fter all, and he really was able to meet him once. 

——Unlike Feng Qin, Lin Zhizhi afterward didn’t take the matter to heart.
For him, he saved a man by simply holding his hands up.3 Although there were some twists and turns in the middle, it wasn’t enough to constantly worry about, and the most important thing at present was still to practice his sword. 

After practicing his sword a hundred times a day, Lin Zhizhi, who felt more and more comfortable with it, originally wanted to seek critique from his master, but after thinking about it, he decided to go through an actual battle first to determine his level.
So he went to the outer sect’s mission recruiting office and received a: “Clean up the Level 4 guinea pig beasts on Mount He Yan” disciples mission.
The reward wasn’t high, only ten points and ten low-grade spirit stones. 

The senior brother who was responsible for issuing the mission saw that Lin Zhizhi looked good,  and somewhat hesitantly reminded him as he took the mission for him, “This mission takes a long time, if junior brother is new, there are some other relatively suitable missions for you here……”

Lin Zhizhi shook his head and took out the token that symbolized his disciple status, “No need, just this one.”

He was interested in the fact that there were a large number of guinea pig beasts, which was suitable for sword training.

Seeing that this junior brother was so insistent, the senior martial brother wasn’t in a position to say anything, and in his hands the token flashed, receiving the task. 

When Lin Zhizhi met Feng Qin again, it was when he just cleaned up the first wave of guinea pig beasts, depleted his food and fresh water and, returned for resupply.
After he loaded the food into his space ring, a pair of small hands hugged his waist from behind, “I’ve finally found you!” 

He was startled, and looked back and discovered that the dough bun child from before was looking at him with a face full of excitement. 

The dough bun wore a bright yellow shirt today, which made his whole body shine brightly, especially when his eyes fluttered pu teng pu teng4 with joy after seeing Lin Zhizhi.

Lin Zhizhi glanced at the favorability above his head: [Feng Qin, Favorability 95, Attitude of wanting to meet]/[Feng Qin, Favorability -10, Attitude is hostile], and after a moment of silence, he responded, “We meet again.”

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Feng Qin had finally found him, his heart was very happy and didn’t mind the slightly cold attitude of the other party, hugging him and rubbing his waist, “I looked for you for a long time, where have you been? I saw you on the mountain too…… right, by the way, what’s your name?” 

Lin Zhizhi looked at that smiling face and really couldn’t say his real name, so he avoided the last question, “En, I’ve been outside the sect recently, it’s normal you couldn’t find me.” 

Feng Qin really did get distracted, “What were you doing outside the sect?”

Lin Zhizhi took the opportunity to pry away Feng Qin’s hands, “I received a disciples task, and I’m completing it right now, let’s not talk anymore, I’m in a hurry.” 

The small yellow dough bun immediately widened his eyes and grasped the corner of the youth’s coat with his small hand: “I want to go too! I’ll go with you!”

Lin Zhizhi, “……”

“I’ll do anything! Take me there!” He used his power technique hugging the big thigh.

“What will you do?” Lin Zhizhi hesitated. 

Feng Qin rubbed his face, “I…… I can fight! I’m very strong! I also can……”

Too eager, he unexpectedly couldn’t find a second merit besides “fighting” and stomped his feet. 

The thing Lin Zhizhi needs least might just be this “fighting” skill point.
He patted Feng Qin’s face and silently refused. 

“I…… I’ll warm the bed!” The moment the shota wasn’t careful he immediately let the words in his vacant head escape out his mouth. 


Feng Qin’s heart was extremely anxious as he saw the other party’s face of rejection.
The Phoenix Clan’s Origin can attract and stir up thousands of fires, and because of the little phoenix’s unstable mood, there were actually some flickering sparks in the air.

The shota wasn’t paying attention, and Lin Zhizhi suddenly remembered what the shota in front of him said before, eyes brightening, “You can light fires?” 

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Although he didn’t understand why the youth would ask this, Feng Qin nodded vigorously and went along and promoted what he was trying to sell, “En! The fire I make is huge and contains spiritual qi! When I’m a bit bigger I’ll be able to make origin fire that’s inextinguishable!”

Lin Zhizhi pondered for a while, touched his nose, and spoke in an embarrassed and apologetic way, “If you really want to come with me, that’s fine, it’s just…… the roast chicken for the evening meal will be in your hands.”

As soon as he said that, if there was anyone else here, they would have spurted blood: that was the Phoenix Clan’s True Fire! When it’s practiced to the extreme, it is the legendary inextinguishable fire that can burn all things, if you use this flame to refine pallet medicine, you can raise the odds of ascension by a whole level.
Lin Zhizhi actually wanted to use it to roast chicken! A complete waste of resources. 

But Feng Qin didn’t feel sick, but instead nodded very happily, “I’ll definitely roast the chicken well, I’ll roast the most delicious chicken.” 

Lin Zhizhi expressed appreciation and praised him for his fighting spirit.

#The Feng race in the spring underworld died with remaining grievances#

#The cultivators who paid a huge price and even their life to borrow the Phoenix fire also wants to climb out of their coffins and shout this phrase in their rotten vocal cords: fuck your mom!!#

Secret shell – a spiral shell used for secret communication1. 

Cut-sleeve – euphemism for homosexuality.
Originated from the tale of a Chinese emperor, who had to attend morning court, but didn’t wish to wake his lover, who was sleeping with his head resting on the emperor’s sleeve.
The emperor used a knife to cut off the lower half of his sleeve.2. 

Holding/lifting your hand – idiom for not requiring much effort3. 

Pu teng – onomatopoeia for flutter; chinese ver.
of doki doki4. 


Feng Qin ft.
Lin Zhizhi by Yoo

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