CH.2: Enchanting Physique

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It’s been three days since he saw Su Yu. 

These past three days, because Su Yu’s line of words brought too much shock and horror, Lin Zhizhi fell into a state of drinking away his worries–for Su Yu’s good feelings reaching value 100,  let it be, after all, it just shows how good friends they are.  

But what the hell is his attitude?! Thinking? You’d think about your good friend that way?! This means Su Yu’s feelings aren’t as pure as Lin Zhizhi’s towards worldly women, and it’s some kind of yellow 1 and forceful thinking……

#I… I thought of you as a friend, but you want to mount me!#

#Didn’t think you were this type of friend!#

Lin Zhizhi’s heart was filled with these messy ideas.
In his moment of distraught, Su Yu still came to find him every day, but Lin Zhizhi still hadn’t thought of how to interact with Su Yu yet, and could only close his door and not meet. 

In the face of Lin Zhizhi’s deliberate avoidance, Su Yu had some doubts.
That day he stood innocently outside of Lin Zhizhi’s door and was dumped dead leaves all over his head–although at the time he was able to avoid it with his spiritual sense, to let Lin Zhizhi vent his anger, he stubbornly stood among dead yellow leaves in front of Lin Zhizhi’s door for half a day, but failed to see even a peek of Lin Zhizhi.

It was a very strange experience for him. 

From childhood to now, by the virtue of his status and charm, even in front of extremely bad tempered seniors, he has never been subjected to such treatment.
So far, he’s been somersaulting for Lin Zhizhi, but that’s deliberate. 

But this time… it seems a little bit special? According to young master Lin Zhizhi’s past temper, quick to arrive and quick to leave, he still wouldn’t go as far as to shut his door for three days, refusing to meet. 

These three days he continuously visited Lin residence, eating the most rejection soup he’s ever had in his lifetime, causing Su Yu some slight worries. 

Su Yu’s continuous arrival failed to pry open Lin Zhizhi’s door, but it caused Lin father to learn about this matter.

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Although usually he’s the head of the Lin Clan, practically working constantly in numerous affairs, but for this excellent small son of his, he has placed great expectations.
After learning that Lin Zhizhi hasn’t left the house in three days, he thought it was the matter of the secular women troubling his son’s heart, and he specifically went to his son’s door, ready to straighten him out. 

Lin father’s name was Lin Quan, and in his early years was also a well-known and distinguished wastrel, scattered with many beauties and having, not just a few, emotional disputes.
At this point, he can still use his own experiences to advise his son.
After signalling the surrounding attendants to leave, Lin Quan symbolically knocked on Lin Zhizhi’s courtyard door, afterwards directly pushing open the door and entering. 

Lin Zhizhi doesn’t like flowers, and instead his courtyard was cultivating several spiritual grass and trees, spiritual energy abundant.
In the light breezes’ caress, they extend their tender leaves.
Although there were no flowers to charm one’s eyes, there was no lack of special beauty. 

Usually there are dedicated attendants cleaning, but these days nobody has entered, and the ground was carpeted in a layer of leaves. 

Lin Quan swept a glance around, brandishing his long sleeves, and the leaves seemed as if they’ve melted, not leaving a single trace. 

After doing this, Lin Quan set his gaze upstairs, squinting up, just about to get it over with and call his son, when he suddenly saw that the room’s door in front of him was pushed open. 

 The purple-clothed youth panted for breath as he looked at him.

Not waiting for Lin Quan to state his purpose for coming here, Lin Zhizhi already jumped up like a hungry tiger and asked eagerly, “Dad, have you ever heard of a spiritual method that can show other people’s good feelings and malice?” 

After hearing such a brainless question, Lin Quan swallowed back his original words, ‘there are plenty more fish in the sea,’ expression turning heavy, and said, “Look at what kind of appearance you have right now, stand straight!” 

Normally, Lin Zhizhi would refute a few words.
But right now he urgently wanted to know the answer, quickly standing upright while sweeping his gaze over the words on Lin Quan’s head: [Favorability value 95, attitude is one’s own son.] 

Even the favorability value between a father and son is only 95! What exactly did Su Yu eat wrong making his favorability value reach the extreme point of 100?! Lin Zhizhi searched in his heart, besides being quite handsome, IQ relatively high, talented and bright, and personality being pretty good, there are no particularity prominent advantages… 

Faced with Lin Zhizhi’s reaction, Lin Quan was a little surprised, arriving at the conclusion his son might’ve figured things out by himself, his heart relieved.
After muttering to himself for a moment, he asked, “Why are you asking this?”

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Lin Zhizhi rambled some nonsense: “I gambled with a loose cultivator before.
He said he’s seen a technique that’s able to see good-feelings and malice, and I felt that there’s no way it exists–I spent these three days inside the house flipping through the library collection.
Dad, have you heard of such a technique?” 

Lin Quan: “……”

Although he’s a bit skeptical, seeing Lin Zhizhi’s face that does not look like one trapped by love, he relaxed his heart.
Besides things that can endanger his son’s prospects, for other communications, Lin father has always been lenient. 


