Evil Vampire System in a Scientific City

A Haven for the Oppressed - Part 1

The Level Framework.

Fifty years ago, the world was hit by The Disaster That Created All Espers, it was simultaneously the greatest catastrophe and the biggest technological leap for all of mankind. It allowed for the development of Interceptors and most importantly—Realisers.

People were now able to control their surroundings using their mind through the use of a tiny device implanted onto their neck.

At this time, The Human Realiser Project came into place and implanted Realisers into most of the population. For years after that, the world fell into anarchy—people freely used their Esper powers to all but destroy the entire planet.

Only twenty years ago was order finally established. The world formed The Future ESP Regulation Committee and brought justice and fairness to everyone. Along with that, they also invented The Level Framework. It was made for the purpose of ranking Espers based on their abilities and capabilities.

The Realiser in ones neck is capable of conjuring a substance, electricity or water for example through brain waves. The substance is then manipulated with the use of the Interceptor which relies on complex calculations in ones mind. The quantity of brain waves determines the amount of a substance which can be created and the intelligence of a person determines how effectively someone can use their power.

Level 0 was the weakest, it was for people with Esper abilities which were just barely observable. After that came Level 1 then Level 2, all the way up to Level 6—for the strongest Espers in the entire world. At this point, no person or thing had every reached Level 7 and beyond—except the tale of a single girl named Sayuri, however, no one has evidence of her existence.

Level 6 Espers were strong enough to destroy entire cities, there was nothing the modern world could do to stop them. Their names are still widely unknown to the general public however, they are referred to by their code names:

Misery—The Controller of Vectors

Laplace—The Controller of Time

Nightmare—the Controller of Memories

Devil—The Controller of Light

Boreal—The Controller of Temperature

User—The Controller of Electricity

They were humanitys greatest achievements.

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