t I could leave anytime I want? Does it not count now?” 

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Lin Zhizhi shook his head and said, ” You can, But if you fall like this, you could damage the flowers and plants beneath you.”

The demon spirit, “…”

What is wrong with this human? He acts like a scary monster toward him, but he cares about these wildflowers? Could he be obsessed with these flowers or something?

He only felt that this young man might be a rare specimen among the human race.
He opened his eyes using all his might, only to see that the young man had wrapped his arms around him.
His jet black eyes looked as if they contained thousands of stars inside them.
He looked at him with those eyes with a gaze different from the rest of the human race he had met before.
He looked at him neither with lust nor greed.
But with indifference, as if he’s just some stray cat at the side of the road, “Even if I let you go now, you are not capable of moving now.” 

What he said was indeed the truth.

The demon beast spirit reluctantly swallowed down the ridicule at the tip of his tongue.
He then closed his eyes in frustration as he said to Lin Zhizhi, ” if I still have my body, I would kill you like I was slaughtering a dog!”


Lin Zhizhi snorted coldly before saying, ” if we have the same cultivation stage, I could easily suppress you using one hand.”

“Oh, the typical self-comfort of the flimsy human race.” The demon spirit fell on top of the palm of the young man.
His head was held high.
Not wanting to admit defeat, he said to Lin Zhizhi.
” I’m already like this.
There’s no need to keep up your hypocritical act.
just go ahead and refine me directly.” 

Lin Zhizhi remained silent as he moved the demon beast spirit with his fingers.

He didn’t harbor any idea of refining this spirit, even if it’s immensely beneficial to him if he refined it into a pill and consumed it.

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Since he vaguely guessed this demon spirit’s experience inside the demon refining furnace, Lin Zhizhi respected him.

There are also certain things that a person would do and would not do. 

He has respected this tenacious and beautiful soul, so he will not choose to refine this spirit.

Besides, he is Lin Zhizhi.
He has absolute confidence that he could still build his foundation much faster than his peers without refining this demon spirit.

Ignoring the demon spirit’s incessant scolding, the young man poked the spirit’s head.
But suddenly, he abruptly looked alarmingly at a spot and said to the spirit.
” You better be grateful to me.
If you fall to their hands, you’ll certainly be dead-”

The demon hadn’t finished hearing the whole sentence when he got placed back inside the spatial ring.
Lin Zhizhi summoned the Wenxuan sword and sliced at the grass that had just shifted a moment ago.
Two people stood at the field, wearing the Yinquan sect’s uniform but… 

The two of them had bloody holes on their forehead.
Their souls are already drifting to the afterlife.

Lin Zhizhi’s expression froze.
He felt a chill right behind his back, a needle was hurtling toward him at high speed!

The young man was unafraid of the incoming danger as he turned around and avoided the needles.
He was about to fight back when a black fog unexpectedly enveloped his sight!

Lightning flashed on his Wenxuan sword.
Gradually, the black mist dissipated from his sight. 

“Thunder!” an unfamiliar voice exclaimed in irritation.

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Lin Zhizhi attacked with his sword.
At this moment, he had a vague guess about this person’s identity, but he dared not confirm it.
If his assumption came out true, then all of the disciples in the hidden realm would be in grave danger!

The stranger dispersed the black mist.
Normally, this black fog could not only obstruct people’s vision but also slow down their mobility.
But he never expected to encounter someone who could utilize thunder.

Lightning overwhelms the sinister fog! 

The man shrouded in black stared at Lin Zhizhi with killing intent.

Inside the hidden floating sky realm, in an expanse of a green swamp.


A young man clad in white clasped the handle of an umbrella firmly with his slender fingers, walking beneath the umbrella.

This behavior is normal.
However, with the cloudless sky hovering above him, it seemed to be a little odd. 

The female disciple behind the young man caught up with him.
She asked him strangely, “Su Yu, it’s currently not raining now.
Why are you holding an umbrella?”

Su Yu raised his head and glanced toward the sky.
A smile emerged on his lips as he replied to her, ” It will soon.”

His voice was very gentle.
Like the spring breeze blowing into one’s face.
He used the most soothing voice to warn his fellow disciples behind him; the storm is coming.

Although not many know about it, they will soon. 

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