6 – I’ve decided.
I’m Going Over to the Demon King Army!

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『Scum that live a depraved life using a woman’s money.』

「That sounds like a bad guy…」

But now that she mentions it, Eleanor’s offer sounds a lot like that…

Being given the chance to do that seems too good to be true.

「Sir Rain, that holy sword is merely talking about a third-rate freeloader.」

「Third-rate freeloader…」

『Gr… I know this isn’t the time for it, but I can’t help but cut in to say「Are there even varying degrees of freeloaders…?」.』

「A common term for a freeloader is a person who offers some kind of emotional or physical benefit in exchange for financial dependence, but this can be also be seen as a deal of sorts.」


「A deal where only the man benefits excessively is a third-rate freeloader, while a deal where both parties benefit mutually is considered second-rate.
The deal that surpasses that is a deal where the woman you are living with takes great pleasure in supporting the man.」

From what she’s saying, the lowest form of a freeloader is one where only the man benefits.

『This woman isn’t hiding any of her desires… And she even grades freeloaders in her own terms…』

「So if I lived and did what I wanted over there… that would make you happy?」

「It would be heavenly…」

Eleanor carelessly makes a face as she daydreams about it.

It’s the kind of face you shouldn’t show your subordinates.
If she was cool and dignified when you first met her, seeing that would drop her reputation like a rock.

「…This isn’t to repay how I rescued you?」

I don’t want to take advantage of any feelings of gratitude she has.

「Oh not at all, that fateful day was merely the start.
This isn’t thanks, but my desir-…my dream.」

Dream, huh…

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『Desire! She was gonna say desire!』

「You are simply hearing things.」

『That doesn’t happen to holy swords! I hear and understand all words!』

「Goodness, how wonderful.」

『Don’t humor me like a child!』

「At any rate, I will not ask for compensation.
If I may say so, I hope that you will allow me into your new life.」

Maybe she just wants to chat? That wouldn’t count as compensation.

「Will I really be…free…?」

If this is all an act, then she’s a heck of an actress.

From how fast she told the tale, she must have been planning this for a long time.

『A deal that good doesn’t exist! Even if they treat you exactly as she says, the true purpose might be to reduce Humanity’s combat ability by removing the Hero.』

The holy sword is trying to expose Eleanor.

Ironically, however, the answer to that was decisive in my decision.

Her face returned to a serious one and calmly said…

「I believe that I understand how kind Sir Rain is.
I am sure that you would help others out of your own desire even if it goes against your『Orders』.『Freedom』implies all the above.」


It’s not that I want to kill demons.

But just like today’s mission, there may be people that I can save by me being there.

Not all of them, but if I know they can be saved, I will definitely go to save them.

「Of course, since you are staying in our country, you will need to get accustomed to our rules, but I am ready to help you fully.
All you need to do is ask.」

『Gr… This woman… her eyes say she’s serious…』

「Personally, I believe it would be best for you to live your life as a normal boy, but if you wish to find happiness, I will not tie you down.」

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「…What if I one day find that happiness, but realize that I cannot attain it in your country…?」

「I am willing to help in any way necessary.」

Eleanor replied immediately.


「I want to read a book.
The kinda book that people in town read for fun.」

I have only ever read books about magic or strategy judged necessary by the Saviors in charge of my education.

「Of course.」

「I want my own room.
I will be happy with a room where a lot of sunlight can come in.」

Since we have been living on the move for ten years, it’s only natural that I don’t have a room of my own.


「Then… I want to try soaking in a large bath, I want a tour of the town and…I want to learn the kind of games that kids play.」

Since you’re the most vulnerable when naked, I usually just clean myself with a wet cloth.
There’s no way we went to things like a large public bathhouse where there are other people.

We travel all over the world but we don’t even do any sightseeing.

I…have never played any kid’s games, so I’m a little curious about them.

Kids always have beaming smiles when they play, so it’s gotta be fun, right?

Eleanor happily listened to everything.

「E-everything that I mentioned just now… Is it weird for a Hero like me to want?」

Heroes are different.
You’re not like ordinary people.
There’s no time for games.

Words that I’ve heard countless times were rattling around in my head.

Eleanor’s voice quieted all those voices down.

「Not at all.
I shall take it upon myself to see that all your wishes are granted.」

For a moment, the faces of the other Saviors popped into my head.

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Would they be angry? Disappointed? Maybe even worried? I wonder.

But…if all the desires that I’ve always held aren’t strange…

If they are in fact something I can experience…

「Then, I’ll go with you, Eleanor.」

「…! Yes…!」

As if overcome by emotion, there are teardrops in the corner of her eyes.

『Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? 』

The holy sword’s voice echoed loudly over this peaceful scene.

「What is it…?」

『T-that…that is a betrayal against humanity!』

「Is it…? I mean, she doesn’t mind if I still beat up the bad guys who try to attack Human Territory, right?」

Although, until certain things are prepared, you would have to hide our affiliation.」

Even if she says I can have my freedom, various arrangements are still necessary for me to be anything more than a guest of the Demon King Army.

Even for a country that does not wish to go to war, they still have the Big Four with powerful people like Eleanor.

Even considering her purpose coming here today, it doesn’t seem that they only have the combat ability for self-defense.

I’m sure they have their own circumstances over there.

On top of all that, she says I am free to do what I want.

「Hey, holy sword, think about it.
What I’m doing isn’t changing, and I get treated better.」

『W-well I..really? But… even if it’s in a country that doesn’t want to fight humanity… To live in a demon country…』

「I want to eat good food and sweet things, and sleep as much as I want.」

『B-but, but… as a holy sword, siding with the demons would mean…』

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「Hm… Alright, then I’ll leave you in the Human Territory-」


She cried out desperately.

I’ve felt this before, but she’s really fixated on being the Hero’s holy sword.

「Then, let’s go together.」

『Urgh… To think that the strongest Hero in history would turn over to the Demon King Army…and because of food and sleep…』

「Either way, I’m going.」

『I’m following! But you know, those other five are definitely gonna chase after you.』

「I wonder about that.
They’re so busy.
They don’t have time to look for me.」

Besides, they’d know that I’m not dead and just out there somewhere fighting demons.

So long as I’m doing what needs to be done rather than disobeying orders, I don’t think they’ll rush out to find me.

I’m sure the War God or Sage will do something about the commotion this will cause.

There’s only one person that I’m unsure how she’ll react.
The Saint. 

『To think that your luck would run out on your very first solo mission when you meet silver-top over here…』

「Actually, I think I’m pretty lucky to have run into her.」 

「…! I will most definitely live up to your expectations!」

After this and that, I came under the care of the Demon King Army of a certain country.

Of course, we safeguarded every child that was sold and sent them to a safe place.

It’s a good thing Eleanor and I have a lot of mana to use Space-Time element.

I was tired from all the mana I expended, but I feel at peace.

Hmm… What should I do first? Sleep or eat?

While thinking about that, Eleanor and I left that place.

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