CH.12: Going Down

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Feng Qin dragged Lin Zhizhi through a whole department of bad things about Lin Zhizhi, and when he finally let his little mouth rest he suddenly thought of the previous matter, then asked Lin Zhizhi, “Why are you on this mountain?” 

Lin Zhizhi hesitated for a moment whether to tell his true identity, but looking at the young boy’s longing eyes and the malice still lingering in his ears from the boy towards ‘Lin Zhizhi,’ he felt that if he revealed his identity now he might hurt this child’s little heart, so he replied vaguely, “I came here to train my sword.”

The little shota gave an “Oh,” then sat up straight in his arms, small face tense, “Then when you’re training your sword, come find me to watch you practice, ok? I’m very quiet, and won’t disturb you.
Oh right, who are you? Sword Sect disciple?”

Lin Zhizhi sweated, “Truthfully, I don’t come often……” 

“How long have you been here? Why didn’t I see you at first? Have you ever run into that Lin Zhizhi, he didn’t bully you did he?” But Feng Qin wasn’t listening to Lin Zhizhi at all, immersed in his own world and talking non-stop like a machine gun. 

Feng Qing was young and didn’t yet have the ability to distinguish right from wrong.
When he heard Lan Zhen tell him how Lin Zhizhi was an evil tyrant who bullied his cousin, naturally he didn’t question anything.
The image of the villain was already finalized, then he met the real Lin Zhizhi, and because the real him and the bully image was so far away, he didn’t link the two people together. 

His mind was filled with the image of Lin Zhizhi bullying the person in front of him, and he clenched his small teeth tightly, hating that Lin Zhizhi wasn’t right in front of him, so he could make him experience first-hand just why the Phoenix Clan’s Origin Fire was so red. 

“I haven’t met him.” Lin Zhizhi lifted the dough’s red cloak and carried the ceaselessly struggling little shota out of his arms, then clapped his hands and stood up, “Alright, can you go down the mountain by yourself?”

Separated from the youth’s embrace, the newly awakened to love dough wasn’t happy and pouted, jumping up severely times to lie back…… pity that the other party didn’t cooperate, not grabbing him.
Hearing Lin Zhizhi’s question, Feng Qin shook his head, “You send me.”

—Send you? And listen to you talk smack about me the whole journey? Farewell.

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Lin Zhizhi firmly refused, “I still have some things to do, you should go down the mountain by yourself.” 

Feng Qin didn’t know anything about the youth, but he knew that if he walked away now he might have to spend the rest of his lifetime looking for someone.
No matter what, he didn’t want to go, acting pitifully, “My body still hurts a little, what if I have an accident halfway through?”

Small dough bun face, with skin as white as snow, raising his head to speak and the flame between his eyebrows magnificently burning like a flower. 

Lin Zhizhi could tell at a glance if he was really hurt or faking the pain, and wasn’t moved at all—honestly speaking, as an experienced person, he was also like this when he was young, acting spoiled to shirk practice, but most of the time he would be dissuaded by Su Yu.

“Then I’ll go find someone to come up the mountain and pick you up.” 

Feng Qin hurriedly shook his head at this, dismayed, “Can’t you hold me for a little while longer?”

Lin Zhizhi patted him on the head, ruffling Feng Qin’s neatly coiffed hair.

—If ordinary people wanted to do this, before they even get within two feet, Feng Qin would jump up and immediately curse.
But because it was the youth’s hand, not only did he not feel bad, but also wanted the other person to touch some more, and not just touch the head but better…… better touch a little lower……

Eh he he he, he’s big now. 

The little dough thought of certain things, and his whole face flushed, and the favorability index above his head fixed, [Favorbilty 90, Attitude: Wants to touch.]

Seeing this the Lin Clan’s young master quickly took back his hand.

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Wants to touch…… touch what? What’s the matter with this child? Casually coming out and bumping into a stranger, and was already secretly in love and wants to touch? Fortunately, he met him, if he met a bad person he might’ve been snatched and used as a furnace.

Lin Zhizhi was a little puzzled, but thinking that this was within the Luo Xianjian Sect, which was probably one of the safest places in the entire immortal world, he also dispelled his worries, “Go down the mountain, alright? I still have some things.” 

No matter what else Feng Qin still wanted to say, Lin Zhizhi walked back to the old tree root, grabbing back his purple-bamboo sword, then wobbling away into the far distance—previously, he was looking for a clear space to practice his sword, but then saw a dazzling fire not too far away, as well as hearing the sound of whimpering, and hurried over and saved Feng Qin.
Now that Feng Qin was safe, he needed to go back and continue practicing his sword. 

