looked at them with a smile or appreciation or with no expression at all, and slowly they restrained the pressure.
One of them, an old man in a qiankun robe,1 stroked his beard and looked at Su Yu with great satisfaction: “The first ranker of this conference, Su Yu, which sect do you want to join?”

As soon as his remark sounded, the whole audience suddenly blew up, whispers heard incessantly. 

A young man next to the elder’s side bellowed loudly: “Quiet!” Releasing a full-body pressure, forcing the people at the scene to gasp. 

Su Yu’s achievement wasn’t surprising at all. 

Having the same heavenly spirit root as Lin Zhizhi, but he’s always been free from youthful rashness, steady and mature, and one can’t count just how many peers he’s surpassed.
These illusions, others would’ve halted, but only he would have strolled all the way, smiling at his family’s destruction, as if viewing the moon, all while elegant. 

But he paused only once. 

The last illusion, it made him pause for thirty seconds. 

—-Something he’s never seen before, Lin Zhizhi willingly with him, together soft.

He quietly watched for a little, until the illusions Lin Zhizhi wanted to embrace him, and Su Yu’s lips suddenly twitched a smile. 

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Breaking through the illusion.

Back to the present, everyone, including Lin Zhizhi, looked at Su Yu and waited for his choice.
Su Yu mused for a moment: “All the Four Great Sects are very good, but I personally prefer the Tianyin Sect.”

Among the four great sects, the most powerful one was the Luo Xianjian Sect, and the one Lin Zhizhi yearns for most was also Luo Xianjian.
Su Yu knew this, but he chose Tianyin Sect, making Lin Zhizhi a little surprised. 

Su Yu had nodded in agreement: “It indeed suits you, someone can wipe your ass if you’re in trouble. 

Lin Zhizhi stared at him, but wasn’t angry, and instead curiously asked: “What about you?”

Su Yu moved closer and fixed Lin Zhizhi’s loose clothing,  shaking his head: “I don’t know yet, maybe with you.” 

Now that Lin Zhizhi thought of the past, he felt that he must’ve been the descendant of a deaf ancestor, not just deaf, but also blind. 

What kind of brother would constantly coax and look after someone? How did he just take Su Yu’s actions as brotherhood? 

Hearing Su Yu’s reply, Immortal Yuntian, Tianyin’s representative, raised a happy smile—-this generation’s first ranking candidate chose Tianyin Sect, finally meeting the Sect Master’s expectations, breaking Luo Xianjian’s multi-year monopoly! He motioned Su Yu to his side, and kindly explained a few words to him, then afterward continued to watch others start to accept disciples. 

Besides the first-ranking candidate that has the right to choose, for any others with a spiritual root, if they wanted a specific sect they could pay a price in exchange, thus unable to be fought over as a disciple. 

Next, He Wei pointed with a finger and raised his chin, and said to the mutant thunder spirit rogue cultivator: “You, are you willing to join my Luo Xianjian?” 

His expression didn’t seem very good, but he still listened to the cultivator say: “Willing, willing!”

Old Ghost Demon Lu took away a person with a soul disposition—he can freely communicate with his soul.  


As time went by, the number of people unselected still left on the court decreased bit by bit, but from beginning to end, no one came to ask for Lin Zhizhi.

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Lin Zhizhi cold.jpg still kept till the very end. 

He only simply stood there, yet he looked stunning, like a precious panacea growing on the peak of a snowy mountain, cold and isolated as if waiting for someone to pluck it.
In the eyes of outsiders, although he stood here, it felt like all things under heaven and earth were not in his eyes, calm and unperturbed. 

But Lin Zhizhi’s heart was roaring wildly: soul light, what’s going on, why’s this heavenly spirit root just standing here like some stalk of grass, no one coming to ask?! No matter who comes isn’t just standing here super embarrassing?! I’ll go with whoever asks, okay?

——–But it’s not that no one was interested.
Almost all of the sect elders watched him with those ‘what a seedling, but unfortunately cannot enter my sect’ regretful eyes…… it almost made Lin Zhizhi think that he already had some high-peak-standing master.

Su Yu originally wanted to say something, but after seeing the expression of Immortal Yuntian, he understood and did not open his mouth. 

But those left remaining started to whisper: “Look at Lin Zhizhi, what’s going on?”

“I don’t know… it looks like, no one wants him? Hahaha, usually if I wanted to say a word to him it’d be so difficult, now look at his arrogant appearance? I’ll go and nicely comfort  him later.”


When the sect elders had selected all of the candidates, and the little old man of Haoran Gate was preparing to make a summary speech, suddenly, an extremely frosty voice sounded: “There is one more.”

Simultaneously, He Wei and several others felt a cold gaze on their backs and stood on guard in the direction of the voice. 

Even with the spiritual sense of the four great sects elders, no one discovered how or when this person appeared.
And with the strange visitor’s bright golden protective aura, they couldn’t see his appearance!

Qiankun Robe – traditional Chinese garment1. 

Chapter 5! yay.
Onto important matters, starting today I’ll truly only be releasing 1-2 chapters a week–school’s starting T-T I’ll most likely be releasing on mondays.
I think.
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