elt a little despondent at the other’s disappearance.
He took the medicine pills given to him by the immortal and adjusted his body back to its best state before leaving the cave according to the rules.

Where is this place? 

Lin Zhizhi recovered from the fear of being caught by those demonic cultivators and placed his hands on the ground in surprise, wanting to stand up.
Lin Zhizhi touched his left shoulder, which got stabbed by the vine earlier and took a Pill from the spatial ring to heal the wound.

The vine obviously had some kind of poison coated on them.
The spiritual energy from the Huichun Pill lingered around the wound but wasn’t capable of healing it.

Lin Zhizhi tore his sleeves off and tied them onto his injured shoulder while looking around the area.

Above his head is a cave ceiling as dark as the night sky, with star-like shimmers dotted all over the ceiling.
The chessboard-like pattern on the ceiling was densely covered with these specks of light.
They look like the starry night sky, with the roof acting as the night sky and these shimmers symbolizing the stars. 

This cave-dwelling was divided into two parts, one of which was surrounded by eaves of spiritual medicine, flowers, and plants.

A Helian flower, which is a flower that has the shape of a rabbit, could be found within the cave, and a black grass called the Moyingcao grass grows alongside that flower.


Don’t mention how some of these plants were “Very rare in the world” These were simply plants from the immortal realm that couldn’t be found in the human world.

The young master of the Lin family, who had read many ancient books, couldn’t help but feel moved by the rarity of these herbs.
He took two steps towards these plants but got obstructed by an invisible barrier.
Lin Zhizhi glanced at the corridor with regret before turning away and looking at the other end. 

The other corridor had a completely different scenery.
At the end of the road is a fire cliff.
The rocks in that corridor were burnt red with a four-sided cauldron sitting on top of it.
There were symbols and characters drawn on it, which looked uncomplicated and long.

A single road leading to two completely different worlds, such a magnificent place captures the beauty of both heaven and earth at the same time.
Perhaps, only the ancient immortals of the past would have this kind of power.

Lin Zhizhi stood still in place and did not rashly move around.
He searched for the entrance where he fell into this cave but found nothing.
Lin Zhizhi only remembered that he was already laying on the ground when he opened his eyes.

This luck is simply heaven-defying.
Was there anything that’s better than this? Lin Zhizhi was in a crisis trying to escape the pursuit of his enemies when he smashed into this jackpot! It is just the same as the luck from the secret realm described by the system. 

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It seems that rescuing those small animals and watering the plants around him weren’t done in vain.

Lin Zhizhi walked towards the fire, feeling that he was about to enjoy the treatment of those male protagonists from the novels.

The closer you get to the cliff, the hotter the temperature gets, and there were even sparks crackling in the air from time to time.
In a certain sense, The black-haired teenager who was practically dying of exhaustion [ having run out of spiritual energy ], was pleasantly surprised to find that as the temperature rose, the recovery speed of the spiritual energy inside him gradually accelerated.
Making it so that he did not have any self-protecting abilities when he first came in.

Lin Zhizhi stopped walking once he reached the four-legged cauldron and looked inside it. 

When he looked at it, he only felt like he had traveled through countless years at that moment.
Lin Zhizhi looked towards the middle of the cauldron from afar and saw a pair of eyes.
This pair of eyes carried a sense of vicissitudes and wisdom, and these eyes proceeded to blink extremely slowly as they looked toward Lin Zhizhi.

On The chessboard pattern drawn on the roof, one of the chess pieces spontaneously advanced one square.
The ground began to vibrate, and the entire area where the black-haired young man stood rose.
After everything returned to silence, Lin Zhizhi found himself placed in front of a table.

The table has a stove, some pills, and a few herbs.
There’s even a square-shaped spiritual tool as well.

A pharmacist’s aptitude test?! 

Looking at these things reminded Lin Zhizhi of a childhood memory of his.

As the long-awaited heir of the Lin family, Lin Zhizhi had done not only one but eight hundred different types of aptitude tests ranging from the essential cultivation aptitudes, unique physiques to various martial arts talents, chess, calligraphy, and even painting.

The Lin family members were joyful seeing how talented their young master was, allowing them many chances to boast to other families.
They would show off to other people, practically saying, ‘look, our young master is so handsome, rich, and talented.
Why don’t you kneel down to him now? Those who can’t recite all of the Young Master’s talent will get expelled from the Fanclub for one whole year!’

Of these tests, The test that he recalled the most was probably the pharmacist’s aptitude test.
That is because he doesn’t have any talent for the medical path. 

Lin Zhizhi indifferently recalled the memory.

