Lin Zhizhi had no idea about the turbulence inside Qi Ting’s heart.
After he and Xie Lu made an appointment to leave together tomorrow, he left to go to the house at the outer gates of the sword sect.

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After walking a long distance, he could see the text lines on the top of a small body wrapped in red brocade clothes.
[Feng Qin, favorability index 92, his attitude to you is yearning] The red brocade clothes rolled towards him and slammed himself into his arms. 

The little phoenix’s watery eyes were liked plump-washed grapes, unabashedly conveying his thoughts and worries, “Are you all right? My father said that there were great dangers in the secret realm this time.
Almost half the people who went there died inside the realm.
I- I was very concerned about you…”

After Feng Qin finished speaking about his worries, he buried his head in the arms of his sweetheart.
He was like an insecure chick, rubbing his round cheeks and nose into his sweetheart’s chest, enjoying the scent of the person he was embracing.



Lin Zhizhi got restrained by his tight hug.
His lips moved without struggling against the other.
Patting the child’s soft back, he said, “It’s alright.”

Feng Qin recovered from the surprise and felt the boy’s hand rubbing his cheeks again.
He looked up and asked, “Have you finished all of the chicken I roasted for you?” 

When it came to the roasted chicken, Lin Zhizhi became stiff upon hearing his question as he answered unnaturally, “Yep, thank you for giving me so many roasted chickens.”


Feng Qin didn’t notice Lin Zhizhi’s expression, it was as if he had found a new goal in life.
He excitedly said with a snap of his fingers, “Great! My recent fire control has made another breakthrough recently.
My next roasted chicken will taste even better-”

“Actually, you don’t have to stick to cooking chicken..” Lin Zhizhi nervously touched his nose as he interrupted him.

Feng Qin puffed up his cheek when he heard Lin Zhizhi’s words.
His white, tender head swayed up and down as he said, “Then I’ll try to cook a new creature next time.”


The little phoenix quickly raised his chin and began to think about what strange and delicious creature he could try to cook next time.

-Well, the dragon in Xumi’s immortal backyard should be good?

Lin Zhizhi didn’t know what he was thinking about and gave a response.
After that, he walked past Feng Qin and opened the door behind him.


The little dough followed him and blankly stared at him as he took out some of his belongings, only to remember that he had not seen the other for a whole month, and he seemed to look even more handsome than the last time they met… Even the way he packed things seemed very pleasing to his eyes- wait, packing things? 

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“Are you going out?” Feng Qin asked him.

“Yeah, I want to go out.”

“Where are you going? I’m coming too!” The little dough said anxiously.
Why would he want to leave right after returning? His sweetheart liked to be unrestrained so much [?] What if he got fascinated with another person one day?

As soon as Feng Qin said these words, Lin Zhizhi looked up at him in surprise and directly refused his request, “I’m going out to do some errands, and I can’t take other people with me.” 

In front of Lin Zhizhi, Feng Qin was a good-natured and soft-spoken little dough.
He can’t act like he usually does with other people.
After Getting along with him before, he already knew something about Lin Zhizh’s personality and his preferences.
Therefore, after listening to the boy’s direct refusal, The little dough didn’t make any more attempts.
He savored their time together and watched quietly watch the other.

Then he suddenly felt a little sad.

-He thought of when Lin Zhizhi came back to this room before, the black-haired boy was slender, and he looked so beautiful when he walked.
He only reached his chest at the time, not tall and mighty enough, and he could only roast chicken for the other.
He couldn’t protect him at all, nor could he follow him through his journeys.

When his father taught him how to roast chickens, he once told him that when he was pursuing his mother.
In addition to improving his life skills, the more important thing was to give his Daoist companion a sense of security.
It is so that his Daoist companion would know that no one could hurt them when they’re hiding under the cover of his phoenix wings! But he still has a long way of doing that. 

Feng Qin’s sadness was obvious for Lin Zhizhi to see.
He lowered his head in despair as the flame marks between his eyebrows lost their luster.

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Lin Zhizhi strangely asked, “What’s wrong?”


Mfcu Hlc mglfv jcv mtlgqfv eq j gfrqbcrf, “P’w rb kfjx jcv erfifrr..”

