tion tower began to stack high.
In a blink of an eye, it reached eight and a half feet, just like his last attempt. 


Heaven and earth seemed to know that a perfect foundation will appear again as dark clouds floating on the skyline began to rumble, it was as if a heavenly tribulation will fall upon it in the next moment. 


With the sky as the guide and the earth as the tower, the young man raised his hand and took a powerful step at the end of the road. 


This is the last step, even if he succeeded in tempering his body now, it’s still difficult for him to achieve his goal. 




It was the deafening sound of the thunder above him. 


The thunder tribulation descended from the sky.
With its teeth bared and claws aimed at him along with the mighty power of the sky between them, it slashed down on Lin Zhizhi. 


It was the envy of the sky. 


When the tribulation was approaching, Lin Zhizhi suddenly remembered that there was a time when he had such close contact with thunder.
But at that time, his master had safely guarded him, but now, he can only rely on himself. 


The thunder was approaching.
Amidst the blue ray of thunder appeared a pair of spirited eyes.
This was a tribulation many people feared, yet the young man standing on the ground had a smile on his lips that had been absent for a long time. 



The tribulation is coming. 


Lin Zhizhi didn’t choose to avoid it.
Instead, he chose to approach the incoming tribulation.
He used his spiritual energy to form a shield and pulled out his Wenxian sword, trying to introduce the thunder into his sword.
It was during the old man’s ascension to immortality when he forged this sword.
Although this thunder tribulation is only aimed at a Qi refining cultivator, and the scale of its might couldn’t compare to that old man’s, the thunder still has the same origin.
If you could supplement the thunder into the sword, it would be enough to form a sword formation.

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A thunder formation! It would be equivalent to him manipulating thunder! 


The thunder was violent and tyrannical.
It avoided the Wenxian sword and changed its direction to attack the young man who contested for the perfect foundation once again.
This time, Lin Zhizhi thought of something and removed the barrier and used the Buddhist sect’s golden body to resist the thunder head-on, using himself as a temptation to introduce the thunder to the Wenxian sword. 


This is quite risky.
If there was even the slightest mistake, he would be reduced to scattered ashes. 


But success comes at a high price.
The Wenxian sword itself is a divine sword bred from a thunder tribulation.
At this moment, he felt the baptism of the heavenly thunder once again.
The original ascension immortal thunder inside the sword spontaneously caught the thunder tribulation and absorbed it inside. 


Lin Zhizhi was struck by a thunderbolt, and the golden body had a tendency to crack.
When he asked the immortal sword to absorb the thunder tribulation, he shook the hilt of his sword and introduced the last trace of the thunder to his foundation tower. 


Perfection is indeed not the pride of heaven and earth, but this nine feet foundation tower of his is made up of the sky itself. 


The sky couldn’t rob this from below. 


The path attracting spiritual energy spreads to both ends as the foundation building tower flew into the space between the young man’s eyebrows.
Lin Zhizhi only felt the meridians inside his body were more than three times wider now, and a miniature ocean was formed inside his dantian, continuously replenishing his spiritual energy. 



During the Qi Refinement period, apart from meditation, there is no way to replenish spiritual Qi from within the body.
No wonder there was such a big discrepancy between a foundation-building cultivator and a Qi refining cultivator. 


Lin Zhizhi touched the center of his eyebrows.
In addition to being happy, he was also a little relieved.
Now that his foundation had been established, and not any foundation at that, it’s a perfect foundation, his physique shouldn’t flare up anytime soon. 


Looking at the dark-haired boy with a rare smile on his face, the demonic beast spirit flew up and landed on his shoulders.
Turning into a butterfly, it flapped its wings and landed in the boy’s hair, “A perfect foundation in this era… I’m sure it’s also the top foundation among your race.” 


The spirit said it well. 


The Central Continent is a prosperous place in the world of cultivating immortals, and the four major sects are very talented.
They could be called the leaders of the entire human world, and Lin Zhizhi will be the pride of these four sects. 


