or his strength.
Later, his master came forward and personally mediated, finally making him exercise some restraint. 

“Old Ghost Demon Lu, could it be that you want to accept this boy as a disciple? Don’t worry, no one’s going to rob you.” He Wei picked up the wine jug on the table and shook it by his ear.
Hearing it didn’t have much, he directly poured the jug into his mouth. 

“You–” the middle-aged man, known as Old Ghost Demon Lu, had barely uttered a word when he was interrupted by a smiling old man. 

“Alright, all of us came for the purpose of accepting disciples, let’s not bicker anymore.” 

This old man was also of great prestige, and old demon Lu forcefully swallowed his sentence back down.
He Wei also put down his jug of wine, and no longer yawned, instead, he put the plate of fruit on the table into his mouth. 

It wasn’t until the appearance of a young rogue cultivator with a mutant thunder spirit root that the flying palace became lively again.

He Wei swallowed the fruit that had just been stuffed into his mouth, and said ambiguously, “Thunder spirit root is suitable for practicing the sword.” 

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The smiling old man from before, who resolved the dispute, added on, “Thunder, upright and plainspoken, is also very suitable for practicing Haoran Qi. 

“My hands have calculated, fate relates this child to our sect.” Tianyin Sect’s Immortal Yuntian looked at the mirror in front of him, watching the uneasy rogue cultivator. 

Only the Old Ghost Demon’s ugly face gave a cold snort, not participating in the contest.
After all, thunder spirit root will have a difficult time learning the ghost technique. 

He Wei said: “Thunder spirit root is very suitable for fighting with others! What practice Haoran Qi, aren’t you just interfering with other people’s children?” 

The old man shook his head: “No, no, thunder and lighting contain the true meaning of Haoran.
If he entered Haoran Gate, he’d easily get twice the result with half the effort.”

Immortal Yuntian: “I’ve counted, this child and my Sect are related by fate.”

The remaining two people: “……”

When the figure of the young rogue cultivator left, and the next candidate appeared, the several people all stopped arguing.
After seeing that the person’s bones were only merely three spirit roots, they returned to competition over the last candidate. 

Until the appearance of a new five spirit root body, these peoples’ topic of argument changed only once.

The emergence of Lin Zhizhi made these elders reach a new high tide (…).

In the split second of seeing that golden light, He Wei jumped up and slapped his hands on the table: “Lin Clan’s boy is truly a heavenly spirit root! He’s simply born for sword cultivation!” 

This time, Old Ghost Demon Lu finally found a chance to interrupt: “The previous few people belong to you—this boy, give him to Yinquan, and in not even two hundred years, he’ll be one of our generation!”

The old man finally did not laugh this time, speaking particularity seriously with passion, “Haoran Gate needs him, and he needs the Haoran Gate more.” 

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Immortal Yuntian gazed at the delicate side profile of the young youth in the mirror.
He closed his eyes slightly, then his eyes flashed: “I’ve pinched my fingers and calculated, this child and my Sect have a predestined affinity.” 

The other three: “…………”

“Lin Zhizhi, excellent name, from ‘to have innate knowledge,’” Lin Quan surely hopes for him to enter my Haoran Gate.” The old man took a different approach, starting from the origin of Lin Zhizhi’s name, and occupied the great righteousness of father and son. 

He Wei, who had never been committed to the convoluted and over-elaborate mumbo-jumbo of Confucianism, waved a hand: “I believe it’s not easy for Lin Zhizhi to grow up like this, if he went with you Haoran Gate people learning Haoran Qi like a Buddhist monk, wouldn’t it blind his face stoic?” 

“What Buddhist monk, it is just that you cannot prematurely break the Yuanyang 2 body before learning our techniques!” The old man refuted: “The day he reaches core formation, he can find any companion, and our elders can testify marriage for them.” 

Old Ghost Demon Lu butted in: “My Yinquan doesn’t have so many rules! However many people you want you can have them! He’s best suited for Yinquan!” 

These elders vigorously made great efforts to get excellent disciples for their sects, arguing and arguing till they almost had to be forcefully torn apart. 

The spiritual master from before came from the Lan Clan, and when he saw that other cultivation clans’ Di sons had such extraordinary talent, his mouth should’ve been in agreement with his own Sect’s elders, but his heart was filled with jealousy: this Su, Lin, these two families, how could they be so lucky?! All heavenly roots, they must be spoiled, look out during the first level illusion or you’ll be swept down!

Hearing the quarrel in the temple hall, the lord of the palace, who had been sitting with his eyes closed, opened his eyes: “Stop fighting.
When all the trials are over, do not forget, the person ranking first has the option to choose themselves.” 

As soon as his words sounded, the people within the palace looked at each other in dismay, quieting down into tranquility. 

The arguments between the sects’ elders, none of the candidates taking part in the conference know of it yet.
After experiencing the bone mirror, what awaits them is their heart’s journey.

Lin Zhizhi’s namesake – Lin Zhizhi’s zhizhi (知之),is from the idiom 林父希望他生而知之。It means “to have innate knowledge.”1. 

Yuanyang – Yuanyang, or yuanyin (from Yang&Yin) are considered the most important Yang & Yin Qi inside the body.
Traditional Chinese medicine believes they’re stored inside the kidneys.
In this context, specifically Yuanyang, is the driving force behind the kidneys functions and the source of vitality in the human body.2. 

The author wasn’t kidding when they said the mc is a op golden-fingered overwhelming beauty

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