Ktf sbecu wjrafg bo atf Olc ojwlis revvfcis gfwfwyfgfv atf rmfcf ktfc atlr ilaaif ues yfja Ojc Itfc eq ab j qeiq.
Qlat Mfcu Hlc’r kbgvr, atfgf kjr j reyaif rfcrf bo lcmbcrlrafcms.
Lf mbeutfv yfobgf mbwobgalcu atf batfg, “Rb.
Mbg sbeg juf, la’r jigfjvs delaf ubbv.” 

That was the truth.

The Phoenix is one of the four great immortal beasts, and they were blessed with a unique bloodline.
In this world, there will never be more than a handful of people who can defeat him within the same cultivation stage.
What Feng Qin needed was just time.

The Little phoenix pursed his mouth into a line.

That wasn’t enough. 

-It was better if he was a little stronger.
One day, he would be able to take the person in front of him to swim in the nine clouds pavilion and have a panoramic view of the entire human realm.

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Lin Zhizhi didn’t understand the child’s heart.
He merely thought that he had encountered some difficulties in his cultivation, so he casually patted the child’s head and comforted him a few times.

Feng Qin opened his pair of big black eyes and leaned over to make Lin Zhizhi feel more comfortable.
He thought that in addition to cooking things in the future, he must practice hard and strive for a two-pronged approach!

#Today’s little phoenix is still trying to find a balance between roasting chicken and cultivating# 

The next day, at the outer gates of the sect.

When Lin Zhizhi arrived, Xie Lu and the others were already waiting there.

The girl was wearing a light pink floral dress today, with a light outer cover and braided braids wrapped around her head, looking very beautiful today.
Qi Ting followed Xie Ling, acting as a modest gentleman as he walked behind her with his head held high. 

The black-haired boy came to Xie Lu and greeted the other.

Although Qi Ting had a lot of criticisms against Lin Zhizhi inside his heart, he still maintained a relatively peaceful appearance on the surface.

Last night, he deliberately found Lan Zhen to inquire about Lin Zhizhi, wanting to know the other’s weakness for his attack.
But it was a pity that Lan Zhen, that useless guy, had failed to provide him any clue about the other’s weakness this time.
And he got beaten into a pulp by Feng Qin last time, and he has not been able to find his way back.

Later, Qi Ting thought to himself.
Lin Zhizhi was only relying on his face, and when Xie Ling got to know him just a little more, she would find out that he was merely an embroidered pillow, far inferior to himself! 

“Now, since everyone has arrived, let’s set off!” Xie Lu said.

Qi Ting patted his chest aggressively, took out a miniature spiritual flying ship, and poured his spiritual energy into it.
He flipped his hair and put on a self-assured smile, “Go on my spiritual boat.”


The spiritual boat quickly grew in size and eventually became a huge vessel that could accommodate dozens of people.

Xie Lu hesitated for a moment before saying, “then I would like to thank senior brother Qi.” 

Qi Ting complacently smiled and glanced at Lin Zhizhi, who was standing on the side, thinking that this spiritual ship was a flying spiritual weapon that he had spent a lot of money on purchasing.
It was the time for him to be shocked- And as a result, the dark-haired boy still looked calm, and was still chatting and laughing with his Xie Ling.

To be precise, Xie Ling took the initiative to ask some questions, while Lin Zhizhi would occasionally give some short responses while listening to her.

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But in Qi Ting’s eyes, he felt like he had a big green hat sitting on the top of his head.
He wanted to go up and break up the pair who looked like a good match for each other when he was suddenly interrupted by Xie Lu, “Let’s go up, senior brother Qi.”

Qi Ting kept his composure and squeezed out a smile, taking Xie Lu on board. 

The interior of the spiritual boat is quite magnificent.
As soon as the group enter, they stepped onto a thick carpet lying on the floor, made out of a polar bear’s fur that could be sold at an auction for at least one hundred spirit stones.
There were also defensive formations engraved around it, which are enough to resist the attacks of foundation establishment stage cultivators.

“It’s so big inside.”

Walking inside the spiritual boat that he was quite satisfied with, Xie Lu’s praise sounded beside his ears, and the self-confidence of young master Qi returned.
He proudly introduced them, “This is one of the two ships that master Yuan Zhenzi made for his son.
Unfortunately, the other was better than this and I couldn’t find it.
I spent a lot of effort to search for it to no avail…”

In front of the group stood a door, blocking the way of the four people in this group. 

