tian kicked him in the ass, “Grow some eyes! Go! Go find my cousin! He’d definitely be able to beat Lin Zhizhi!”

Although he was only a branch family’s child, he wasn’t easy to bully! The Lan Clan’s first young master was also in Luo Xianjian at this time, and would definitely avenge him. 

The follower complied and rushed out with his ass print. 

… … 

Afterward, Lin Zhizhi found an open space half-way up on the edge of the icy mountain where Xuan Hua’s cave was located. 

#Listen to Master’s words, practice basic sword method one hundred times every day, speedy sword cultivation#

#Good disciple is him, him is Lin Zhizhi. 

This Basic Sword Technique wasn’t tedious, and after practicing it a few times yesterday, Lin Zhizhi was able to handle it with ease.
It was just that to achieve the instantaneousness that Xuan Hua wished for, he needed to practice diligently. 

Lin Zhizhi practiced from morning until midday, not even bothering to eat lunch.
It wasn’t until his hands were aching that he decided to pause for a while and go to the canteen to freeload a meal. 

As Lin Zhizhi descended the mountain, he didn’t realize at all that his back was in a certain individual’s line of sight. 

—In Xuan Hua’s cave dwelling, there was a water mirror, which was broadcasting Lin Zhizhi’s every move in real-time. 

Dao Zun Daren was idle and had nothing to do, and to relieve his worries, he used his water mirror that could see all the world and its living beings to (steal) look (peeps) at his little disciple.

Seeing the scene of Lin Zhizhi going to practice after beating Lan Tian, Xuan Hua faintly curled his lips.

If Lin Zhizhi was present, he would’ve found that his family’s Shizun’s favorability silently +2…….
Pity that he doesn’t know anything at all. 

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Opposite to Lin Zhizhi, the attendant sent by Lan Tian had already passed through the outer gate and arrived at the door of an elder’s cave in the inner mountain, and said to the servant boy at the door, “I’m Lan Tian’s people, here to find Lan Zhen.”

The servant boy responded and turned around and entered the cave.
Soon, the cave door opened and a young man who looked five points similar to Lan Tian, a look that can barely be considered normal, but was full of debauchery and indulgence, walked out. 

It was the Lan Clans Di son with an earth spirit root.
He impatiently swung his hands, “No need to send regards, what did Lan Tian tell you to find me for?” 

The attendant nodded and bowed and recounted what had happened just now, asking Lan Zhen to come and teach Lin Zhizhi a lesson together. 

As Lan Zhen listened, the color of impatience on his face slowly disappeared.
After listening, his face was cloudy, “Hmph, turns out he actually came to Luo Xianjian Sect! 

The resentment between him and Lin Zhizhi could be traced back to his childhood.

Lan Zhen had already revealed his unreasonable and spoiled bear nature when he was just a child, and when he saw that Lin Zhizhi was good-looking, he forcefully tried to make Lin Zhizhi be friends with him.
However, obviously because of his father’s lectures and how he liked gentle Su Yu better, Lin Zhizhi rejected Lan Zhen.
From then on, Lan Zhen turned his love to hatred and regarded Lin Zhizhi as a thorn in his side.  

Since growing up, Lin Zhizhi and Su Yu were both a level above him in terms of their qualifications and unparalleled bearing, and were called the future hope of the Lin and Su Clans, stealing all the limelight from him among the four great clans, which made Lan Zhen hate them so much that his teeth itched! 

And this time he beat Lan Tian…… now it’s really a mixture of old and new hatred. 

But there was no use in looking for Lan Zhen, because Lan Zhen couldn’t beat Lin Zhizhi.

This tragic fact, although Lan Zhen was unwilling to admit it, had been proved through countless fights.
Lan Zhen going now would only just add another brush to Lin Zhizhi’s thick and colorful record. 

But having been bullied up to their heads, if they didn’t seek revenge they’re not a true noble character! If they don’t regain ground, the Lan Clan’s majesty will sweep rock bottom.
People will say that even if Lin Zhizhi beats someone from the Lan Clan, this Lan Clan’s Di son wouldn’t even dare to let out a single fart. 

Lan Zhen gritted his teeth, and decided to go find “that person”. 

He motioned for the follower who was still waiting for his response to leave first, and turned around to leave his master’s cave and headed deeper into the inner mountain. 

When he arrived at the Ximu2 Fairy Realm, Lan Zhen showed a rare respectful face and spoke to the guardian stone lion3 at the entrance of the realm, “I am Lan Zhen, acquainted with the young master, please notify him.” 

This stone lion had a spirit, and with a turn of its eyes, it transmitted the sound and appearance of the person in front of it to the young master inside.
After receiving permission to let him go, the stone lion moved its body to make way for the path into Ximu Fairy Realm.

Lan Zhen’s expression loosened and he walked in. 

The Ximu Fairy Realm was a paradise, where many rare and precious spiritual medicines that were hard to find outside were available.
Rare birds fluttered their wings in the sky, and the spiritual energy was even stronger than that of the inner mountains. 

This was Lan Zhen’s second time here, and he knew the route, heading towards the most massive palace in the center. 

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In the palace, a small child of about thirteen or fourteen years old was wearing a golden red cloak, and his finely carved little face was full of pride, seeing Lan Zhen running here, he spoke disapprovingly, “What are you looking for me for?”

Lan Zhen didn’t dare to offend this little ancestor and hurriedly compensated with a smile, “I’ve brought a lot of fun things this time.”

He said, pulling out a bunch of mechanical animals from his space ring, which were rare contraptions that he had purposely asked people to collect at the auction house and other places.

“Get to the business.” The child grabbed a spirit stone conveniently laid out on the table next to him, popping it into his mouth and eating it bite by bite. 

Seeing the child’s impatience, Lan Zhen recounted the story very briefly—in which he slightly distorted the story, describing Lin Zhizhi as the bully who was oppressing the Lan family and asked the child to come out and “regulate” him.

The child gave a “peh,” sound, shaking his little feet on the seat, “You came to beg me for this? Might as well, my father’s been watching me closely recently, and it’s boring, so let’s take a trip.”

Lan Zhen smiled and thanked him, but his heart was secretly fierce: Lin Zhizhi this is your end.

—Because the child’s identity was not ordinary. 

He was Feng Qin, the only son of God Transformation Stage demonic cultivator Qing Feng.
The demon tribe inherently had difficulty reproducing, and Qing Feng was already several thousand years old, with deep sentiment with his wife, but they never had a child.
Only recently was Feng Qin, this son of his, was born, who was so spoiled that he was even more pampered than Lan Zhen. 

The reason why Lan Zhen was able to claim relations with him was that the former patriarch of the Lan Clan once helped Qing Feng in the process of Nirvana, making Qing Feng feel that he owed a favor, thus they stayed in contact. 

The same level of demonic cultivators had always been a bit stronger than ordinary humans.
Don’t look at Feng Qin’s young age, but in terms of strength, Lin Zhizhi will be afraid that he’s really unable to beat him—Lan Zhen thought of Lin Zhizhi’s face being beaten down by the little shota,4 and laughed out loud as his empty mind filled with images. 

Feng Qin jumped down from his seat, gestured to Lan Zhen to lead the way, and followed him slowly out of Xumi Fairy Realm. 

Ba – suffix, sound, signifies: OK, right? I think?1. 

Xumi – Mt.
Meru or Sumeri, sacred mountain in Buddhist and Jian tradition2. 

Guardian Stone Lion – believed to bring peace and prosperity, as well as protect the residence from harm3.

Shota – little boy; the author actually used shota4. 

Chapter 10! Yay.
Reached double digits.

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