escended on the earth.
The young man’s sword Qi was fierce.
Although that group of demonic cultivators wasn’t strong, they were slaughtered by the young man as if he was casually chopping some melons and vegetables.

Teng Rong secretly rejoiced.
Fortunately, he didn’t join the fight when those demonic cultivators attacked.
And besides being grateful for his decision, Teng Rong became even more greedy.
After that fall, what chance will he get? If he succeeds, these spoils will be his!

When the young man and the demonic cultivator traveled into a certain valley, throughout the whole journey, Teng Rong was like a fly sticking to the boy as he hid behind a giant tree on the mountain and looked for opportunities.

Competition in the demonic path is extraordinarily fierce.
Those who stood out from the crowd were individuals who had experienced hundreds of battles.
The more Teng Rong watched the young man, the more frightened he became.
This young man was obviously not adept at combat at first.
But from the last few battles, he had become more skilled and had significantly improved. 

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With this kind of talent, and coupled with his decisiveness in killing, he had not let go of any demonic cultivators who begged him for mercy.
This young man will surely make a name for himself in the righteous path in the future.

Well then… it would be more exciting for him when he could kill this boy.

When a demonic cultivator on the verge of his death pounced on the boy, making him turn his back around to face Teng Rong, he thought to himself; His opportunity has arrived.

Teng Rong raised his hand, the demonic vine wrapped around a rock fiercely attacked the young man.
Together with the demonic cultivator, he charged at his opponent. 

The young man did not panic.
He was still calm as an unruffled lake.
The demonic vines flashed as the opponent sent out a palm strike, striking both the vines and the dying demonic cultivator down together.

However, the demonic vines stretched out and wrapped themselves around him.

Teng Rong jumped out from the valley as he took out his long spear.
He aimed for the boy’s heart with great force as he locked the boy in place, unable to avoid it!


But as he took off, a small green came out.
It wriggled its head and tail as it climbed the tree and bit Teng Rong’s ear fiercely before getting attacked by his demonic Qi, knocking itself into the grass.

Teng Rong dealt with the snake, but unfortunately, the venom had penetrated his earlobes.
The poison made half of his body go numb, slowing him down in his ambush before eventually making him roll down the valley.


Why is he so unlucky today?!

Teng Rong was terrified, but before he could think of a solution, he had already rolled into the battlefield in a humiliating state. 

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Lin Zhizhi watched as the young man with an androgynous face appeared on top of the valley, rolled down from it with strange movements before finally stopping in front of him.
He pressed the tip of his sword against the other party’s neck.

The venom from the green snake was the most poisonous when it first entered the body.
Though after a while, Teng Rong regained his mobility along with the tip of a divine sword pressed onto his neck, making him regret his decision.

It only takes a flick of the young man’s hand for this divine sword to end his life. 

But Teng Rong is a person who could bend and stretch flexibly, doing anything he could do to survive.
He hurriedly said to the other party, “Wait a minute! I came here to cooperate with you!”

Lin Zhizhi glanced at the vines that stopped moving, “Cooperate?”

“Look, I deliberately sent myself to your door and have entrusted my life to you.
Doesn’t that spell out a problem?” Teng Rong blushed as he made an excuse for himself.

The black-haired young man coldly replied, “That alone told me enough about your problem, that is, your stupidity.” 

Lin Zhizhi didn’t have any plans on continuing this conversation.
He brought the sword down to his opponent, ready to take the demonic cultivator’s life away.

Seeing how the other party had already made up his mind about killing him, Teng Rong’s Qi congested.
He controlled his spiritual veins to self detonate.
Even if he dies, he must drag the murdered into the abyss with him forever!

A demonic cultivator’s self-destructing methods have always been fierce.
Lin Zhizhi was too close to him that he didn’t have time to retreat, catching him off guard with this act.

The light was so bright that Lin Zhizhi closed his eyes halfway through.
He could only open his shield, and turn his back around as he resisted the impact of this self-detonating explosion. 

Suddenly, somebody embraced him from behind.
They blocked the explosion behind him before gently asking beside his ear, “Are you alright

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