this, he would definitely die of anger.
Usually, Feng Qin would treat everyone pampered and arrogantly, rude and unreasonable, and trying to make him to even do a single thing was as hard as ascending heaven, and nobody would’ve thought he still had such a soft and cute side. 

The young youth was also quite patient, waiting for Feng Qin to calm down, still clutching a strand of hair and blankly looking at him, before opening his mouth and asking, “How are you? All right?”

The young youth’s voice was crisp and clear, reminiscent of the sound of melting ice and snow on this mountain. 

The voice was so nice to listen to, even a clan of skylarks didn’t have such a nice voice. 

Feng Qin thought.

The youth saw that the dough in his arms looked silly and funny, and he couldn’t help but use his hand to pinch his cheek, “Do you remember what your father’s name was? Should I take you down the mountain to a senior martial brother? You should be a disciple of the Sword Sect?”

Hearing that the youth was going to hand him over, Feng Qin broke out of his love-struck reverie.
He cleared his throat and said, “No, I want to sit down a little longer.”

He deliberately softened his voice, sounding like a cute little boy.
However, paired with his old-fashioned words, it made the youth laugh when he heard it, “How did you appear by yourself on this mountain?” 

Feng Qin only shook his head and refused to speak. 

Thinking of how he just let this youth see him in such an ugly appearance, he really hates Lan Zhen who made him come here! What’s more, that Lin Zhizhi, why couldn’t he meet him earlier so he wouldn’t have touched that restriction! 

Seeing that Feng Qin didn’t reply, the youth didn’t pry further, but instead asked again the first question, “Are you okay?” 

This time, Feng Qin nodded with more face,2 “I’m okay, don’t look at me like that, I’m very strong.”

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He couldn’t wait to tell the youth about his greatness, so amazing it’ll make him forget what he was like just now. 

As if amused by his words, the youth bent his lips, like a flower blossoming within the snow, seizing peoples’ hearts, “How can you be powerful when you’re so small?”

Feng Qin puffed out his chest, “I’m a phoenix!”

He successfully saw a look of surprise in the other party’s eyes. 

“After I reach adulthood, even if I don’t cultivate I will be able to achieve nascent soul and be invincible up and down the cultivation realm.” He proudly described his future image.

“Amazing, amazing.” The youth coaxed him as if playing with a child having fun.

Once the chatterbox was opened, wanting to shut them off was definitely the most difficult part.
Feng Qin opened his mouth and couldn’t help but say a little more, wanting to make the youth learn more about him. 

So he talked about his father to his imprint between his eyebrows, talked about the mountain restriction to the reason for going up the mountain…… 

But just as he reached talking about Lan Zhen, the corner of the youth’s mouth twitched and repeated, “Lan Zhen?!” 

Feng Qin didn’t see his strangeness, nodding, “Exactly him, he’s annoying, if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have been on the cliff!” 

But then I wouldn’t have met you…… he’ll just excuse him. 

The little dough silently added a sentence in his heart. 

“Then the reason you went up the mountain was……?”

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Feng Qin blinked, “Because of that Lin Zhizhi! He’s a big bully! He’s been bullying that Lan Zhen’s brother, beating him and an innocent crowd up in the morning! But his cultivation was strong, and Lan Zhen couldn’t beat him, so he came to find me.
I’ve always been kind-hearted, and after he said this I immediately wanted to give that Lin Zhizhi some colors to see.3

The youth, “… … … … … …”

The hell??

excuse me ? ? Even though the plot of the story was somewhat questionable, but if he heard correctly, that Lin Zhizhi seems to be…… him?! 

At this time the youth—Lin Zhizhi was listening to this dough he just saved and his unceasing torrent of roasting towards him, and his mood was extremely sour.
Not to mention that the little dough was grabbing him and echoing whether or not that Lin Zhizhi was a big bully, so hateful right so hateful right……

Lin Zhizhi could only, “Oh, hehe.” 

At the same time he looked at the favorability rating above this dough’s head, [Feng Qin, Favorability 90, Attitude: Secretly in Love] / [Feng Qin, Favorbility -5, Attitude: Enemy] repeately switching back and forth……

When you’re left speechless, you have no choice but only to smile.

Qi — Pinyin (Chinese romanization) for spiritual energy.1. 

Face — Chinese term for honor, respect, your self-image/reputation.
Ex: Tripped over a pencil in class: “I just lost face in front of my whole class! Wuwuwu.”2. 

Make someone see some colors — to punish/teach someone by showing them your strength.3. 

Fend Qin is really cute haha.
That excuse me ? ? part was actually written in english in the raws, and let me tell you I rolled.

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