But Lan Zhen actually tried to get Feng Qin to trouble him, and even perverted right and wrong—Lin Zhizhi tightened his grip on his sword. 

It seemed that he was too light the other day. 

As he watched Lin Zhizhi’s departing back, Feng Qin wanted to directly go over and hug his thighs, refusing to let go, but the moment he wanted to take a step, he, who had never been afraid of anything within this heaven and earth, actually developed a feeling similar to “shyness and timidity”.

 Wanting to hide his usual rudeness, and keep his best appearance.

Fen Qin stood in place for a while, carefully recalling his performance from the beginning, besides somewhat being a love-struck fool, and then continuously chattering…… His performance was really good! The youth’s face was even red mid-way through (?) staring at him several times, he must’ve made a really good impression on him.

As he walked down the mountain slowly with his short legs, he saved the whole process of the youth talking to him into a motion picture GIF in his heart, then opened circulation mode and secretly enjoyed himself. 

It wasn’t until he met Lan Zhen at the foot of the mountain that Feng Qin stopped enjoying himself. 

There was a layer of boundary on the mountain, and Lan Zhen, who had not entered, didn’t see all the noise Feng Qin made.
Seeing Feng Qin coming down with a happy  face, Lan Zhen’s heart relaxed—he must’ve successfully beaten up Lin Zhizhi to take out his anger.
With that in mind, he couldn’t wait to learn of Lin Zhizhi’s miserable beating—of course, the first sentence must be to compliment Feng Qin, “Little martial brother is worthy of the blood of the ancient Phoenix, reputation well deserved.”

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Feng Qin rolled his eyes and said nothing.

Lan Zhen was rubbing his fist in his heart, and with a face full of fake concern, he probed, “I wonder how Lin Zhizhi is doing now? Although he acted arrogant and domineering, his heart is not bad, he was just momentarily astray…… there’s no need to be too harsh, in the future we’ll meet with lowered heads instead of raised heads—”1

“Didn’t meet him.” Feng Qin, who had absolutely no desire to be polite with Lan Zhen, interrupted him with his chin up, “I’m going back.”

Lan Zhen, “……” Then why did you come down with a smiling face. 

Feng Qin didn’t care about Lan Zhen’s reaction, and only wanted to go back to Xumi Fairyland, but was stopped by Lan Zhen. 

In the end, Lan Zhen was also originally a hedonistic dandy with a heart as high as the skies, and seeing Feng Qin disregard him even though he had lowered his posture to this extent, in a moment of anger, outstretched his arm to block Feng Qin way forward, but when he saw Feng Qin’s eyebrow imprint, he calmed. 

Due to the slow growth of Demon Cultivators, a hundred years was only a small adult, and the little dough only had a five-year difference with Lan Zhen, and there was a huge difference in stature.
When he looked back at Lan Zhen, Feng Qin still  needed to look up—this made him a little upset, his thoughts moved, and the surrounding air gradually grew hot.
A pair of fiery wings formed behind his back, allowing him to fly to a height where he could look down on Lan Zhen. 

#Not tall enough, wings come in handy#

The corners of Lan Zhen’s eyes twitched twice, but he thought of the origin of Feng Qin on those wings, and his arm dropped a little to his side, and the original question he wanted out of his mouth was forcefully swallowed back.
After adjusting his mood very quickly, he shook the folding fan to push down the fire pressure in his body and ridiculed, “The Feng Clan’s powers are truly powerful.”

Feng Qin didn’t eat his words, “What are you trying to say?”

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Lan Zhen covered half of his face with his folded fan and didn’t mention Lin Zhizhi, “Didn’t Little Martial Brother Feng say before that he was still bored, so why don’t you go relax with my brother for a while?”

If he just let Feng Qin go, wouldn’t all his previous efforts be wasted? Lin Zhizhi was still alive and kicking somewhere—Lan Zhen thought and thought about it, it was better to catch this golden line of Feng Qin first, as long as he bowed his head, what would he even need to worry about in the future?

His suggestion was directly rejected by Feng Qin, “Not interested.”

—Feng Qin was in a hurry to rush back and ask his father to find out the identity of the young man, where was there room in his heart for anything else.

The author has something to say:

Ei hehehehe, [Danbai, Favorability 90, Attitude: wants to be touched too]

o(* ̄▽ ̄*)o

The author’s name is Danbai.

Meet with lowered heads instead of raised heads – when you meet someone again you don’t fight anymore1. 

Zhizhi sounded so rude when I first tried translating him into english I swear he was kind-

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