Inside the Tianfu hidden realm, the man wearing plain commoners’ clothes stood still by the black passage.

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After the one-month exploration period, the demonic cultivators received orders and came to the passage one after another.
There were many violent cultivators among them, but they became as quiet as a virgin maiden in front of this man in plain clothes.
It’s as if they are timid girls meeting their first love. 

The man wearing plain commoners’ clothes casually glanced at these demonic cultivators before raising his head and looking at the sky mysteriously.

Outside of the Tianfu hidden realm, the elders waiting for the reinforcements from their sects did not idle around.
They continued to pour spiritual energy into their jade talismans, attempting to reopen the secret realm again.



Time is running out…

Thought the man in commoners clothes.
He gestured for most of the demonic cultivators to return to the demon world through the passage first while he and a few elite disciples stayed behind.
They prepared to annihilate the remaining elite disciples inside the realm… and this hidden realm itself. 

The hem of his clothes moved despite there being no wind blowing around him as he took a black pendant from his neck.
The black pendant floated in front of him as his eyes turned bloodshot.
The elite disciples around him raised their wrists and dripped their blood onto the black pendant.


“Honorable Ancient Demon Lord, I’ve called for you to uphold your thousand-year-old pact.
I command you to obliterate this realm…” The seal stamped on the man’s chest shot out a beam, and the pendant seemed to respond to this change as it began to resonate.

A cloud of black smoke emerged from the pendant and transformed into the form of an ancient demon in mid-air.

This ancient demon had two horns, three heads, and six arms.
It hovered in the air, covering the sky and sun as a thick black mist began to spread from him, burying this realm.



After emerging into this hidden realm, the first thing this demon did was raise its head and roar in dissatisfaction.

This demon is just a projection of an ancient demon.
It follows the pact agreed with the devils and completes one task for them.


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The real thing had already perished in the ancient war. 

The roar was infused with spiritual energy, shaking the black mist and blowing it away.

The ancient demon opened his scarlet eyes and obeyed the commands of the man wearing commoner’s clothes, the notion of slaughtering filled his mind.

The man wearing plain commoner’s clothes looked at this with satisfaction.

After all, this ancient demon was only a projection from its original form using its remaining spiritual energy.
If it’s released outside, it would’ve been easy for them to deal with some cannon fodders of the four major sects.
But inside the Tianfu hidden realm, this demonic fog will corrode all living beings who come into contact with it, and no one is able to stop this. 

All of the living beings who reside in the Tianfu hidden realm are currently trembling.

Lin Zhizhi was taking his time to consolidate his cultivation when the ancient demon spirit appeared.
The earth vibrated with its emergence.
Before he came inside the realm, he had just entered the thirteenth realm of the Qi refining period.
During this period, due to the various fights and incidents with the demonic cultivators, his realm had consolidated and even improved a little.

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But unfortunately, the sudden shock interrupted him.
The corrosive black mist enveloped the realm at an extremely high speed, including Lin Zhizhi himself.

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He’ll have to be harsh and use the void spirit grass he’d just acquired when all of the elixirs he had on him got used up.


Unlike other medicinal herbs, the spirit grass wasn’t tempered.
Swallowing one raw like this will cause some side effects.
For example, make the spiritual energy inside a cultivator’s body run rampantly before eventually exploding their meridians.

There’s no other choice now. 

The moment he consumed the spiritual frass, Lin Zhizhi could only see his vision darkening as he could hardly bear the energy of the spirit grass.

The man wearing plain commoner’s clothes stood by the passage.
The wind was rustling as he watched the ancient demon wreak havoc with the corners of his mouth slightly raised.

A frosty light shot through the sky above the ancient demon’s head just as he was watching the demon with fascination.

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When he returned his gaze to the demon, the ancient demon’s body, which had been wreaking havoc inside the realm, had parted.
Its upper torso was engulfed in the black mist as it dropped.
It had a shocked expression on its face, which now resembles a bull’s head. 

The commoner looked up to the sky, but he saw not one single person there.
There was only a gap in the sky.

For him, this was even more terrifying than the appearance of his sect master wielding the treasure of the sect.

It’s because this man had forcibly entered the hidden realm by opening a path from the outside world with just a sword before striking down the ancient demon as if it was a powerless chicken.

A sword had broken through the sky. 

A… Sword cultivator this strong actually exists?

He was astonished.

A man in purple emerged within the crack in the middle of the sky.

He had purple eyes and an attractive face, and his dark purple outer gauze was hidden by his black robe strewn on the ground. 

The man in commoner’s clothes had no intention of appreciating the other’s handsome appearance.
The man in plain clothes felt a sense of suppression just by gazing at the other party from a distance.
This feeling of suppression emitted by the man clad in a black robe had surpassed the oppressive feeling he had felt from other people.
It was as if he was as powerless as a mayfly facing the boundless world.

This opponent is too powerful for him.

Perhaps… Only the venerable demon could compete with this man.


The man in plain clothes only has this one thought in his mind.
The man snapped his wrist as he instantly decided to surrender inside his heart.
At the same time, he crushed a teleportation talisman hidden in his cuff, wanting to teleport back to the demon race and inform the sect master about this man.

But he couldn’t move.


The teleportation talisman has taken effect, and the space around him has begun to distort.
The teleportation array beneath his feet had already formed as well, but he couldn’t move.
He could only helplessly watch as the man in purple clothing went in the other direction without even glancing back at him.

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But he was still bound in place. 

Not long after the man in purple left, several elders from the four major sects entered the realm through the crack he opened.
One of the elders was the first to discover the demonic cultivator in plain commoner’s clothes.
With a dark expression on his face, the elder led the others to the demonic cultivator to restrain him with black shackles.

