As a cultivator, one must follow their heart! If you’re still trapped in these shackles like those mortals, then what’s the point of cultivating? 

Lin Zhizhi couldn’t find any words to refute him for a while.

Seeing how the other no longer spoke, Xuan Hua leaned down again and pressed the other under him.


Lin Zhizhi was exhausted from enduring his sensitive body when his constitution flared up, and he had to take some time to think about why his Master suddenly turned this way… 

…That’s right, his constitution!

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Lin Zhizhi was entangled in his heart for a moment on whether or not he should tell his secret, but in order to protect his charming physique that couldn’t be violated before entering the core formation stage, he had no choice but to tell his Master about his constitution, ” Master, you… You’re not thinking straight.
You’re currently being affected by my physique…”


That sentence was difficult for him to say since he’s still hesitant to say a word about his secret.
Not to mention how Lin Zhizhi had never felt such pain, even when he was chased by a demonic cultivator.

After he finished speaking, he looked up and found that Xuan Hua wasn’t listening to him at all! Or maybe, he did hear him but didn’t care about it and continued to hold his face and kiss him. 

Lin Zhizhi struggled and decided to repeat himself.
He used his self-control to smash his forehead against his Master’s before stuttering as he said, “Master, this is because of my constitution…”

Xuan Hua initially wanted to obstruct the black-haired boy’s mouth with his, making him unable to speak, and could only muster out some groans.
But even if his mind was affected by the charming physique, he could still gather his rationality.
After all, he is the Lord Daozun with excellent self-control and discipline, so he stopped and asked in a low voice, “Physique?”

“Well, it’s like this, actually..” Seeing how the other was willing to listen to him, LinZhizhi hurriedly exhaled and pushed the lord DaoZun away to sit up and explain his constitution in a simple manner.
He didn’t tell him about the system and continued to ask Lord DaoZun if he had heard about this kind of constitution.

Xuan Hua was very fond of his only little disciple.
He forced himself to endure the desire to swallow the other party and listened to his little apprentice’s explanation.
He frowned and tried to recall if he knew anything about this constitution… 

The result is… nope.

Lord DaoZun has lived a long life, and he has seen many similar physiques, but none of them completely matches the details of this constitution.

Xuan Hua placed his hand on Lin Zhizhi’s lower abdomen.
His consciousness entered the other’s body and carefully probed around, but he couldn’t find the flower imprint that Lin Zhizhi told him about.
It seems that only Lin Zhizhi himself can see this mark.

Xuan Hua withdrew his hand as his eyes became clear once again. 

The Charming physique… tsk, he must get rid of it.
His little apprentice’s looks are already dangerous enough even without his constitution.
It’s fine now since he’s by his side, but if he wasn’t by his side when his physique flared up, then it could be dangerous.
Besides, who knows if this physique is harmful?

Since he has recognized Lin Zhizhi as his only disciple in this life, then as his Master, he bears the responsibility of eradicating all threats around him.

The lord Dao Zun closed his eyes as his strong spiritual senses enveloped the entire room.

Lin Zhizhi’s outburst this time hasn’t been suppressed, and the strange fragrance is lingering in the air. 

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The hem of Xuan Hua’s robe fluttered itself even though there wasn’t any wind inside the room.
His eyes became purple as he stretched his palm out.

A drop of pink liquid appeared in the air, floating in mid-air as though held by an invincible force.
After the droplet appeared, the lingering scent in the room suddenly faded away.

The highest level of Taoism, to create something out of nothing.

Xuan Hua’s consciousness shifted.
A red line sliced the water droplet from top to bottom.
It hovered in the air for a while before softly falling into Xuan Hua’s palm. 

Lord Dao Zun looked at the form of the red line after it fell before placing it away and saying, “I’m going to the Yutian continent.
There might be a solution to your constitution.”

The Yuntian Continent…


The Young Master of the Lin family remembered that this place was mentioned in Daoist Master Jie Dan’s journal that he read back in the Lin mansion.
Sitting on the bed, he lowered his head, making his long black hair fall and cover half of his face.
He looked a little pitiful as he bit his lips and said, “I’m going too.”

Xuan Hua came over.
His long and narrow eyebrows moved to his temples as he lifted Lin Zhizhi’s scattered hair and tied it up for him using his own hands. 

The Lord Dao Zun has never done this for other people, but he is self-taught.
His movement didn’t match his appearance as he gently combed the youth’s hair neatly.
He stroked the long silky smooth black hair and swept the end of the hairs on his arm.
impassiveness seemed to sweep into his heart before he patted Lin Zhizhi’s head and said, “You’ll stay here.”

“But this is related to me-”

“It is enough for me to go alone.” Xuan Hua’s was undefiable as he continued to say, “You’ll continue to cultivate here.
I’ll be back soon.”

The Lord DaoZun is one of a kind, and he acted resolutely.
Now that he has decided to go to the Yuntian Continent to help his little apprentice investigate this matter, it is better to quickly act on it instead of procrastinating. 

He left a lot of foundation-building pills to Lin Zhizhi.
After opening the major XuanShuang road, he left a message for the sect leader before leaving the Luo immortal sword sect.

At that time, Lin Zhizhi gazed at his Master’s handsome back and felt a little bit confused in his heart.

He was very grateful for his Master’s willingness to enter the secret realm and go to another continent to crack his physique, but-

Master, when you are leaving your favorability is still [ Want to double cultivate ]!!! Very sad that he couldn’t deny it anymore ah!!! 

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