Because he was introducing this spiritual boat to Xie Lu, Qi Ting fell behind the group.
Seeing the black-haired boy in front of him standing in front of the door, he secretly thought that he wouldn’t be able to open it, right? He squeezed his way to the front between Xie Ling and Lin Zhizhi, saying, “I’m here to help you open this door-”

As soon as he finished speaking, the door in front of them opened.

“You- How did you open it?” Qi Ting asked Lin Zhizhi in disbelief.

This boat was the work of master Yuan Zhenzhi! The button is hidden in a hidden spot, which is different from other ordinary spiritual ships! 

Lin Zhizhi raised his eyebrows and calmly explained, “The other boat is at my house.”


Qi ting suddenly wanted to slap himself in the face.
Why did he keep on forgetting that this guy in front of him was not some random poor boy, but the direct descendant of the Lin family? Why does he always humiliate himself?

#Hey, being rich is amazing!# 

After this, Qi Ting became quiet.
Several people were sitting inside the spiritual boat, and the scenery outside the window whizzed past them.
Soon the sky became dark in the blink of an eye.

They had planned to spend the night on the spiritual boat to save time on their journey.
But Qi Ting couldn’t sit still.
When he was on the boat, the other three would either be meditating or practicing, making him feel insufferable during the journey.


Originally, he joined this mission to pursue Xie Ling, thinking he could develop their relationship along the way.
But if they kept meditating, he’ll lose the chance to develop their feelings while journeying together.
So, Qi Ting used the excuse that the spiritual boat lacked spirit stones, and proposed to find a town for the night, thinking that he should let his junior sister accompany him for a stroll around the town.

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It was only late at night when they found an inn, and the group of people wished each other good night before heading to their respective rooms.
Eventually, Qi Ting’s idea could only be put on hold for now. 

Day two.

Lin Zhizhi was sitting inside his room meditating when he heard someone knock on the door.
He opened his eyes and walked over to the door.

The girl outside his door is Xie Ling.
She had changed her clothes into a green ones, looking very fresh and spirited.
Inside her hand is a pot of bell grass, the green leaves made a pleasant sound of wind chimes tinkling under the breeze.

Qi Ting was naturally following behind her, and it seemed that he had been trying to stop her from knocking on Lin Zhizhi’s door, but unfortunately, the result of his attempt was unsuccessful. 

Seeing that Lin Zhizhi had answered the door, Xie Ling’s eyes flashed with joy as she said, “Brother Lin.”

The black-haired boy’s face was still calm, “Miss Xie?”

“Back in the secret realm, I noticed that brother Lin seemed to be fond of flowers and plants…”

Lin Zhizhi hesitated as he answered, “…They’re fine..” 

As soon as Xie Ling said this, Qi Ting hurriedly interjected them, “Junior sister, in fact, I also like flowers and plants.
I have a lot of plants in my backyard.
I always water them first thing in the morning…”

The girl completely ignored him as her whole body was engulfed in the cold eyes of the black-haired boy in front of her.
She handed him the bell grass and blushed in embarrassment as she said, “I went to the market this morning and found this pot of bell grass.
Remembering Brother Lin’s live saving grace, I thought that I’d buy this and give it to you, brother lin.”

Lin Zhizhi didn’t answer her.
He shook his head as he said, “Saving you wasn’t much for me to do.
There’s no need for this.”

“I… Brother Lin, just accept this.
I really want to repay you.” Xie Ling said in a small mosquito-like voice.
After saying this, she pushed the pot of grass to him. 

Such Xie Ling reminded Lin Zhizhi of the woman he once loved, and it was hard to refuse her, so he decided to receive the gift and thanked her.

Xie Ling smiled when he received her gift and turned her head to face Qi Ting and say, “If senior brother Qi likes it, there’s still some of them in the market.”

Qi Ting who had been pushed aside for a long time was still glaring at Lin Zhizhi.
When he heard Xie Ling’s words, he turned his head to her and said, “But junior sister, I want you to be the one who gave it to me.”

“Senior brother, It’s better for you to but it yourself.” Xie Ling smiled at him and left with a skip in her steps just like a little rabbit. 

The restless Qi Ting looked at her back in a trance.
When he returned to his senses and turned his head around, wanting to find Lin Zhizhi to settle accounts, he found that the other party had already brought the pot of bell grass inside and had closed his doors.

-Lan Zhen was right, Lin Zhizhi is a cancer in the family! How great would it be to grow up like that! How infuriating!

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