Evil Vampire System in a Scientific City

The Broken City of Yokusuka - Part 0

People with darkness in their hearts are attracted to each other; and the stronger one always swallows up the other.

Life will chew you up and spit you out without another thought.

To survive, you must sacrifice more and more of what you care for—that is the only way.

This is my story.




Stop it… you
e hurting me…

Who cares anymore. You people constantly bully me without a second thought, yet now when you feel a little bit of pain you cry and beg for help.

e garbage.

I looked down at the crumpled face of the crying girl. A
ormal person probably wouldve felt bad for her, however, I did not. The amount of times Ive been humiliated, my body was littered with scars and wounds which haven even had time to become scars yet.

I pressed her arm against the wall behind her.

She cowered in fear.

Please… Im sorry, let me go.

Your posse never let me go when I begged for you guys to stop. The splotches of bruises on my face is a never-ending and unyielding reminder of that fact. Her boyfriend was the prime suspect in all of this.

Just like how no one cared for me, this hallway was empty—there wasn a person in sight.

What was it again…? The strong swallow the weak? That sounded about right.

I hate you.

Teru will kill you! She squealed in a single breath.

Sure, but that will be in the future, right now, its just; me and you.

She looked up at me with eyes which were covered with tears.

Now what was I going to do?

I raised my arm and clenched my fist.

For the first time in my entire life, someone looked at me with pure, unadulterated fear. Ah, so this is what it felt like to completely overwhelm someone else.

However, the more I felt the emotions of the scene, the more I was confused. The feelings I felt weren nice, it wasn good, it was just eh. I didn understand, why did people see the need to dominate others?

Suddenly, I heard the loud stomping of people approaching from the distance.

Looks like this was the end of me.

In just a few seconds, I saw a glimpse of a tall muscular boy, anger plastered all over his face. He charged towards me like a rhinoceros, a big, fast and unstoppable force.

The level-five Esper, Teru Mugami.

His body crashed into mine with enough force to send me flying into the wall. I felt a crunch on the front of my chest. I couldn breathe, air was struggling to get into my lungs. My head was in pain. My arms were in pain.

You little piece of shit!

Well, Im dead for sure.

I slowly lost consciousness, drifting away into nothingness.


Huh? What was going on?

My eyes were filled with pure white, suddenly, I saw words appear in front of me.


Strength: 1/100

Speed: 1/100

Agility: 1/100

Spatial Awareness: 1/100


Unlocked Abilities:

– The Soul of Swallowing Hope (Rarity: ???)

– Blood Strength (Rarity: Common)

– (No others detected)

– (No others detected)


0 [100 needed to level up]

What was this?

As I looked around, I realised that I was back in my room again. My small bed, my wooden bookshelf, my tiny cupboard, my window—it was definitely my room.

What was I d

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