CH.8: Reluctant

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Xuan Hua dipped his head and looked at him, eyes holding a rare warmth, “ I ‘saw’ that my future disciple would appear there, thus I came down…… At the first sight of you, I knew you’d be my only disciple.” 

His words near the end were so light, so light that it was obscured by the noise of the wind, like truth under snow. 

Lin Zhizhi nodded.
Although the answer was a bit lame, he still believed it—after all, the man was an immortal, and it was said Tianyin Sect’s methods were also able to divine the future.
Another acceptable explanation could be that Dao Zun, whose cultivation had transcended to another level, could see fragments of the unknown. 

Seeing that Lin Zhizhi had no intention to ask more questions, and after completing the ‘teacher question and answer’ session, Dao Zun Daren was satisfied and didn’t want to waste any more time on the road, willing his sword to speed up many times faster than before.
Even if Luo Xianjian was thousands of miles away from the Lin Residence, for him it was no more than the flick of a finger. 

Luo Xianjian was within countless spiritual mountains, with Huafeng Mountain, due to its abundance of spiritual energy, as the main peak.
A huge sword was thrust horizontally into its gate—and unlike an ordinary person’s sword, this sword wasn’t perfect; it could even be said that the word perfect was the complete opposite: the sword was riddled with scars, utterly dilapidated, and full of battle marks. 

But it was such a sword that all who came to Luo Xianjian deeply respected. 

Deeply respecting this sword for killing and protecting this long-standing door. 

Because a thousand years ago, devil cultivation prospered, and the upper realms Devil God Cang Lun tore through the cracks in space, descending to the mortal world and starting a decade of bloody events. 

Cang Lun, the Devil God, incarnated as a young rogue cultivator with a beautiful appearance and powerful spiritual energy, wearing red clothes displaying enthusiasm.
Like his flaming hot knife, his character was willful and arrogant, truly like a horse on spring plains, breezing with unbridled youth.
His talent was outstanding and he advocated freedom, and in the face of his talent, many elders invited him as a disciple, but he politely refused all of them, single person wandering between heaven and earth, making friends with numerous heroes. 

During that period, Cang Lun seized all the brilliance and genius of his time, gloryful and dazzling and no one could keep pace with it, attracting the admiration of crowds of male and female cultivators.
Thus, when he grew full-fledged and exposed his malevolent fangs, the whole cultivation world was shocked and in turmoil. 

His flaming knife once brimming with yang energy transformed into a vicious soul swallowing knife, merciful to no life.
Traitors bred like flies, and more and more devil cultivators emerged from within the four great sects, and all high-level sects were overwhelmed. 

Seeing the devil cultivators led by Cang Lun run savage and rampant, leading to destruction of life and harm of people, Luo Xianjian’s then ancestor bravely stepped forward and united with other sects, using his own life sword as medium and his life’s soul strength, he summoned the Thunder God’s punishment, and by paying the ultimate price, was he able to stop Cang Lun’s rampage, finally reaching a millennium worth peace agreement.

Cang Lun harbored his grudge in silence, disappearing and not leaving a single footprint in the mortal realm; various almighty sects flickered like dried oil lamps, collapsing one by one, leaving only the remnant of Luo Xianjians ancestor’s sword riddled with scars thrusted on sect gate, recording the cruel battles that almost destroyed the sky and wiped out this realm, alerting future generations of war and to walk cautiously, but it reminded people even more of not to forget the ancestor’s last sigh—he will return in a thousand years. 

Present time, it had almost been a thousand years. 

Walking past the spirit sword, entering Luo Xianjian, one would find themself surrounded by spiritual energy, with singing birds and fragrant flowers, a scene of paradise that’s lasted for thousands of years, a climate that cannot be affected by the mortal realms changes.
If ordinary people took a breath in here, they can prolong their life by at least 10 years.

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Xuan Hua’s palace was up above on Luo Xianjian’s main peak.
But unlike other people, where elders would plant spirit flowers and grasses, his halls were covered in brilliant white snow, far and endless. 

But Lin Zhizhi was overjoyed–to suppress the enchanting physique, he needed to improve his cultivation.
Although the palace was too cold for others, it was just right for him. 

Xuan Hua, as if sensing his joy, took a rare initiative and asked, “Do you like it here?”

He received a vigorous nod from the youth, “En, it’s quiet.”

Always being roasted by the elders of Luo Xianjian behind his back about his palace’s nature, the frosty Dao Zun Daren appeared to nod in satisfaction.

