CH.16: Identity Exposed

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Feng Qin toiled through a whole night under the tutelage of his old man, happily cupping his big face full of confidence that he’ll be able to make the youth see his heartfelt intentions in the roasted chicken.  

He waited on the small path for about one shichen1, watching the mountain scenery from dawn till early morning, until finally his eyes lit up and found the young youth slowly walking towards him, and he immediately leapt out. 

Lin Zhizhi looked at the grass by the roadside, and suddenly from the underbush leapt out a small dough bun no different from yesterday——because he was studying the blazing roasting skills, he forgot to change his clothes.
He looked at himself with a mixture of pride and shame, and couldn’t help but sweat a little. 

Besides just teaching roasting skills last night, Feng Shuang also taught his stupid son necessary skills to chase the daughter-in-law: such as you must let your future dao companion see your powerful and domineering side, thus you can leave your influence in their heart; and you must also adhere to them in every single possible way, your face must be thick, to let them get used to you……

Feng Qin heard that he expressed goodwill properly, and lifted his fist above his head and was determined to quickly recover his sweetheart and bring him back to Xumi Realm to show his father.
So much so that when he was waiting he deeply thought that his left side of his face was more handsome, so he will appear with the left side of his face——except that when he heard footsteps he immediately burst into disorder, throwing himself out and seeing the youth’s black hair, and could only chokingly stammer out one sentence:

“We, we meet again……” 


“That, I went back to practice yesterday, and already can roast a delicious chicken, and I’ll roast it for you later.” Feng Qin spoke to here, and his mood brightened up, “It’s very good!” 

Lin Zhizhi didn’t quite understand Feng Qin’s obsession, and only thought that the child was too idle.
He looked at the other’s head plus or minus——en, to be precise only plus——favorability value, and thought about finding a chance to reveal his identity.
In the past, he thought that he had casually recused a little dough bun, and that they wouldn’t meet again in the future, so he didn’t reveal it to prevent trouble.
But who would’ve thought that this child would become even more sticky…… It seemed that now there’s too little homework ah.
When he was his age, he was caught tightly by father Lin, forcing him to build a foundation every day with Su Yu. 

Seeing that the black-haired youth didn’t comment and rubbed his nose, starting his legs to walk up the mountain, Feng Qin blindly followed suit by his side, chattering and asking all sorts of questions through the whole journey, occasionally receiving a few perfunctory response from the youth, making him extremely happy. 

In the days to come, Feng Qin occasionally recalled the past, only to find that this period of time was the most nostalgic for him, that even the Guinea Pig beasts were lovely. 

He didn’t know what kind of magical power this person had, but just that he wanted to always accompany them by their side.
Nothing else mattered, just looking at him made him happy. 

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——Feng Qin watched Lin Zhizhi like this, and on top of a crystal, another person was also dimly watching them. 

Xuan Hua rested his chin on one hand, long hair hanging by the edge of the water mirror, bearing matchless, watching the little phoenix passionately staring at his little disciple with an indescribable expression.  

Seeing this appearance, the person near him almost spluttered out a “pu”, one hand slapping the chessboard in front of them, shaking the black and white pieces to the ground, “I didn’t expect that you unexpectedly accepted a disciple, and was even secretly peeping at people, it’s really not like you.” 

The man wore an upright blue robe, appearance heroic and outstanding, with a crown of black-striped jade holding his long hair up high, and was a person who seldom was able to talk with Xuan Hua——although it was mostly him one-sidedly coming to annoy him.
He turned curiously to bend over the water mirror to find out what the person looked like, but Xuan Hua brushed his sleeve, and the water mirror returned to its original appearance, with nothing left to see. 

“Che, so protective? It’s a disciple and not a little lover, why don’t you want me to see? It’s not like I don’t know how to give a first meeting gift……” The blue-robed man sat back, one finger tapping the chaotic chessboard, mouth mumbling resentfully, “Ei, Xuan Hua what if, if that group of old codgers knew that you used the water mirror the peep at disciples would they be angered to death? I remember the last time the Sect Master came to ask you to borrow the water mirror to search for traces of devil cultivation, you coldly refused, but now all day long you use it to steal/peep at your disciple——”

He rarely found a single flaw in Xuan Hua, and was immediately interested in it and kept enlarging it, noisily causing Dao Zun Daren to sweep him an impatient glance. 

The glance was like cold water poured over his head, making the man instantly speechless, open mouth unable to speak no matter what, he was unexpectedly put under a silencing spell. 

Once quiet, Xuan Hua turned back, looking at misty fog floating on the water mirror, thinking of the appearance of that child sticking to his little disciple, and his mind emerged one thought: 

His way of thinking was still right. 

Little disciple was hardworking and talented, everything was good, but there was one thing: he really caused so much worry.

Dao Zun Daren’s thoughts, Lin Zhizhi didn’t know of.
These days, everyday he used the means of Guinea Pig Beasts to practice the basic sword method, studying in the outer sect’s lecture hall, and he hadn’t seen his Shizun for many days, and only wanted to wait until he knew the basic sword method very well to go to Xuan Hua and ask for praise. 

The awakened to love Feng Qin watched Lin Zhizhi command his sword in concentration, completely not realizing the long hours of waiting like this.
After the other party stopped his sword and returned, he immediately scooped out stuff from his space ring, “Are you hungry? I’ll bake this for you to eat.” 

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Lin Zhizhi sat down besides him, watching the little phoenix roll up his sleeves, brimming with energy.

