would look out into the sky, as if surveying the heavens, “I’ve thought it through, I shouldn’t waste my talent.
Strength is the most important thing.” 

Even towards the four big sects disciples, or bumping into Su Yu who tried every possible means of currying favor, Lin Zhizhi only faintly nodded. 

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But what he didn’t expect was that his facial temperament had been brought out even more, blending with the icy water into something cold.
Not only did it not extinguish his charm, but instead he became as if holding a frozen flame. 

Full of strange and contradictory temperament, but more and more alluring. 

Su Yu stood behind Lin Zhizhi, just quietly standing, feeling as if he’s become one with heaven and earth, as if nothing can hide from him—-but for the change in his close friend, he had some inexplicable confusion in his heart. 

The Su family’s eldest son’s eyes were gentle, his voice more pampering and indulgent than towards any other, calling out to Lin Zhizhi: “Zhizhi?”

Lin Zhizhi turned his head—-so far, whenever he recalls the other side’s head’s [Thinking Every day], he wants to blow the other person’s high nose off with a fist—-but he showed amazing perseverance restraining his impulse and maintained his apparent calm, “What’s the matter?” 

“What’s happened with you lately? It seems like… you’ve been avoiding me?” 

After the end of the sentence, Su Yu’s dark pupils did not flash a glimmer of light. 

Lin Zhizhi struggled in his heart for a minute weather to open up and ask—-but when he thought that if he didn’t ask, he was afraid he and Su Yu would never be able to get along naturally again, thus he straight-forwardly opened his mouth, “You…..”

But just as he peeked his head, he went back inside his shell. 

Mother’s egg,4 no matter what faced with a familiar face, you can’t just ask: “Are you secretly in love with me” those types of words! No matter how you phrase your language, you’ll feel shame the moment you say it! It’s just like a shameful play!

“Do you….
Do you like someone?” Finally, under Su Yu’s quietly waiting eyes, Lin Zhizhi choked out such a sentence. 

When Su Yu heard him, his eyebrows jumped up, and he asked, “Where did you hear that?” 

As the incomparable son of a cultivation clan, how smart is Su Yu? Furthermore, with his deep knowledge of his childhood friend, he guessed 80% of things right in a moment—-but didn’t know how Lin Zhizhi suddenly knew. 

If he truly knows, then… should he confess directly? 

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No matter how his thoughts turned, Su Yu’s expression always remained at ease, waiting for the opposite youth’s reply. 

“It’s just a sudden feeling……” Lin Zhizhi said slowly, flipping through memories in his head, “Thinking carefully, you’ve never been close with a woman.” 

To his surprise, Su Yu admitted very generously, “En, because I don’t like women.”


Lin Zhizhi suddenly became upright: Aima, this guy doesn’t want to confess on the spot, does he? 

“As for the person I like……” Su Yu bowed his head and smiled vaguely, “When there’s an opportunity, I’ll let you know.” 

His remark was like a denial for Lin Zhizhi’s probing.
Afterall, in accordance with Lin Zhizhi’s character, if he directly spoke with his current progress, he would be completely rejected and alienated—-he took so much effort to finally come to this person’s side, able to stand at the nearest place, how could he rashly reveal himself now? 

Lin Zhizhi quietly checked the favorability value, looked at the unchanged [Goodwill 100], and was silent for a moment: “Okay.”

—-Afterall, there was a saying in the cultivation world: “The cultivation of Daoism is so difficult that we should not expose some things.” 

With cold treatment until they’ve entered different sects, in all likelihood, any feelings will fade naturally.
Afterall, for practicing cultivators, the greatest desire is to become immortal.

After about half a day, in the wake of faint ringing bell, the Acceptance Conference officially opened. 

The four major sects seek for two things: one is to see the root of talent, the second to see the heart’s perseverance. 

To be accepted, you must have a spiritual root.
The better the spiritual root, the further you can walk down the path of cultivation.
But although qualification is the most important, those with average spirit roots and a heart of unwavering determination are not necessarily without the opportunity of success.
To want the Dao, you cannot do without either.

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According to the past, Chun Shen Mountain would swing a chain in the air.
Those who want to participate in the conference must walk through this chain before they have the qualification to be tested. 

After walking through this chain, you will encounter a bone mirror, able to test your bones’ spiritual root.
Then, you’ll enter the inner heart test, experiencing different illusions. 

A real sect person in charge of accepting apprentices will spiritually control the field, and if one does not fall, will be assigned into sects according to their performance.
If you obtain number one, you can even choose your own sect, in addition to a high reward. 

With the sound of the bell, seeing a wave in the air, a snake-like chain slowly stretched its body, gradually extending to connect to the cliffs on both sides. 

A solemn and dignified voice sounded: “Those who want to learn, come forward.”

Yinquan – Lit.
Yin (From Yin&Yang) Spring1. 

Yellow Spring – the realm of the dead/underworld2. 

Full of pits/pit-full – full of trouble/fradulant3. 

Mother’s egg – Screw this! Damn!4. 

To answer the question if the novel’s ending is harem or 1v1

Hover over text for: Spoiler

HAHA for the question I was like “hmmm Idk bro gotta scour the deep baidu webs for the answer” when it was;; on the raw’s synopsis;;

Honestly, I really like Su Yu so far.
Gentle, calm, and best of all pampering.

For the names, such as the Sects, should I keep them untranslated, or translate them if it’s confusing? I kept them untranslated due to how it flows better than: Overwhelming gate, collect immortal sword sect;;

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