“Just now… that was Lord DaoZun, right?” Taking advantage of the moment when the rest of the group went to the demonic cultivator in plain clothes, elder He Wei asked that question as he gazed in the direction where Xuan Hua disappeared.
Unwilling to forget, elder He Wei muttered, ” That sword, Oh, I’m willing to die if it means I could see his swordsmanship! If I could just understand the mystery behind the sword…”

The elder from Haoran Sect nodded and ignored Elder He Wei’s second sentence.
He said with a worried look, “Lord DaoZun must be in a difficult situation, but there must be a reason for him to come to this hidden realm now.”

“Maybe there’s a spiritual weapon in this hidden realm that could influence our human race, or it could also be a hidden catastrophe we have yet to discover.” The elder from the Tianyin sect said in agreement. 

“Although I am unable to manage the future, I could still handle the present.
This demonic cultivator killed my disciples, I won’t let him have an easy death, and I’ll keep him alive to refine his soul into my ghost banner.” The elder from Yinquan said with a gloomy face.

The demonic cultivator in commoner’s clothes was shackled by the Haoran sect’s legendary precious Xuanmiao wood shackles, leaving him with none of his cultivation base.
He listened to the four major sect elder’s conversation.
Accompanied by the realization of the man’s identity was a trace of remorse in his heart, making him want to raise his head to the sky and laugh at his short-sightedness.

This hidden realm actually has a hidden secret that could attract people such as the Lord Daozun himself, and he had been in this place for a whole month without even knowing it.

If he knew Xuan Hua came here for his little apprentice, he would probably feel that he had died unjustly… Among these people, only elder He Wei was quick-witted and guessed DaoZun’s purpose.
The lord coming here probably wasn’t for the sake of the human race.
After all, his little apprentice seemed to be in this hidden realm… 

Let’s not mention it for now.
With Xuan Hua’s broad spiritual senses, it isn’t difficult for him to spread it to the entire hidden realm.
He will find Lin Zhizhi soon.

However, although the black mist disappeared along with the death of the ancient demon, the effects of the spiritual grass remain in Lin Zhizhi’s body.
The spiritual energy inside his body has become disordered, constantly colliding with his meridians like a headless fly.

When Xuan Hua came to his side, he saw his whole body collapsed on the ground, one of his hands clutched the soil ruthlessly, and he kept on sweating profusely.

“You’ve done a good job.” 

Lord Daozun stretched out his hand and placed it between his little apprentice’s eyebrows, forcing him to sleep before placing Lin Zhizhi into his arms.
He placed one hand on the other’s meridians and used his own spiritual energy to guide him.
He soon found that the other’s body had become terribly hot.

Xuan Hua pondered for a moment before sweeping his long sleeves away and directly taking Lin Zhizhi back to the Luo Immortal sword sect.
He left behind the remaining elders of the four major sects to watch the captured demonic cultivators bitterly for a whole day as they wait for his return before they got called by their respective sect elders and leave the hidden realm.

At that time, Lin Zhizhi was already lying on Lord Daozun’s frost bed, his body temperature was nearly stable.
Xuan Hua was sitting on the side of the bed as he held his little apprentice in his arms, guiding the other’s spiritual energy for him little by little.

Lin Zhizhi’s originally stable aura nearly boiled under the effect of the Void spirit grass.
Apart from the damage it did to the meridians, it had also stimulated the petal imprint inside Lin Zhizhi’s dantian. 

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The small flower bud gradually grew.
It looked like the bud was about to open, waiting for the right moment to bloom.

The black-haired boy’s hair was wetly glued onto his forehead, and the transparent white shirt he was wearing had tightly clung to his body, highlighting the boy’s flexible waist.
Lin Zhizhi’s heartbeat grew louder and louder.
His dropping body temperature began to rise again as his whole person excluded a faint sweet smell and enveloped Xuan Hua in his scent.


Xuan Hua’s concentration is top-notch.

Once, the first beauty of the demon race had softly and flexibly danced in front of him, yet he remained indifferent. 

When the scent first entered his nose, Xuan Hua merely thought that it was the scent of the young man in his arms.
He still held onto the young man’s thin wrist indifferently and drew his spiritual energy back.

When the fragrance became stronger, Xuan Hua’s hands that was as steady as Mountain Tai in the face of an enemy, hesitantly caressed the young man’s tender skin.
Inside his mind, he couldn’t help but recall the appearance of his little disciple soaking in the Linquan pond when he first arrived.

As if he’s sensing something, Lin Zhizhi moved, wanting to draw his wrist back, Xuan Hua didn’t know what he was thinking, but he pinned his hand with some force before raising the young man’s chin with his other hand.

Lin Zhizhi was still unconscious.
The usually cold young master is now obediently lying in his arms, his little rosy tongue slightly visible between his teeth because his mouth was slightly opened due to the heat of his body.
It provoked Xuan Hua to increase his strength before finally releasing the boy’s wrist after he let out a dissatisfied grunt. 

The fragrance became more intense as Xuan Hua’s eyes filled with deep purple swirls.

His hand covered the young man’s face and slowly moved downwards.
It touched his smooth white forehead, his long curled eyelashes, and his high bridged nose.
All of it was slowly displayed in his eyes and heart.

He watched the young man for a long time before picking up the other’s hand and kissing the back of it.

Lin Zhizhi’s high fever slowly subsided when he weakly blinked his eyes and opened them. 

The first thing he saw was Xuan Hua.

-Well, the top of his head to be precise, [Xuan Hua, favorability index 100, his attitude is to want to double cultivate ]

Beneath the master’s cold exterior lies a slumbering beast.

lights a candle for Lin Zhizhi* 

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