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If he didn’t say it, it was okay, but now said, Feng Qin’s heart became even more furious——Lin Zhizhi really was too bad, watching him madly splaying himself in front of him and selling meng! He really was so bad!——But he was still reluctant to hit him, so he could only vent fire on Lan Zhen. 

Lan Zhen and the others only saw a blue-white flame emerge from Feng Qin’s fingertips, faintly transforming into the shape of a fire phoenix in mid-air, rushing towards them with a irresistible cry.

In this world, no one can compare with the Phoenix race in controlling fire.
The flame came raging, sweeping through Lan Zhen and them, and if it burned without hindrance, they would’ve rolled over in pain on the spot——but when the hot breath was about to touch Lan Zhen, he crushed a piece of a protective spirit treasure, and a blue water shield protected them. 

Seeing he successfully resisted the fire, Lan Zhen sighed a breath of relief, and before he could feel his meat hurt from using a top-grade protection treasure, he switched to Feng Qin and asked, “What is the meaning of this?” 

If it weren’t for this spiritual treasure, a human body at the Qi Refining stage wouldn’t be able to fight the foreign fire——even if Feng Qin’s cultivation wasn’t enough to cause too much damage, the pain alone was enough for these pampered and spoiled children to eat a pot. 

Feng Qin deliberately did not look at Lin Zhizhi’s reaction, and said to Lan Zhen’s face unhappily, “There’s no meaning, you are too annoying.” 

Lan Zhen laughed angrily, “Then we can help you like this?”

The little dough bun wasn’t the slightest bit scared, “Come.” 

Lan Zhen tightened his grip on the fan, and backhandedly smashed a fist into the chest of Lan Tian, who was trying to strike, forcing him back. 

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Lan Tian didn’t understand and spoke into the young master’s ear and whispered, “Why not? We have a lot of people, and his cultivation isn’t yet high?”

Lan Zhen slanted his eyes and gave him a glance, using his left hand to harshly knock the fan on his mouth.

——Feng Qin’s identity was special, don’t say that if you’ve really fought, you still can’t put down your hand, it’s more likely that you can’t beat someone at the same level from the Phoenix race…… Lan Tian and others facing the foreign fire, probably can’t even compare to a walking wooden sword. 

Compared to that messy ending, Lan Zhen would rather swallow his anger now.
So he didn’t say anything, didn’t even leave any harsh words like “I’ll be back”, and went back to the Sect gate with his followers behind him.

A little martial brother cowered and asked Lan Tian, “Where is the chief refiner of the refining workshop?”

Lan Tian slapped it over, “Go fuck yourself!” 


After Lan Zhen and the others left, Lin Zhizhi stood in place for a while, only to see Feng Qin’s head, which had switched endlessly in favorability, had gradually merged together: [Feng Qin, favorability index 92, attitude is arrogant]. 

Lin Zhizhi didn’t get to ponder for a moment, only hearing Feng Qin fitting to his back, small hands pressed onto his plump stomach, “You lied to me, I… … I don’t like you for 12 shichen!” 

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“……To be precise, I just didn’t correct you, it’s not a lie……” 

“That’s a lie too! You’re a big liar! I hate you!” Little dough bun got even more angry. 

En, favorability value 92 type of “hate”. 

Lin Zhizhi this time did not refute, coaxing the child, “It was me who was wrong, my apologies.” 

Maybe because he felt that Lin Zhizhi’s attitude was sincere, the little dough bun’s body turned and twisted, “Then I hate you for 10 shichen……”

“Can it be a little less?” 

“9 shichen, at least.” Feng Qin counted on his left hand, finished talking, then he quickly covered his ears and fled, “You can’t shake me again, my heart is firm!” 

The determined child ran crazily all the way, afraid that Lin Zhizhi’s voice will stop him, and he’ll do something without dignity. 

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope y’all have a great time.
I’ll be eating lots of hotpot.

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