I made my way to my room and grabbed my soccer ball out of the corner.

Surely its not this easy is it? I dropped it onto my foot and gently kicked it into the frame of my bed.

I checked my mission menu again.

1. Kick a soccer ball (Difficulty: 2)

2. Speak to a person on the street (Difficulty: 3)

3. Read a book (Difficulty: 2)

Sure enough, that wasn enough to complete the mission. I probably had to actually kick the soccer ball pretty hard, which meant I needed to go to a park unless I wanted to break everything in my house. Well, I guess Id kill two birds with one stone by talking to someone while Im outside.

I was already dressed in outdoor clothes so I all I need to do was put on some shoes, I chose some black sneakers in my room and put them on. Once again, I opened the front door and made my way outside. I grabbed my keys and locked the door behind me.

With a soccer ball in my hand, I walked down the street and searched for someone to talk to. Not long after, I managed to see a high-school aged girl walking alone.

This was going to be awkward but it works I suppose.

I walked up to her.

Hey, how are you?

She looked at me with shock and disgust—well that was to be expected, but I gotta do what I gotta do.

Do I know you? She replied.

I couldve just ended the conversation there but I decided to preserve a little bit of my dignity at the very least.

I was just wondering if you knew where the park was? I was looking for somewhere to play some soccer.

She glanced around.

Um… well I think theres a park a few hundred metres that way. She pointed her finger.

Thank you.

With that, I left and walked in the direction she pointed. Obviously I knew where the nearest park was since I lived her, but that was about as smooth as I was capable of. I thought the conversation was pretty natural.

I checked my missions menu.

1. Kick a soccer ball (Difficulty: 2)

2. Speak to a person on the street (Difficulty: 3) – COMPLETED [+39 experience]

3. Read a book (Difficulty: 2)

1. Kick a soccer ball (Difficulty: 2)

2. Buy a chair from a furniture store (Difficulty: 5)

3. Read a book (Difficulty: 2)

And with that, the mission was completed.

These mission seemed rather random, I wondered if there was some order or some theme as to how they were assigned, I guess I wouldn be able to figure that out for a while.

I should have enough experience to level up now. I wonder what will happen.

119 [100 needed to level up] – READY

Suddenly, the screen changed.

Rank 0 -> Rank 1


– Shop unlocked!

– 5 Vampire Tokens

– 1 Stat point


19 [250 needed to level up]

Well that was something.

It looked like the experience needed to level up increased each time—well that was to be expected.

I had unlocked some sort of shop and received some tokens. I assumed they were related in some way, like the tokens were a currency in the shop.

I opened up the new shop menu.

For Sale (Refreshes every day):

[Healing Potion] – 5 Vampire Tokens

[Random Common Ability] – 50 Vampire Tokens

[Emergency Blood Supply] – 15 Vampire Tokens

Well there was only one thing that I could buy and it was the healing potion. Despite the fact that I was very aggressively attacked by Teru, I had no wounds on my body. I decided to just save my tokens for the time being.

Now the other thing I needed to look at was my stat point. I opened my attributes menu and had a look at what I could do.

Strength: 1/100

Speed: 1/100

Agility: 1/100

Spatial Awareness: 1/100

I guess Id just put a point into strength

Strength: 2/100

Speed: 1/100

Agility: 1/100

Spatial Awareness: 1/100

Well that was easy enough. I walked over to a nearby tree and clenched my fist. Lets see how much difference that made.


The punch still hurt but I noticed a decently sizable dent in the trunk of the tree. The stat point gave a pretty significant boost to my strength. If one single stat point was able to make me that much stronger, I would be strong enough to face high level Espers in no time.

Well, I still needed to earn some more experience points since I needed 250 for the next level-up. With my soccer ball in hand, I continued on my way to the park. Soon enough, I arrived on the soft fluffy grass and placed my ball on the ground.

I took a few steps back and kicked the ball with all my might. With a loud bang, I managed to kick the ball over one hundred metres—that was significantly more than what I thought I was capable of.

I checked my missions menu.

1. Kick a soccer ball (Difficulty: 2) – COMPLETED [+20 experience]

2. Buy a chair from a furniture store (Difficulty: 5)

3. Read a book (Difficulty: 2)

1. Do 150 hundred pull-ups (Difficulty: 6)

2. Buy a chair from a furniture store (Difficulty: 5)

3. Read a book (Difficulty: 2)

The difficulty seemed to be ramping quite steeply. I definitely wasn capable of doing 150 pull ups in a row and it would take me quite a while with rests.

My best plan was to do the second mission. I had a significant amount of money saved up from my part-time job, so all I needed to do was make my way to furniture store. I made my way back home and prepared to go out to the shopping district.

I lived a decent distance away so I would need to take the bus over.

I grabbed my wallet and a random book from my shelf. I would complete the third mission while I was on the bus. It never specified how long the book had to be so I picked the shortest one in my collection, it was just under twenty pages.

I made my way to the bus stop and waited for it to arrive.

Maybe with this system, I would finally be able to hold my own against the strongest Espers in Yokusuka.

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