The body tempering pool was what the residents of Linye city call this wondrous pool.
The pool containing this remarkable water is located in the middle of two valleys.
Every year, it is strangely full of energy that could be used to condense a cultivator’s root bone.
When he saw it, Lin Zhizhi suspected that there might be a cave not far away from the pool, probably in the deepest parts of these valleys.
But the years were ruthless, and the door towards the cave was tightly sealed.
Lin Zhizhi watched as the clan patriarch opened a path for them, but there weren’t any treasures in sight.

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The Xie family patriarch brought ten people into the valley and looked at the pool among the mountain’s mist. 

The emerald green pool was like a fine jasper jade, the sight of the pool refreshed people along the sight of the mountain and the morning dew covering the mountain plants.

In order to help the women in covering their modesty as they bathed in this pool, they specially separated the pool using a boundary.
The male will use the left side and the women will use the right, they will also enter in different directions so that they won’t intrude upon one another.



Xie Ling had already been taken to the other side of the pool, Lin Zhizhi, Qi Ting, and the others, also made their way into the body tempering pool after they bid farewell to their respective elders.

The water inside the body tempering pool is very clear. 

It’s so clear, that you could even see the bottom of the pool even after you already submerged yourself into the pool.


Qi Ting followed the black-haired boy walking toward the pool and looked at his snow-white delicate nape that was exposed between his soft black hair fluttering around as he walked.
For some odd reason, the sight of it made his heart jump.

It must be because he’s soaking in the same pool of water as his dearest junior sister, making him feel very nervous.
Tee hee hee, it must be like this!-

He thought as he accidentally bumped into Lin Zhizhi’s back.


“What’s wrong?” He heard the other ask.

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The young master of the Lin family glanced at the poor boy and was shocked to realize that there was actually such a dumb yet lovely person in this world.
After he thought about it, his father had raised him well.
If his father had always said how he was inferior to Su Yu, then he should show Qi Ting to him! That way, he’ll realize how good he is compared to some other people.

“The pool’s right here.”


Qi Ting muttered an “Oh.” Seeing how the others had already disappeared, he thought that they had taken another path, or had already entered the body tempering pool.
After he had that thought, he quickly took off his shirt, fearing that this precious opportunity would be robbed by the other people entering the pool with him. 

Lin Zhizhi sat on a rock beside the pool and rested his cheek on one hand.
He watched Qi Ting fumbling around like a virgin guest entering a brothel and said, “Trust me, you don’t want to take that off.”

Qi Ting froze and took his hand off his trousers, subconsciously he wanted to retort, “And why should I listen to you?” But he immediately thought about that night, his young maiden behavior had formed a sharp contrast to his words.

This person… seemed to never miss it.

The languid black-haired boy watched as the favorability degree on Qi Ting’s head secretly increase by five. 

Qi Ting stopped, looked around, and asked, “Did you find something?”

Lin Zhizhi put his hands down, his expression changed, and his nerves tensed.
Like a dangerous cheetah, he stood up and stared at a certain spot, “Well, this.”

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In the next second

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A ghostly howl resounded within the dark abyss, it was a high shrill voice, quite penetrating to the ears as well.

A formation… 

The young master of the Lin family tried his best to recall the formation books he’d read in his master’s cave and in the Lin family’s library, wanting to find a similar formation from the books he read.

Darkness, ghostly wails, and then… a bite?

Lin Zhizhi only felt an abrupt feeling of pain in his nerves, it was as if something had viciously bitten his arm.
Although his body didn’t feel it, his soul does.

This kind of formation is used to attack the soul! 

He tried to call out his gleaming Wenxian sword, but he still couldn’t see the light emanating from the sword! The Wenxian sword could illuminate and reveal the truth if one is clouded in an illusion, but at this moment, he’s in a ghost formation.

Lost of vision.

Damn, he was careless, he even made the same mistake as Qi Ting, being overconfident in himself.
In the young man’s heart, he thought that with his Wenxian sword in hand, and his lightning, which is able to deter demonic cultivators, he took this threat carelessly.

So much so, that he is now trapped in this wretched formation. 

Lin Zhizhi closed his eyes and released his spiritual senses to investigate his surrounding environment.

“Ghost spirit—!” Just as the ghost’s scream became more shrill, a familiar voice cut through the chilly atmosphere.

surprisingly, the demonic beast spirit woke up from the bailing root.

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“Do you know what this is?” Lin Zhizhi asked as he resisted the formation’s attack. 

