7 – A New Life and A Psychologically Self-Triggered Nosebleed

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In the Demon King Castle.

I, who was deeply moved by the pancakes earlier, went to visit Eleanor who fainted earlier.

When I called out to her room, I waited for quite some time before Eleanor came out to greet me.
Her hair was immaculate despite the fact she was just sleeping.

Her clothes didn’t even have a single wrinkle… In fact, they’re completely different from before.
Guess she changed clothes.

Also, she’s somewhat out of breath.

「Apologies for making you wait, even though I had to rush…」

「It’s fine.
I was worried, so I came.
Well, that’s not all.
I brought you pancakes.」

I used Space-Time element to stop time properly.

The ice cream isn’t melting and the dough remains warm.

「Goodness, thank you very much.
…You seem to have stopped time perfectly.
I have heard that no matter how much one might try, the flow of time can only be slowed to a crawl.」

「Really? This is how the Sage taught me to do it, though.」

「I suppose if it’s the Sage… However, this is not something that can be used just as soon as one is taught.
This is a feat of Sir Rain’s talent and hard work.
I, Eleanor of the Big Four, am in awe.」

With the way she acts around me, I tend to forget that Eleanor is actually a very accomplished magic-user.

This is why she can notice things that most people cannot.

「Pancake first, magic talk later.
It’s really good, so it’d be a waste if you don’t eat it, Eleanor.」

Remembering how moved I was moments ago, I naturally smiled.


Eleanor takes out a handkerchief and puts it to her mouth…or rather, her nose.

For some reason, a lot of bad things happen to her when she’s around me.

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And yet her face is always one of pure joy.
It’s strange.

「A-another nosebleed? …Eleanor, could it be that you used too much mana and it’s taking a toll on your body?」

I’ve heard of illnesses like that.
When a person’s magical ability does not match their physical ability, their mana will eat away at their body.

The Crest that appears on the Six Saviors is a kind of blessing that removes whatever it is that limits the normal growth of humans while still allowing them to keep their shape as a human.

The Saint’s healing magic can heal any and all injury as long as you aren’t dead.
There is nothing that the Swordmaster cannot cut.
The Magic Archer’s bow never misses its mark.

The Sage can use all existing magical elements, and following the War God’s every order will ensure the strategy to end in success every time.

By the way, my withdrawal from Humanity was not a failure on the War God’s part, it’s because I am ignoring his orders.


No matter how you look at it, he couldn’t have predicted me meeting Eleanor.

So it’s not his fault.

But I can’t help but think…

That maybe all this, me being here, was within his predictions…

…Nah, no way.

But back to Eleanor.

She said「I’m vine.」like her nose was totally stuffed up.
She worries me.

「Do you want me to take a look? I can use the Saint’s healing magic.」

「What?! A physical examination by Sir Rain?!」

I didn’t say that.

「No, with magic I don’t even have to touch-」

「Oh no! I just got off of work and haven’t even had the chance to take a bath yet…!」

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Her face turned red and she started to panic.


She was brought back to reality and she gave a quick cough to clear her throat.

「I am glad for your concern, but my nosebleeds are self-triggered psychologically, so it is nothing for you to bother with.」

She said with a sharp expression on her face.

Her nosebleed seems to have stopped.

「Psychologically… Now that you mention it, you’re normal in situations where I’m not around.」

「Huh? …Who told you that?」

「The kids.」

「Ah… Oh, those kids…」

Among the Demon children that Eleanor saved were children who had already lost their home, or were unfortunately sold off by their own parents.
Those children are now under the care of the Demon King Army.

She was introduced as the one who took care of all the bad guys, so a few of them are very fond of her.

「Yeah, they say things like『Eleanor is cool, kind, beautiful.』,『She can do anything!』, or『I love her!』.」

As I relay what the kids have said about her, Eleanor’s face loosens into a smile.

「Fufu, oh, those kids…」

She said the same thing as just now but in a softer tone.

I also heard things like『But when she talks about Rain, she gets all clumsy.』,『I’ve heard her tell the story about how Mr.
Hero saved her about a hundred times…』, and『She gets super excited, has a weird look on her face, and talks a whole lot before she just collapses.
I’m scared.』, but I shouldn’t tell her that.

「They’re good kids.
Strong too.」

They have met with tragedy, yet they smile as if nothing happened.

There are also some that mope and don’t talk a lot, but that’s normal.

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All they can do is take it slowly and get back on their feet.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of people willing to lend a hand with that in the Demon King Castle.

「Yes, you’re right.」

「…By the way, if something about me is causing a bad reaction from you, please tell me.
I’ll think of something.」

She panicked and shook her head left and right.

Her shimmering silver hair dances with every shake.

「Please, Sir Rain, live life as you see fit.
Please think of my…reactions as things that go by in a flash.
They are involuntary.」

There was a desperate look in her eyes, so I just nodded.

「Got it.
If you say so.」


「Then I’m off.
I promised the kids that I’d play hide and seek with them in the afternoon.」

The Demon King Castle is way too big so we limited the play area, but because my body was bigger than that of the kids, the number of hiding spots for me was limited and I was quickly found.

I recalled a covert mission I did and tried to hide for real, but I was so well hidden that the kid who was it said「Mr.
Hero… disappeared…!」with tears in their eyes, so I stopped doing that.

「My, sounds like you had fun.」

「Fun… I wonder.
I mean, it’s not bad.
There’s a smile on everyone’s face.
I kinda liked that atmosphere.」

I wonder if I can’t truly enjoy it from the bottom of my heart because my time as a child has passed.

But I wanted to try it once, so I’m glad to have had the experience.

「Fufufu, well then, let us find many and more things that Sir Rain will love.」

Eleanor happily said those words like they were a prayer.

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Her smile was so beautiful that I just stared at her.

「…S-Sir Rain? Is there something on my face? gasp Do I have dark circles under my eyes?!」

She covers her face with her hands.

「No, it’s… heh, you’re one of a kind, Eleanor.」

It was only recently that I felt that her being somewhat flustered is very much like her.

「Wh-what is that supposed to mean…?!」

As I laughed, there was a knock on the door.

「…Mrgh, who dares disturb my moment of pure bliss with Sir Rain…?」

「Lady Eleanor, Master Rain.
This is Ferris.」

Eleanor gave her permission and the black-haired maid Ferris entered the room.

「My apologies for the interruption.」

「It is fine.
For you to interrupt us must mean that there is a problem, yes?」

That is… well…」

Ferris flicked a glance at me.

「What is it?」

「Uhm, Master Hero, It is about your holy sword, Mika.」


「She is…sobbing, in your room.」

…The hell is she doing?

While thinking that, I leave Eleanor’s room.

I think that but she’s been my partner for ten years, I can’t ignore her.

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