Lin Quan continued: “In the Southern Sea, Father has heard before of beads that can distinguish joy and sorrow.
If one’s state of mind is impassioned, the beads will turn red.
It is also rumored a lost door has the ability to see through true or false words, but showing attitude I have not heard. 

“Is there one that’ll cover everyone around you, in addition to numbering a good-feelings value?” Lin Zhizhi shook his head in disappointment and unfailingly continued to ask. 

“You think you’re doing an arithmetic exam?” Lin Quan replied without politeness. 

Lin Zhizhi’s face crumpled in defeat.
He listened to Lin Quan’s nagging with one ear, while in his heart plotted plans on how to deal with Su Yu–until Lin Quan left with a satisfied look, he still hadn’t thought of a reason why. 

All the speculation about Su Yu was based on the foundation that the favorability value is true, but what if… supposing that, it’s a giant conspiracy? What if it’s the Devil realms new trick to toy with people? 

Lin Zhizhi returned back inside the building, fingers dipping the ink on the desk and writing two words, Devil realm and chance.

Just as he withdrew his fingers, a crisp, barbell-like voice rang in his ear: “System unsealed, self-introduction start.

“Master, you can think of me as this system tools spirit.
I came from the upper realms, and my objective is to collect favorability points.
Your seductive physique attracted me to choose you as my master.” 

The amount of information in the passage was too much, causing one to be speechless.
Lin Zhizhi digested it, taking this tool spirit as a heaven-sent special opportunity, then from its words picked out an important point: “……seductive physique?”

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“Yes, according to the test your body is the ultra-rare seductive physique, currently not yet unsealed.” 

“What kind of physique is that?” Lin Zhizhi was somewhat amazed. 

He’s heard of, “mutant spirit constitution, immortal sword body, natural beastly soul, but he’s never heard of this, “seductive physique,” just hearing it you’d think it’s some fraudulent constitution. 

“One the unsealing is complete, it’ll make everyone around you unable to help but be bewitched, wanting to possess your body.”

Lin Zhizhi: “……”

Lin Zhizhi quickly searched his mind for a constitution similar to this seductive physique: the Sea Demon physique.
According to legend, the Sea Emperor has such a pair of eyes, anyone who gazes upon his pupils will be manipulated by the Sea Emperor–other peoples’ constitutions sounds so cool! Why does your daddy have such a fraudulent physique?! It’s also the uncontrollable kind–for a man, it’s obviously doing more harm than good. 

Lin Zhizhi continued to interrogate: “You said my physique is not yet unsealed?” 

“Yes, this physique will gradually show up as you get older.” 

“Is there any way to make it… not unsealed?” Lin Zhizhi struggled to spit out the words. 

The sysetem is obviously stunned: “This type of physique is quite suitable for collecting people’s favorability, my advice is to unseal it as soon as possible.” 

Advice my ass! (□′) ┴–┴ , when where there ever be a good time to charm other men! 

Lin Zhizhi scoffed. 

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He’s always been action oriented.
Seeing he’s unable to ask anything from the system, he immediately went to the book pavilion, looking for all kinds of information on the seductive physique. 

For Lin Zhizhi, this only Di son of his lineage, all floors of the book pavilion are unconditionally open.
The Lin family has been standing for a millennium as a genuine, cultivation noble family, roots deep and profound.
For this nearly vanished seductive physique, Lin Zhizhi really did find some information. 

In the travel notes of Daoist Master, Jie Dan, who’ve traveled around the four corners of the world, there was a short sentence.
It read that this seductive physique is extremely rarely seen, even in the upper realm.
Once completely unsealed, a person would become a peerless enchantress.
There are no characteristics before the initial unsealing, but at the age of 16 abnormalities will be found.
If you want to suppress it, there is no shortcut, you can only rely on oneself’s spiritual strength to suppress.
Lastly, the person mentioned a single sentence: “the land of the cloud skies perhaps may be known.”

 Lin Zhizhi put down the book and sank into his body.
At first glance there was nothing abnormal, but under his careful observation, he finally found a fledgling petal-shaped imprint in his Dantian.2 

As if just born, the fledgling was very small, just like a grain of dust.
But from Lin Zhizhi’s point of view, it was like five thunder blasts to his head. 

—In order to suppress this physique, he has no choice but to properly cultivate, or else he’ll most likely discover consequences he never wanted to witness. 

Lin Zhizhi’s face crumpled into a ball, putting the book back into its place, he sat nearby on the floor of the book pavilion. 

Besides just this far-reaching plan, he still has to figure out how to face Su Yu, this friend with a violently strong favorability–it’s almost time for the four big Sects en masse disciple acceptance, and as the Lin Clan’s pure blood Di son, Lin Zhizhi has no excuse whatsoever to evade……

He and Su Yu are bound to meet.

Yellow – slang for sexual thoughts, ex.
Yellow Book is porn book1. 

Dantian – region in the body where a person’s Qi is concentrated; at the navel2. 

Cultivation terms are hard;; bless immortalmountain’s xianxia glossary

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