“Don’t know, I only know a little bit.” The spirit licked his lips as he confidently answered, “They’re pretty delicious y’know.”


Just after the spirit finished speaking, through the bailing root, the demon spirit, who had stabilized his soul, floated a part of his soul out, transforming it into a hand before picking up a terrified screaming ghost and stuffing it into his mouth, chewing it twice before swallowing it whole.

After swallowing the ghost, his soul power increased a little.
These immortal, tortured ghosts trapped within the eye of the formation could actually be swallowed by him and increase his power! 

Although Lin Zhizhi couldn’t see it, he could feel it by closely listening to its sound.
He became silent for a while before muttering, “Eat more.”

The ghost spirits were all weak at the beginning.
The demon spirit ate them one bite at a time.
After he regained some strength, he simply opened his big mouth, and a gust of wind swept all the ghosts in front of them into his mouth.


Outside the formation, the middle-aged man who was in charge of controlling the thousand ghosts devouring gods formation, frowned deeply as he carefully listened to the sound of the ghost’s cries coming from the formation.

“Why is the sound getting smaller?” The man with the broken tendon on his left arm suspiciously asked. 

“The number of ghosts inside is decreasing!” The middle-aged man held the thousand ghost banner in his hand and felt that the souls he had finally collected in his spirit tool had been reduced by half.

“Could it be that… that kid also has an artifact able to overcome those ghosts?”

Knowing that Lin Zhizhi wields a weapon capable of utilizing thunder, it is difficult to win against him without revealing his true cultivation on stage.
They simply gave up the competition and went behind the scenes.
When the Sun and Qian family sent their people in, they quietly turned into shadows and stealthily followed them in.

They didn’t care if Lin Zhizhi realized that they faked losing on the stage, as long as he wanted to come to the body tempering pool, he had to pass through the formation they had already prepared.
Even if a master came, they’d still be trapped inside.
But they didn’t expect that he also has an artifact capable of swallowing their ghosts. 

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This ghost formation isn’t simple, these are the result of most of his life’s savings, and he has risen from a hundred to a thousand ghosts! The trials he faced when he rose these ghosts were bloody and tearful.

Soon, he gritted his teeth and exerted more of his demonic energy, he directly released the head of the thousand ghosts, a ghost with a foundation building cultivation! Unlike human beings, to reach the foundation establishment stage, the ghost spirit must at least be in the core formation stage or devour no less than five foundation establishment cultivators.

He doesn’t believe that the brat’s artifact is so powerful to even wipe out a foundation establishment ghost!

Soon, through action, the demonic beast spirit told him one thing.
It can. 

At any rate, this spirit was also the son of a commander.
A big demon that could make a powerful ancient immortal to be wary of him.

Seeing the foundation-building stage ghost, the demon spirit was not only surprised but also delighted! It had already swallowed up many ghost spirits that increased his power.
With his huge body, he suddenly rushed towards the head of the ghost and opened its mouth, biting off one of his opponent’s arms.

The head of the ghost spirits screamed to the sky in agony as it tried to shake the demonic beast spirit away.
The demon spirit preserved and managed to take the head of the ghost into its mouth, chewing it as if it was a lump of mashed potatoes and swallowing it into his stomach.

At the same time, as the head of thousand ghosts was eaten, everyone trapped within the formation returned to reality. 

The master of the formation vomited blood due to the backlash of breaking the formation, he asked with resentment in his eyes, “How could this be? How on earth did you do it?!”

The demon was hovering in the air, and before Lin Zhizi could even speak, he suddenly jumped in front of the middle-aged man and said, “Stop shouting, I’ll answer you, okay? I ate them.
To thank you for strengthening me, I will grant you a single wish.”

The man showed a look of delight as he pointed at Lin Zhizhi, “Then kill him! You must’ve been enslaved by this brat, Kill him and you’ll be free!”

Hearing the word ‘slavery’, the demon spirit’s anger soared.
The wisp of soul turned into a huge monkey and slapped the middle-aged man with his palm, pressing him into a meat pie as he furiously said, “I hate hearing that word…” 

The huge palm swept across the middle-aged man’s two companions, sending them on the road to the afterlife.
The demon spirit then turned into a petite and cute little monkey and found a spatial ring among the pile of corpses and handed it to Lin Zhizhi.

Lin Zhizhi looked at him, and a well-known novel that was currently popular among the mortals appeared in his blank mind, the young man tentatively asked, “…Wukong, is that you?”


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