Evil Vampire System in a Scientific City

A Haven for the Oppressed - Part 3

My arms were seriously getting sore.

However, I didn want to leave this place before I got enough experience to level up again. Adrenaline was still circulating through my blood, more ferociously since I got the [Increased Blood Capacity] in fact and I still had enough energy to fight a few more times.

I probably needed to have a plan though. The fight with the goblin couldve gone quite poorly had I had bad luck. I assumed the boar was going to be relatively short and stumpy, so my best plan of attack would be to keep my body low. I also needed to move around quite a bit since I assumed that it would charge at me with horns or something.

I took a deep breath and braced myself for the next fight.

I accepted the mission. A denser circle of fog began forming on the ground near me. The fog was much thicker but significantly smaller and shorter. I could hear the faint sound of a boar coming from within the grey smudge of smoke. A few moments later a big brown hairy boar appeared from within the smoke.

My ears were immediately filled by the ground-shaking grunts of the boar. I quickly bent my knees and summoned [Blood Blade] to prepare for my fight. As expected it showed signs of preparing to charge straight at me.

It came barrelling towards me at incredibly fast speeds. It pointed its two hard tusks straight at me as it dashed. I didn realise how intimidating it really was until it came charging towards me.

I jumped to the side, out of its path. With all my strength, I swung my sword at it and slashed its body. However, it wasn enough to completely kill it and as it reached the end of its run, it turned its head to face me once again.

Oh crap.

Luckily, my [Blood Blade] managed to drink up some of its blood so it was significantly easier to swing this time around. I watched as it ran straight toward me. I was going to strike it down with one blow without jumping to the side, as I was worried it may have learnt of my strategy.

Once again, I heaved the now-lighter sword and swung straight towards its head. In one smooth motion, my dark red blade travelled straight through its face turning it into a pile of dust before it vanished.

I was scared for a second, if that boar managed to charge into me at full speed, it probably wouldve broken both of my legs and I wouldve been as good as dead.

I checked the mission screen to see how much experience I got.

Once you accept a mission, the monster or substance will spawn.

1. Kill a Cave Goblin [Difficulty: F-]

2. Complete the Beginner Dungeon [Difficulty: F]

3. Kill a Treeforce Boar [Difficulty: F] – COMPLETED [+300 experience]

Once you accept a mission, the monster or substance will spawn.

1. Kill a Cave Goblin [Difficulty: F-]

2. Complete the Beginner Dungeon [Difficulty: F]

3. Kill a Treeforce Boar [Difficulty: F]

As expected, nothing changed, however, 300 was a very large amount of experience, I was now 358 experience points away from levelling up. The only issue was that my arm was so sore I could barely raise my sword. I returned [Blood Blade] back into my inventory and sat down on the soft grass.

It was probably a good time to quit and rest up for the day considering there was practically no way I was going to be able to fight another enemy at this rate. However, the Interschool Tournament for Espers was starting soon and it was mandatory for everyone to participate.

I had never gotten past the first round in all of the years I have participated, however, with my new abilities and strength I just might be able to. If I just killed the boar one more time and then finished one of my standard missions I would be able to level up and gain more rewards. It wasn long before the tournament was going to take place so I didn have much more time to prepare.

I thought about what I could do.

I decided that I would cut the palm of my left hand and feed the blood to my [Blood Blade], this should be enough to activate my [Blood Strength] ability and make the sword lighter and stronger. This should be enough for me to kill the boar again, even with the stiffness and soreness all throughout my body.

With that plan in mind, I prepared to fight the Treeforce Boar once again. At my command, the mission began and the Treeforce Boar began summoning.

As the smoke gradually grew, I cut my left palm, causing a slit for blood to drip out. I placed my palm of the blade of my sword and watched as it gradually turned a deeper and deeper tone of red. After a few seconds I raised the sword and ran towards the smoke.

There was a chance I could kill the boar before it even got a chance to attack. I swung my sword into the smoke, causing it to distort and fly off in different directions. Suddenly, there was a slight shock through my body as the boar spawned. It seemed that there were sparks flying around near the base of the smoke so I was going to get injured if I got too close.

Like before, it instantly started charging at me, however, its linear path was very easier to manoeuvre around. Since this was a new boar, I assumed that it wouldn be able to predict the fact that I was going to jump out of the way.

Blood was still slowly dripping out of my left palm. I held onto my sword with two hands and carefully watched as the boar charged towards me. At the last moment, I jumped out of the way and swung at it with as much strength as I could muster. The sword easily pierced the boar, sending it to its death.

That was much easier than I expected. The two combined abilities were a little bit of overkill but I wanted to be safe. Anyways, now that the boar was dead, I was very close to levelling up.

I just needed to do one more mission.

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