Evil Vampire System in a Scientific City

The Disaster that Created all Espers

The other students in the class were still looking at their scores for the science test and comparing them with each other. It seemed the actual class wouldn start for at least a few more minutes.

I look at the information panel beside the abilities.

Unlocked Abilities:

– The Soul of Swallowing Hope (Rarity: ???)

– Blood Strength (Rarity: Common)

– Blood Blade (Rarity: Uncommon)

– (No others detected)


I tried to look at the information for my Soul of Swallowing Hope but for some reason, there was nothing written in the panel.

The Soul of Swallowing Hope (Rarity: ???): N/A

I decided to check the blood strength ability next.

Blood Strength (Rarity: Common):

Whenever you lose blood, all of your attributes are temporarily increased. The more blood you lose, the stronger and faster you become until you pass out.

Well that was an interesting ability, I wasn sure how exactly I could effectively make use of it but its there I guess.

Blood Blade (Rarity: Uncommon):

You are able to summon a dark red sword at will. The sword temporarily becomes sharper, lighter and harder the more blood you feed it. You can feed it either your own blood or the blood of enemies and animals. Human bloods works more efficiently than animal blood.

Simply drip blood onto the blade or place the blade into a puddle to feed it.

It was nice to know that I had a weapon now. I still didn really know the specifics of what the sword looked like or how heavy it was. I didn wanted to pull it out in the middle of class so I guess Id have to wait.

At lunch, I was bumped into someone whilst I was walking away from my locker. I always brought my own food but I very rarely actually got to eat it. My sandwich fell to the ground where it was promptly squished by the large violent feet of a classmate—if I could even call him that.

He was only a Level-3 Esper but I was so weak that the disparity between us was large enough for him to completely overwhelm me.

Oh look, its Ritsu, hows life as a Level-0 Esper? Its pretty shit isn it.

I could see where this was going. I instinctively raised my arm in front of my body but it was all in vain. At first, it was a few bright sparks on his hand. Then it became a stream of electricity travelling between the two of us. I felt my skin tense up, my entire body jolted and I was hit by a blistering pain on my arm.

Haha, you
e always fun.

He walked away as I fell on the floor with burns across my forearm. My food was also completely ruined, I accepted my fate and just made my way towards the toilets—the only place where I was at least somewhat safe. I poured some water onto my arm.


Once I finally got home. I decided to look at the new thing I unlocked. My arm was still in pain at this time.

I opened up the Vampire System main menu and looked at my new unlock.

A separate dimension and place with missions and monster for you to fight. To travel there, simple poke your right index finger with something sharp and wish to go to there. However, you cannot travel there if you
e not in a completely calm state.

A completely different place? A completely different dimension? This was something completely incomprehensible to me. Was I going to be teleported there or something?

The idea of a separate area where I could gain more experience was somewhat appealing—I assumed that was what it meant when it talked about missions.

I wanted to let my arm heal for a little bit before I went through, however, as I wanted to be able to hold my sword—now that I though about it, I should probably conjure it and see what it looked like.

I focused on it and suddenly, a long, thin red sword appeared in my hand. It was very simple in its design, just a geometric hilt and a straight light-red blade. My entire arm was weighed down from its heaviness—it was really heavy. It appeared in my injured hand so I could hardly even move it around. I decided to just send it back for the time being. At my command, it dispersed, vanishing into the air.

Well at least I knew how to summon it now. I still needed to learn how to wield it effectively though; I had no idea how to use a sword.

I made my way into my room and lied down on my bed. The white-ish plaster on my room filled my eyes. I just wanted to take a break, I wanted to get away from life for a little while. I took a deep breath. Maybe Ill go have a shower or something.

I noticed that recently, my mental state has been deteriorating. I practically always stressed or worried and at random intervals, my brain would think of something so painful that I could puke. I didn know what was going on. I used to just try to take my mind off of things by taking a shower or blasting music into my ears—but recently, even that has started to lose its effect.

The hot water splashed onto my back. This was likely my favourite part of the day, most days. The shower was warm and welcoming, I could—if only for just ten minutes—take my mind off of everything and think about absolutely nothing. It was joy.

I wiped myself dry and put on my clothes again. My arm was still hurting but there was nothing I could do about it. I decided that I would go to Haven today, since I had nothing else to do anyways.

I made my way over to my kitchen and grabbed a knife out of the knife holder with my left hand. So I have to poke my right index finger… I slowly pressed the knife into the skin at the point of my index finger and a little drop of blood appeared at the site.

Suddenly, the entire area changed.

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