At that time, he was given the Qi Lun grass for the aptitude test.
According to the examiner, he needed to control the spiritual energy using his spiritual senses and isolate the medicinal properties inside the herb one by one before using the pill furnace to make pills according to the beginner-level pill recipe he received


The little young master was very fast when he was refining the pills.
Lin Zhizhi’s white and tender hands swept around the pill furnace, and his spiritual control quickly succeeded in refining the pill.
He handed it to the examiner next to him, successfully receiving heaps of praise from the other party, “Young Master Lin is indeed talented, having such a high talent in refining medicine! Just like those great immortals.”

For a novice, it is no easy task to refine a single pill on their first try.
Most people can’t even properly control the fire since they’re focusing on two things simultaneously, they could only watch as their medicinal herbs inside the furnace burn into ashes.
The examiner could almost conclude that this generation of the Lin Family’s heir possesses tremendous talent as a pharmacist, not losing to his aptitude in cultivation at all! 

Several old fogeys from the Pharmacist association stared at them, nearly rushing to hold father Lin’s hand, saying, ” Hand over your son to me as an apprentice!”

However, when they tested the mending degree of his medicine pill, sweat dripped from the examiner’s head onto his forehead.

Lin Zhizhi’s success rate is very high.
However, the pills he made were practically wastes, only having less than ten percent of fusion degree.
The medicinal properties of the main herb couldn’t even be exerted.

Generally speaking, the passing line for a successful medicine pill is thirty percent, and more than thirty percent for a qualified medicinal pill. 

This is an irreversible gap.

And after that? Heh, well, the few pharmacists who were shamelessly crying and begging for him to be their apprentice a second ago immediately looked away.
Those old fogeys turned their heads up to the sky or look down and play with their fingers…

Thinking of the embarrassment he felt back then, Lin Zhizhi resentfully picked up the pill formula lying on the table, feeling downcast inside his heart.

He had finally reached a certain level of favorability from the hidden realm before his shitty luck could explode.
Yet, in the end, the inheritance he found was unexpectedly for pharmacists, of which he absolutely had no talent on! QAQ 

# Must have been wrong with his favorability! #

The Young Master of the Lin family felt that he couldn’t obtain the favorability of this ancient immortal pharmacist.
And so, he sat down with a cross-legged posture before going to refine the prescription after he recuperated his spiritual Qi.

After resting for another half a day, he came over to the table, blankly looked over the pill recipe, and kept them inside his mind.

What’s written on the recipe is a useless pill.
Its advantage is that it is simple and easy to understand.
This pill’s only advantage was for testing aptitudes.
After successfully refining a pill, take some powder from the pill and put it into the square spiritual tool.
The tool will grade the pill, which tells the pharmacist’s aptitude of the examinee. 

Those who pass this test splendidly will be able to obtain the inheritance of this ancient immortal.

Lin Zhizhi barely had any foundation in the pharmacist’s path, so his process of separating the essence of the herbs was very sluggish.
He utilized his spiritual senses to remove the radish-like spirit grass little by little, like shredding a cocoon.
He retained the essence of the medical properties of the herb while he lit a fire for the pill furnace before beginning to concoct the pill following the instruction in the pill recipe.

The young man’s eyes were focused as his jade-like fingers manipulated the pill furnace while controlling the flame under it at the same time.
The refining process is the most significant part of the pill concocting process.
If one is refining a high-grade medicinal pill, then it is no exaggeration for them to refine the pill for a few days.

Fortunately, Lin Zhizhi was only given a test pill for now, and he finished concocting the pill very quickly, Just like when he was a child. 

He picked up the mellow elixir before scraping off some powder from the pill and applying it to the surface of the spiritual tool.
Lin Zhizhi waited for the device

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to declare himself an unqualified candidate before transferring him out of the inheritance cave.

After the spiritual tool swallowed the powder up, the white mist inside the device slowly turned pink.
The color gradually deepened bit by bit before finally settling on a rich purple reddish color.


The next moment, an immortal-like elder emerged in front of him.

Lin Zhizhi’s eyes widened.
He didn’t expect that there would still be someone living inside this cave! But upon closer inspection, he found that it was actually a vague spiritual body.
Lin Zhizhi vaguely guessed the identity of the old man before him and respectfully greeted the other party, “Lin Zhizhi pays his respect to this esteemed immortal.” 

The old man couldn’t be seen clearly, as he was only a remnant of his soul.
He admiringly looked at the young man in front of him with an indescribable expression.

Lin Zhizhi looked at the other party and found that the other’s eyes carried the same gaze as the eye he saw inside the cauldron before.
Just like the pattern drawn onto the roof of this cave, his eyes contained a lifetime of experience.