Lord Daozun’s only disciple. 


Not many people know about this yet, but soon they will. 


When he returns to the sect, the gatekeepers in the sect will usher around in a rare turmoil. 


With the appearance of a perfect foundation, those hidden disciples would finally not stand it anymore.
The nine steps of a ladder, the ranking of those stone tablets, and the entire younger generation of the central continents would have to reshuffle their cards. 


But for now, the news about Lin Zhizhi’s foundation is known to no one but the demonic beast spirit sitting on his head. 



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When Lin Zhizhi returned to the bone washing pool, Qi Ting had already woken up.
It’s just that he was searching for something on the shore, wasting his precious time to use the bone cleansing pool.
Seeing Lin Zhizhi, he touched his neck, and with an aggrieved face, he said in a worried tone, “Where have you been? I thought you…you’re gone…”


At this time, the favorability index above Qi Ting’s head was no longer the same.
The negative number has quietly become, [Qi Ting, favorability index 10, and sees you as his rival in love]


It seems that, although Qi Ting’s attitude is not very good at ordinary times, he is still very friendly at critical moments.
Although his attitude has not changed, his favorability index has gradually increased.


That was what Lin Zhizhi thought to himself.
However, since he was used to Qi Ting’s thorny words along the journey.
When he saw him like this, he almost thought the other became dumb after being bitten by a ghost.
The young man touched his nose as he replied, “Well, It’s because I have to leave for something…” 


Qi Ting looked at Lin Zhizhi, and suddenly felt that he had already known him for a good amount of time, but how could this guy have a… faint charm to him?!


No, he must be confused by the formation, yeah- Just like when he woke up and found that Lin Zhizhi wasn’t by his side and he began to panic inside his heart!- Wait, formation? 


Thinking of this, Qi Ting hurriedly said, “How did you wake up? How did you know there would be an ambush?”


Lin Zhizhi didn’t plan to tell him the real situation.
Now that he knows that these demonic cultivators are only here for the bone cleansing pool, then there’s no need to create more chaos when it’s already been resolved.
If Qi Ting’s master is suspicious and the demonic beast spirit gets exposed, then he’ll probably get hunted down to be refined as a pill again.
So he casually made an excuse, “I guessed that those three people wouldn’t give up so easily, but who knew they’d actually come and ambush us.
I also woke up just a little earlier than you, so I looked around.
Maybe an expert had been passing by and landed us a hand.” 


Maybe he really isn’t as good at lying as he thought he was, even the bad, mentally retarded, young Qi Ting could see the loopholes in his words at a mere glance.
But once his temper broke out, he didn’t want to reign it back in, he didn’t want to continue talking, and he didn’t want to listen to anything! 



The temper of people like Qi Ting could come and go quickly.
After being arrogant for a little while, he could easily be distracted by other things.
For example, when he saw the pool of water, he suddenly blushed, and his eyes flickered, not knowing what to think.
He saw the other deliberately turn his head and suggested in a casual tone, “Everyone already came here, and it would be a waste not to take a bath.
As your senior brother, I should be teaching you to treasure your resources.
So, let’s take a bath together.” 


Lin Zhizhi asked, “… A bath?” 


A god fucking bath? 


Qi Ting wasn’t feeling right at this moment, and he even slipped out of his thoughts.
He quickly made a straight face and said with a revolted tone, “In my house, there are many pools with this effect.
I’m just here for my junior sister, naturally, we could only share.
But as your senior brother, it is my duty to tell you not to waste-“


“You’re correct, senior brother.
But I’ve already soaked elsewhere, so you could go in alone.” Lin Zhizhi said. 


Qi Ting: “…”


#I don’t know why, but I feel very disappointed#


#Probably I can only make up for it#


#Help, what should I do if my body is suddenly hot when I’m soaking in the bath


# #Oh…it turns out it’s the effect of the bone washing pool, Ha ha#

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