#Little disciple’s taste is good#

Only when Lin Zhizhi walked back and forth on the snowy peak, especially after seeing the iconic giant sword, he somewhat excitedly turned back to ask Xuan Hua, “Master, are we in Luo Xianjian?” 


Receiving Xuan Hua’s positive answer, Lin Zhizhi took in a deep breath.
Since young, he had always longed for the sword cultivation of Luo Xianjian and thought he’d join no matter what.
Even though right now he’s not a disciple of Luo Xianjian, but with Xuan Hua, it counted as realizing his previous dream. 

Watching Lin Zhizhi with his much more intense reaction towards Luo Xianjian than his own palace, Xuan Hua’s just good mood immediately darkened and dropped down. 

#……Little disciple’s taste is not good at all!#

Usually, those who made Xuan Hua’s face dark, Xuan Hua would generally choose to make their life a dark place from then on.
But looking at the still excited Lin Zhizhi, the purple-clothed Dao Zun experienced for the first time a ‘reluctant to put one’s hand-to feeling, ultimately throwing his long sleeves, and going straight towards the palace door alone. 

Lin Zhizhi was still stuck in his surprise, looking all over the place around Luo Xianjian’s nearby surroundings, not paying a single bit of attention to his cheap master’s jealous sinking face.
By the time he realized, Xuan Hua’s figure had disappeared. 

He looked back at Luo Xianjian behind him, and turned to chase the Master’s back. 

But the moment Lin Zhizhi was on the verge of stepping into the Hall door and his clothes hem brushed it, in that split second everything before his eyes changed, his whole body suddenly cold, only blinking to find himself in a world of ice and snow. 

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Lin Zhizhi felt frozen all over his body and was blinded by the freezing wind and its ice particles.
This place was like a frost demon, so cold that even the breath from his mouth was condensed into a white fog, forcing him to release protective spiritual energy. 

However, the rapidly increasingly cold air made the young master of the Lin family, who’s still at the Qi Refining Stage, shiver and tremble, like a small squirrel that had been out foraging in the winter, but strayed into a blizzard.

Seeing the  little squirrel was about to be scrapped into white bone by the freezing wind, a pair of powerful hands hugged his waist—and by the time the black-haired youth was conscious again, he was already soaking in a hot spring. 

The water in the pool was obviously not the mundane kind.
Lin Zhizhi was just thrown in for a bit, but he recovered his divine consciousness, and his body and meridians were filled with a warm current. 

He opened his eyes and immediately saw his Master standing by the pool, watching him with an expression mixed between difficult and revelation.
Seeing Lin Zhizhi wake up, Xuan Hua squatted down and narrowed the distance between him and his little disciple.
In a indistinguishable tone, he sighed, “you are so weak ah……”

The dizzy from bubbles Lin Zhizhi, “………….” 

—As a heavenly spirit root, cultivating for 10 years and reaching a stage that muggles1 couldn’t achieve in their lifetime–a Qi Condensation 11th level, I’m sorry?

Xuan Hua didn’t care about Lin Zhizhi’s expression, but he somewhat distressingly reached out and poked his little disciple’s rosy cheek, steamed by the pool water.
“I previously opened the first level of the frost road, if you’re able to survive the first cold wave, it’ll greatly benefit you……” 

Speaking this, he paused, then continued, “But you did not.
Yes, the spiritual energy was somewhat too much for you.” 

The name Xuan Frost Journey was somewhat familiar to Lin Clan’s little young master. 

It is said that building a foundation there increases one’s chances, and gives you a certain extant of resistance towards heart demons entering your mind. 

In other words, Xuan Frost Journey is far from what practitioners in the Qi Refining period can bear. 

But even though he knew this fact, Lin Zhizhi, who was called ‘weak’ by his Master, wasn’t able to accept it.
In youthful spirit, he propped up his body, raising his head towards Xuan Hua and said, “Let me go once more, Master, previously I didn’t prepare.”

The spring water only soaked up to the young youth’s chest, wetting his front robe.
But then Lin Zhizhi suddenly moved, his hair on his forehead wispy and stuck together, following up and down along with his breath.
Due to being scrapped by the cold wind, and soaking in the warm spring, his skin gradually became ruddy.
The wet clothes hung off his body, and his white skin glowed.
The young youth’s eyes were full of the stubbornness of one who doesn’t accept defeat. 

—If you placed this scene in front of ordinary people, a person wouldn’t be able to help but devote themselves, wanting to completely serve him.
Even with Dao Zun Daren’s cold heart, seeing this vivid scene he frowned. 

