the world, staring at what people had left behind and wanting to collect.


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Lin Zhizhi gave a tiny frown, and patted his head, “If you want it, I’ll send you a better one some other day.”

Feng Qin blushed and nodded, then pulled out a whole chicken, as well as spices, from a space ring, and excitedly said to the young man besides him, “Are you hungry?”

Lin Zhizhi replied hesitantly, “……en.”

Hearing that, he who’ve always had servants bring over good food to feed him, and even once needed his parents coaxing this tiny phoenix was happily igniting on the tips of his fingers spirit flames.
Once separated to a vacant space, the fire would stay on the ground flaming.

This fire wasn’t like worldly fire.
Not touching the ground in the slightest, a cold white flame flickered quick rays of brilliant light.

Feng Qin moved his spiritual strength, and the wind blew the naked/chicken floating over above the flames, and the raging sparks engulfed the chicken.

Lin Zhizhi sat across from him without speaking, the flame brightly reflected the perfect side face of the youth, far yet near.

Feng Qin only took a glance, and felt his heart beat fast, and remembered the way that person originally walked towards him……

He felt a rush of excitement.

The little dough bun blushed scarlet, and added spice to the roasting chicken, then added another (……).
He let his imagination roam, and actually in fact didn’t really realize just what he was doing, until Lin Zhizhi called stop, did he stop the action of loading in raw materials.

Feng Qin took out the roasted chicken for a look, leaning in with his twitching little nose to smell, and a strong smell of spices directly spread up…… He flatted his mouth, not quite daring to look at Lin Zhizhi in the eyes, “I burnt it to pieces……”

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The mournful eyes and sad attitude, coupled with this sentence, someone who didn’t understand the situation would’ve thought that it was a scholar who’ve studied strenuously for many years that failed the imperial examination.

Lin Zhihi actually didn’t mind.
Watching the child looking at him with eyes brimming with tears, he leaned over his hand and pinched the other side’s soft cheek, “It’s okay, let’s do it again.”

Feng Qin felt the slightly cool hand on his cheek, and his face turned red into a big tomato.
He lowered his head and threw the waste chicken aside and took out another one.

This time, he roasted earnestly and gravely.

When the chicken was taken out, it’s exterior was beautiful.

It’s just that when tasting a small chunk of the meat, and placing it inside his mouth, Feng Qin immediately threw it aside with a flourish of his hand to accompany the previously spiced chicken.

Lin Zhizhi, “……”

He seemed to have made a mistake: Feng Qin was after all someone who lived a life of luxury, and even if he could manipulate the spirit of fire, that doesn’t mean he’s also a master of cooking.

His desire to eat freshly roasted and delicious roast chicken, in the end, the dream was dashed.

That evening, Lin Zhizhi comforted Fen Qin and gnawed on dry food at the same time.
When Lin Zhizhi wrapped his robe and rested for a moment, Feng Qin was watching him.
When Lin Zhizhi woke up in the morning, Feng Qin was still watching him.
When Lin Zhizhi took him down the mountain, Feng Qin followed behind his back, hanging his head and thinking that this road was just the two of them, with no end in sight.

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Everlasting forever, for a long, long, time.

They eventually arrived at the Luo Xianjian Sect, and Lin Zhizhi slightly tiredly stretched out his body and smiled at the little phoenix, “It’s been hard for you.”

“…Not hard, not hard at all.” Feng Qin was still grieving over messing up the first task Lin Zhizhi had given him, and the vitality in his words was all gone.

Lin Zhizhi blinked, and wanted to say something, but the little dough bun gritted his teeth and shouted, “I’ll definitely roast the best tasting chicken!” And then ran away like a wisp of smoke……

Lin Zhizhi: … … … … mie mie mie?4 (Black question mark.jpg)

Wasn’t it just…… a chicken?

It’s far from the name because Lush and Verdant versus the name He Yan which means to join flames1. 

Meng – means cute, commonly used in slang like to sell ‘meng’2. 

Yingyingying – the chinese sound effect of crying3. 

Mie mie – the chinese sound effect for the sound sheeps make, the baaa baaa of chinese sheeps4. 

Poor baby Feng Qin ): It’s okay don’t cry.

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