Feng Qin lit a blueish-green fire from his fingertips, and cooked the chicken from the side as if facing an enemy, nose gradually overfilling with beads of sweat. 

His hard work was fruitful.
Compared to yesterday’s spicy chicken2, today’s roasted chicken had already begun to shape in the phoenix fire, and a fragrant meat smell spread through the air, arousing people’s appetite. 

When it was finished, the little dough bun’s face smiled widely, removed it from the fire, and gave it to the black-haired youth watching by the side.
Watching him use his slender fingers to tear off a small piece of meat, placing it inside his mouth. 

Lin Zhizhi was born in an aristocratic family, even if he was eating like this with his hand-held roast chicken like a countryside villager, he still carried an air of noble pride. 

——Feng Qin suddenly wanted to become that piece of meat, to be bitten by him like that, torn and swallowed.

That way they will be able to become one, able to see him all the time. 

Honestly speaking, based on all the food the young master of the Lin family had eaten, the taste of this roast chicken couldn’t even be called average——at most, it had some spiritual energy due to the difference in the flame, but that didn’t add much to the deliciousness of the roasted chicken itself.

Lin Zhizhi swallowed the piece of meat, and hesitantly thought of Feng Qin’s excited eyes, and spoke without changing his expression, “The taste is not bad.”

Feng Qin’s eyes lit up, “That’s great! Then eat a little more, if there’s not enough I’ll roast more.” 

Lin Zhizhi smiled, tore off the other half of the roasted chicken and handed it to Feng Qin, “You eat too.” 

The little dough bun took it but didn’t move, watching the youth continue to tear off a second piece of the roasted chicken. 

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Eating more, the youth’s dark red lips were stained with some grease on the corner, tinting his usual indifference with some human warmth.
Feng Qin’s fingers twitched, wanting to help the other man wipe it off, but Lin Zhizhi inadvertently  blocked it with his hand.
He casually used his sleeve to wipe his mouth, wiping the grease away. 

Feng Qin felt somewhat disappointed: if his hand was just a bit faster, he might’ve been able to touch the other’s lips, it’ll definitely feel good——of course, his heart wanted even more to use his tongue to lick, and if he leaned slightly, it wouldn’t just be the corner of his mouth……

Dismayed by the missed opportunity, the little dough bun pulled out a roasted drumstick and stuffed in it his mouth, and puffed and almost burst into kelp tears: this chicken, he’s afraid that even if he lowered his standards it couldn’t be called food——Lin Zhizhi didn’t hesitate at all to eat it, really worthy of being his liked person, gentle and attentive, wuwu,3 how there be such a good person in this world? 

Seeing Feng Qin move his mouth, Lin Zhizhi paused his action, pondering if he should take advantage of right now and tell his identity to the other.
Chewing his lips, he opened his mouth and said to Feng Qin, “Actually, I……” 

Before halfway through his sentence, he saw the face of the little dough bun who had eaten the roasted chicken crumple into a ball, eyes teary, and he asked astonished, “What happened?” 

 Feng Qin rubbed his face a few times, deeply touched written on his face, “You…… you are so nice QAQ!” 

Inexplicability issued a good person card Lin Zhizhi: “……”

“I’ll go back and continue to work hard, striving to continue honing my technique! Someday I’ll go to the secular world and work my hands in a big kitchen!” Feng Qin finished being touched and made a vow with his fist. 

Lin Zhizhi patted his head in amusement, “We are people of cultivation, cultivating should be most important.
It’s  only a mere chicken, let it go.” 

Feng Qin never refuted Lim Zhizhi’s words, although he made up in his heart to continue roasting chicken, his  mouth and head obediently nodded yes. 

Soon after finishing eating the chicken on the mountain, Lin Zhizhi also finished tidying up the Guinea Pig Beasts, and the two people went back to Luo Xianjian Sect together under the setting sun.
They were still at the steps of the outer gate when they bumped into a blue-shirted man, who was none other than Lan Zhen, 

Behind Lan Zhen followed Lan Tian, two people in haste, as if wanting to hurry somewhere, and by surprise on the second-level steps met face to face with Lin Zhizhi’s party. 

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At first he only saw Lin Zhizhi, coldly snorting and preparing to spew hate, but glimpsed Feng Qin through the corner of his eye, and his eyes immediately widened, eyes on Lin, Feng, shifting back and forth. 

Seeing Lan Zhen and his people, when Feng Qin thought that they saw him he stopped his steps, impatiently shouting, “What are you looking at me for?! Quickly move, don’t block the way!” 

Immediately after saying those words, the little dough bun bulged his cheek and covered his mouth, looking at Lin Zhizhi——Damn it, seeing Lan Zhen was actually so annoying that he carelessly exposed his nature in front of the young man……

Lan Zhen couldn’t figure out what was going on here, and before he even opened his mouth, he only heard Lan Tian loudly calling out, “Feng Qin, you already finished teaching Lin Zhizhi a lesson and brought him here to apologize?”

Lin Zhizhi who in fact wanted to take little dough bun and avoid trouble: “……………………”

Feng Qin who didn’t understand the situation: “? ? ?” 

1 Shichen — a two hour period; time measurement used in ancient China1. 

Spicy Chicken — Slang for trash.
Là jī (spicy chicken), sounds like lā jī (trash).2. 

Wu — sound effect for crying3. 

Feng Qin is so cute but every time they mention Su Yu I’m like, wow I miss him.

I SIMP for the childhood friend trope.

Excited to translate the aftermath of this chapter hahaha

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