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My family’s little disciple’s expression can’t help but be too seductive sometimes.
There are many men who prefer other men these days, definitely tighten protection, and should take more care in the future to avoid Lin Zhizhi being lured and abducted by others.

Seeing Xuan Hua not speaking, Lin Zhizhi repeated his determination, but because the spring bottom was too slippery, he nearly fell down. 

Xuan Hua kept watching him and held out a hand.
He only felt a touch of delicate and soft skin, and his heart slightly shook.
Dao Zun Daren took back his hand, and ordered his state of mind, “Need not, I thought carelessly.
When you adapt to the cold air,  try again.”

—It was not just anyone in the water, it was his first and only disciple in his life, he needs to take good care of him. 

Lin Zhizhi was still reluctant, wanting to try again.
But looking at the mood in Xuan Hua’s eyes, he understood that he’s truly unable to succeed at this time—the Lin Clan’s young master, who’s barely ever experienced failure, made up his mind, once the time comes, he must cross Xuan Frost Road. 

Xuan Hua stepped down into the water and walked to Lin Zhizhi’s side.
Looking at the delicate profile of the young youth by him, he asked faintly, “Do you regret taking me as teacher?”

The-brain-still-stuck-on-needing-to-wait-two-days-before-walking-Xuan-Frost-Raod-to-conquer-his-Master Lin Zhizhi stared blankly.
He bit his lips, glancing up top Xuan Hua’s head’s favorability value—[Favorability 87]—oh wow, with his little effort it surprisingly went up by 2 points—glancing down, there were Xuan Hua’s deep eyes. 

This was Dao Zun, ah…… A true, living legend. 

A sword-wielding worldly legend. 

Now that he was in the same pool of water as Xuan Hua, Lin Zhizhi became quiet and thought he was still a little excited.
He sat down and let the spring water soak up just to his chin.
He puffed hard to see the ripples in front of him.
He shook his head shyly, “Cultivation is originally rough.
My generation of cultivators should be aware of this.”

Listening to Lin Zhizhi’s words, Xuan Hua nodded with no expression and continued, “You are my first disciple, but also the weakest immortal I have ever seen… thus, I don’t know well how to teach you.”

Weak baby chick Lin Zhizhi: (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ Shizun,2 you’re too honest! Are you showing off or attacking people?! As a teenager, of course he’s not better than those old monsters who’ve practiced for hundreds of years! He was a youngster in the first blush of youth! 

Xuan Hua retracted his sight “Even now, I haven’t thought of how to teach you well.” 

“Shizun, how did you originally cultivate?” Lin Zhizhi asked. 

Xuan Hua did not reply. 

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Dao Zun Xuan Hua, to be precise, did not cultivate safely.
In the savage years, he one-self began to oppose most sects in open hostility, and his cultivation usually promoted between fighting and blood.
Being seriously injured was a common occurrence, and the pain changed from intolerable to habitual.
This was the way to train disciples.
Those who can survive the battles must be the strongest. 

But although he knew that this was the fastest way to level, he didn’t want Lin Zhizhi to experience these things. 

The reason was very simple, he’s reluctant.

Dao Zun Daren pondered for a moment, then turned and went towards the edge of the pool, spiritual energy steaming the moisture on his clothes to prevent catching dust.
“Come with me.”

Lin zhizhi was a little puzzled, but he still obeyed Xuan Hua’s words and walked out of the pool.
Xuan Hua flicked a finger on the dark-haired boy’s wet clothes, and Lin Zhizhi’s clothes also dried. 

He went forward and said to the little disciple who followed suit, “I’ll teach you some basic sword tricks now.
You should practice them every day.
As for the internal skills of the Qi Condensation stage, go to the sword school outside.
With your talent, it is not difficult to reach foundation.”

Lin Zhizhi nodded.

—At this time, his heart felt regret, but felt even more excited.

Regretful about not being able to immediately follow Xuan Hua’s cultivation, but excited about being able to learn Shizun’s sword tips—Dao Zun’s basic sword tips, can that be called the basic sword tips?! That’s called God’s sword! 

The author has something to say:

Shizun: Hi, I’ve been teased _(:зゝ∠)_

Muggles – Harry Potter term for ordinary people without magic.
The author used it.1. 

Shizun – Pinyin of Teacher2. 

I used Qi Refining and Qi condensation interchangeably, but if it’s confusing pop a comment! I’m nice i swear

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