The young master of the Lin family was a little bit nervous.
He was afraid that this ancient immortal would say something along the lines of “You must have been delusional to think that you could steal my inheritance!” before kicking him away.

Instead, the ancient immortal exclaimed in admiration, “Your talent in the pharmacist’s path is something I’ve never seen in my entire life.” 


Lin Zhizhi wondered if he had misheard the ancient immortal or if this immortal’s remnant soul was so dim that his eyes looked at him a little bit too intensely.
For the fusion degree of his waste pills getting mistaken, and is now regarded as a high-grade pill…

“This old man died during the catastrophe of this immortal realm.
But before my death, I left behind my remnant soul to search for a successor.
This young man, would you like to inherit my legacy?” Asked the ancient immortal.

Lin Zhizhi hesitatingly asked, “Are you sure that my pharmacist qualification is very high…?” 

The ancient immortal was stunned.
He tapped the elixir Lin Zhizhi had just made before using his fingers to peel off the outer layer of the pill as he was peeling a thread off from a cocoon.
He said, “It is nearly flawless, especially the fusion degree of the herbs.
When you separated the medical properties earlier, I noticed that the spiritual grass was willing to be peeled off in your hands, making the medical properties far more potent.

The young master of the Lin Family was a little puzzled, but he couldn’t directly ask the ancient immortal, so he could only hide his doubts inside his heart.

“I don’t have much time,” said the ancient immortal’s remnant soul.
“You are the first person I have seen in many years, and my soul force has started to dissipate.
Would you like to be my direct disciple?”

“Or you could inherit my legacy? Or maybe you can become my disciple now? You can keep my inheritance that you saw earlier, but to become my direct disciple… It is basically equivalent to being a father and a so.” 

Lin Zhizhi gently refused his offer, “I already have a master…”

The ancient immortal’s remnant soul practically blew his head off as he shouted, “Who?! Is his cultivation higher than mine to steal my potential apprentice?!”

Lin Zhizhi was a little dumbfounded.

“As long as you swore to me, everything inside this cave is yours.
Have you not seen the cauldron? That is a precious treasure dreamed of by many pharmacists! And not only that, but my lifelong experience in the way of the pill will also be passed on to you.
Think carefully, young man.
I will ask you again once you’ve finished contemplating.” Said the ancient immortal’s remnant soul. 

The young master of the Lin family stubbornly thought that this benefit would never shake his loyalty to Xuanhua! Because he is a swordsman! Lord Dao Zun is the idol of every sword cultivator!

Seeing the rejection from the boy’s taut expression, the ancient immortal’s remnant soul knew that he’d need to persuade him more.
He earnestly started to explain once again, “My legacy is ancient, and it can definitely make the world—”


“I’m a sword cultivator.” said Lin Zhizhi as he interjected the immortal, “I don’t know much about the way of the pill…”

The remnant soul’s expression stagnated for a moment before exclaiming, “A sword cultivator?! You possess a massive talent in refining medicine, yet you want to pursue the path of the sword?! This- This- Damn it! What a waste! Oh, there is no end to this sea of suffering, boundless indeed! Now I have to row myself back to the shore!” 


A sword cultivator! Cry! Wailing for you!

“The way of the sword is very hard.
How good is it compared to refining medicine? Once you become a great pharmacist, those sword cultivators will hold your thighs as they beg you to make them medicine.” Said the remnant soul as he tried to persuade Lin Zhizhi to inherit his legacy.

But Lin Zhizhi had yearned to become a disciple of the Luo immortal sword sec and become a sword cultivator ever since he was a child.
In the end, the soul could only compromise and hand over his inheritance to Lin Zhizhi and change his offer from a direct disciple to a disciple in name only. 

After making this decision, The remnant soul gave the Sifang cauldron to some sword cultivator’s apprentice with a pitiful face.
He engraved his understanding of pill refining into Lin Zhizhi’s mind before finally giving away all the pills he refined a long time ago to this disciple in name of his.

Before Lin Zhizhi left, he asked if he could be teleported to a different area.
The ancient immortal’s remnant soul shook his illusionary head as he said, “No, if I still have some of my spiritual energy, then it’s possible to teleport you anywhere you want, but right now, I’m about to…”

Compared to when he first saw the appearance of this ancient immortal’s remnant soul, it has now become much more translucent.
Unfortunately, it looks like he will dissipate soon.
The ancient immortal’s illusionary projection patted Lin Zhizhi’s shoulder silently with a kind look as if he was looking at hope for the future.

The remnant soul of the ancient immortal completely disappeared.
Lin Zhizhi felt a little despondent at the other’s disappearance.
He took the medicine pills given to him by the immortal and adjusted his body back to its best state before leaving the cave. 

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