n’t contain any of the third-rate staple common goods.

But since Dao Zun had said so, there must be a reason for him. 

Lin Zhizhi forced down the impatience in his heart, slender fingers holding up the purple-bamboo sword, and began to charge towards the human figure in front of him.

This ‘Basic Sword Tips’ deserves its name, with Lin Zhizhi’s comprehension, in not even half an hour, he had all tricks recorded in his mind and was able to play it out in any way. 

It’s just that there were some small things he didn’t notice……

Watching the black-haired youth’s slightly inaccurate second move, Xuan Hua, who was watching at the side, raised his eyebrows and walked towards Lin Zhizhi.

Lin Zhizhi was absorbed in his practice, but suddenly a hand gripped his sword-carrying right hand, and an unfamiliar chest pressed against his shoulder.
At the same time, a low, cold, voice sounded in his ears, “Here is not right.
Place your hand again, the sword has to be held like this……”

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Warm breath from the spoken words puffed against the root of his ear, and Lin Zhizhi couldn’t help but shrink his neck. 

Because Xuan Hua was teaching him how to hold the sword, he was confining half of Lin Zhizhi’s body, two people leaning extremely close.
Dao Zun’s unique cold scent enveloped Lin Zhizhi’s nose, making his legs go soft.

It must be that damnable Enchanting Physique—

Suddenly his body was sensitive, and Lin Zhizhi felt like weeping yet he had no tears. 

He wasn’t like this before! Su Yu used to sleep with him for a period of time, them two good people who’ve gone and done through thick and thin and he still didn’t have easily soft legs! Even if he saw Su Yu’s naked body, he still didn’t blush!  

Improving cultivation was imperative! He must hold down this terrible physique!

Xuanhua, however, didn’t know the thoughts of the youth who was almost embraced to his chest.
The originally not close to women, and of course, not close to men, Dao Zun touched his disciple’s hand, suddenly remembered the recent scene in the hot spring. 

If Lin Zhizhi was still wet right now, then he’d be able to directly touch the skin under the clothes……

Soft, delicate skin. 

If he was able to touch it, it’ll take initiative and draw in his fingers and make him completely not want to leave.

Little disciple was indeed…… too dangerous. 

A purple light flashed through Dao Zun’s dark eyes. 

Lin Zhizhi was relying on himself to stay strong (?) self-control restraining the impulse of his legs going soft, and in accordance with Xuan Hua’s directions, he broke the ambiguous atmosphere, “Like this?”

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Xuan Hua’s thoughts were interrupted by the remark, and he came back to his mind, wanting to first let go of the young man in his arm’s hand, but when loosening his embrace, unknowingly if it was deliberate or unintentional, he swept his sleeves at Lin Zhizhi, directly making the black-haired youth fall into his arms embrace. 

At the same time, his left hand trailed down, covering the youth’s tender waist—but soon, the force pushing down pushed outwards. 

Dao Zun Daren, as gentle as clouds, pushed the little disciple out of his arms, as if nothing happened, “En, just like I said before.” 

Lin Zhizhi didn’t know the rough sea under Xuan Hua’s cold appearance.
He only knew he was just unilaterally affected by the Enchanting Physique, thus after leaving Xuan Hua’s embrace, breaking away from that feeling, he practiced the basic sword formula. 

Afterward, Xuan Hua did not personally guide Lin Zhizhi.
When he’d notice a mistake, he only needed to use words to point a bit, and Lin Zhizhi would be able to deduce and continue practicing to the peak. 

“Not bad,” when Lin Zhizhi mastered the set of Basic Sword Tips, Xuan Hua nodded in satisfaction, giving his little disciple praise.
As Lin Zhizhi prepared to return the purple-bamboo sword to him, Xuan Hua indicated to the other party to keep it, “In the future, every time you practice, use this sword.
It is getting dark, go rest for the night and report again to the Sect door outside tomorrow.” 

Lin Zhizhi nodded yes. 

He then appeasingly rubbed his original sword, and also put the bamboo sword in the ring. 

That night, Lin Zhizhi, who had left the Lin Residence and was now laying in his Shizun’s cave, tossed and turned sleeplessly—because he truly couldn’t fall asleep, he went to the back courtyard and practiced half a night of the Basic Sword Formula, up until daybreak, where he finally rested.

Cave – Cave dwelling, legendary abode of immortals.1. 

I’m p sure the novel implied that Zhizhi is only 16.

Xuan Hua, bro……

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