Eyes Behold

Here forever

This is frieking huge a terrified Rose thought. Now that the adrenaline from the goodbyes had worn down, she could not help but suppress the anxiety of her first flight. How was she supposed to do it alone. Hearing her frantic heartbeats she was damn sure she needed no proof to say that she had acrophobia even though she was particularly fine.

She was gripping the sides of the seat in a death grip . While trying to control her almost inaudible uneven breath, she never realised when she started squeezing the hand of the person sitting next to her .She closed her eyes shut and clenched her teeth tight willing herself to not vomit all over the place.

Finally what felt like hours but were a few minutes she felt someone poking her upper arm ..She snapped her head to see a familiar face next to her . Her mouth dropped open when she saw her childhood friend Amelia sitting right next to her .

Amelia too couldn believe that it was Rose sitting next to her, her Rose .As she boarded the plane a bit late she just hurried to her seat and sat down listening to the flight attendant carefully .She never noticed who she was sitting next to unless she felt a hand squeezing hers in a death grip .

She was about to tell the owner to stop doing so when she saw the girl with long black wavy hair that went beyond her waist braided in a loose french braid , wearing a blue sundress that flowed down to her knees and knee high black boots . She felt a sense of familiarity and when she took a close look at her face , her eyes shut , pink small lips parted a bit releasing small frantic breaths she instantly recognised her best friend Rose .

She could not believe her eyes that after 3 years she was seeing her friend again. The friend who left in a hurry back then informing no one about her whereabouts, leaving no contact behind and just vanishing in thin air as if she never existed .She was so angry at first when she didn come to school for a week without informing her . She then turned frantic when she could not reach to her through any way .

She asked the teachers , the staff and even the principal but all she got to know was that her Rose had applied for a Transfer Certificate and left the city . No one knew about her and even if they knew they were unwilling to tell her anything. She broke down and cried for weeks , grieving the loss of a beautiful part of her heart .But she could never bring herself to hate her best friend . They were after all together for 9 years now . She could just be worried for her and pray for her well being .

She was so lost in her thoughts that she never noticed when the plane took off. It was the first time she didn panick during a take off . Normally she was no better than what Rose was at the moment .

Rose was dumbstruck too .There had not been a single day in these 3 years when she had not missed this girl who was closest to a sister figure and her all time best friend . She had regretted her decision from back then every single day .She never intended to leave her birthday twin hanging in the middle of nowhere by suddenly losing an important part of her life .

She had felt miserable back then and till date could not forgive herself for what she did back then . Now that she looked at her she hadn changed much in these three years . Her dark golden brown almost black shoulder length hair had grown a bit longer dropping just below her shoulders ,her button nose , big doe shaped eyes with the same ocean blue colour, nothing had changed in her Amelia .Wearing a blue jumpsuit with black boots ,it was really Amelia sitting right next to her .This was just plain unbelievable.

Both were snapped out of their staring contest when the air hostess came around asking everyone for their choices in reading material. They mumbled a small no ,thank you .

Suddenly Roses shoes became so damn interesting .

I never knew there was a silver buckle at the side she thought .

Her train of thoughts were put to a halt when she heard someone clearing their throat . She knew the source too well . She could not believe her ears that she was listening to this confident voice again

She lifted her head slowly to hear a small ”… Hey ” .

Had she not have been hyper attentive of her surrounding she would have never heard the faint whisper . But she knew she heard it all right .She could tell the voice she had grown used to hearing for the 9 years of her life .

She peeked to search for the ocean blue she loved but found her looking everywhere but in her eyes .

She mumbled a quick Hi before she lost the beat .

There was an awkward silence between them being filled by voices from all around as both searched for proper words .

” How have you been Mels?? ” at hearing the nickname the real wrath broke down . Amelia regained herself and thrashed on the girl whom she till date called her bestie .

” How have I been ? This is what you ask me ? After just vanishing in thin air for the last 3 years without any notice , leaving me alone to deal with what you called life and not even bothering to contact me once ,now , that we have met, that too accidentally needn I say, cause if left to you I doubt even this would have been possible , the first thing you say is how have u been ?? What do you think Miss Rose Evelyn Wilder how have I been ? Huhh?? .. ” she thrashed out making people turn their heads towards the woman who now had soft tears cascading down her cheeks after her long ramble .

Rose turned and gave everyone an apologetic smile before turning back while trying to hide the small smile appearing on her face after her ramble .

She was happy that the Amelia she knew would have thrashed on her just like this .Her loud confident best friend would for sure have tackled her down to the ground in her rage if the setup would have been a bit different.

Looking at her trying to hide her smile just infuriated Amelia further . Before she could utter a single word Rose butted in by taking her in a big hug . Hadn it been for Amelia lashing out on her in a plane , she would have never got the courage to do so .Her thrashing out just confirmed that she still held the possessive control over Rose and loved her the same as before.

Amelias rage puffed out in a second . She had missed her hugs immensly . These hugs which had provided her strength at her weakest point in life to give her a sense of security and tripled her happiness in times of success is what she missed .The sense of security was there ,the bubbling happiness was there , her best friend was there . She needed nothing more in her life .

When Amelia didn hug her back due to the initial shock , Rose trembled thinking that she miscalculated, maybe she hated her now . She didn love her anymore , why would she when she had abandonded her back then? Her heart broke at the thought of losing her again after just getting her back . Just as she was about to let go , Amelia put her arms around her holding her tight as if she might just pop out of sight anytime .

The hug was warm , much needed , they both had craved for it .The hug was an assurance of their presence , an apology of the past , a promise for the future . It relayed more than any words could ever do .

Backing away to have a good look at her best friend , Amelia leaned back to look into the eyes she was mesmerised by since the first time they had met each other . The same rare mixture of sea green light blue with flecks of mustard yellow came into view reflecting happiness of seeing her after so many years came into view but this time something was missing . There was a twinkle but not as bright as before . They weren the same .

As Amelia continued to stare Rose realised that the moment she was dreading was there . Amelia opened her mouth to ask the most dreaded question but stopped herself short when she saw something that she had never seen before .

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