Eyes of the Mind

Cap 1 - Lethal Hunt

Its been a while since Haruka showed up for her trainings anymore, I already had an idea that the girl wasn very attached to her commitments, but now shes became an apprentice hunter, even if it wasn her will, she didn could act the way you want, I didn wait long to call it, although we didn have a way to get in touch with her, our organization had her methods of contacting her hunters, it didn take long for her at last appear, his sudden arrival was not as usual, besides being very tired, she also appeared to be much more stressed than usual.

”Girl, where have you been?! You haven shown up for your trainings for a week, have you forgotten that you are now an apprentice hunter? ”

”I have to work so that I can live as an old man, unlike you who are paid to watch the bodies of your students while you sit on the bench. ”

”Where did you get that conclusion?! Calm down, work? ”

Its true, beginners don get paid before they become hunters, and even after entering the apprentice rank hunters still need to complete their first missions to be paid for their work, but I didn imagine Haruka working, who would hire someone who only complains and are you as disinterested as she is?

”Yes, old man, after the evaluation, a dimwit resigned from the little market where I work, now Im being enslaved by another old man like you, the difference is that he doesn hide that hes looking at the employees… ”

So it was because of that, I had to admit I wasn surprised, someone hiring her because of her personality was hard to imagine.

”Sometimes I really regret having accepted you as a girl student. ”

”Yeah! Yeah! Now tell me why you called me, I need to buy my food of the month, unlike you Im an ordinary hourly wage earner.

I would love to just send her away, but Im still her master, my duty is to teach and make sure she stays on the right path, I can fail her either, even though teaching the girl is horrible.

”Okay, I don want to waste your time either, the reason I summoned you here was because I have something to teach you. ”

”Teach me? And what would be old? ”

”Watch carefully, we name this technique as Body Enhancement, it aims to strengthen the body of those who use it for a short period of time. ”

Despite being an impressive technique, it caused enormous pressure on the users body, those who use it for the first time feel an unparalleled pain, it is necessary to have a well-trained body to support it for long periods.

I used myself as an example to demonstrate to Haruka the effects of the technique, with a little effort I was able to strengthen my arm muscles, this effect depends on the users concentration, the greater his concentration the longer he can keep improving, many hunters use this technique in your workouts, it helps the body to better absorb heavy training, its like 100 pushups turned into 200.

”Whoa! Thats old fashioned way, if you use this technique well, chances are you won need to use those blue pills anymore. ”

”You become more insufferable every day, girl. ”

”Okay! Okay! But how did you do this thing there? ”

”Its not an easy thing, you need to focus well on your muscle mass, with a little training I believe you can get the hang of it, but the first few times it leaves muscles with an unparalleled pain, so be prepared. ”

”Concentrate on my muscle mass, okay? Okay I will try. ”

While Haruka focused her energies on learning body enhancement, I had that vision again, whenever she is focused its as if she didn notice anything around her, her mind closed and focused only on a single goal, it was something very difficult, size focus was something to be expected only from masters, in just a few minutes she was able to emulate body enhancement.

I knew I had to test this, she developed in a short time, just with her focus something that would take practically a week to be developed by a well-trained hunter, despite not being able to maintain it for a long time, she managed to strengthen her entire body for 5 seconds, it was literally unexpected!

”Old… ”

”Say girl. ”

”I can move, my muscles locked! Help me! HELP!!! ”

”Calm down girl, this is normal, you don need to worry, this has happened to me many times while practicing the improvement, after that you will feel an infernal pain, but with time your body will get used to the pressure that the improvement exerts on the same, so you can stay under the influence of technique even more. ”

”This… This is very interesting, you know, but how long am I going to be like this? ”

”Hmm, I have no idea. But Ill stay here waiting for you to get back to normal, what do you think about talking a little with this old man? There are a few things I wanted to ask you, this seems like the perfect time. ”

Haruka for a few moments refused to want to talk, but with time her boredom began to win, little by little the girl began to lose her will to remain silent.

She started to get restless, her frustration at not being able to move along with the silence that hung around the room at that moment was making the girl totally bored and nervous.

”So what do you tell me? Would like to talk? ”

”Oh, what a bag! Okay old man, what do you want to talk about? ”

”Let me see…what were you talking about on the day of the assessment? About threats not just being spiritual. ”

”Old man, someone like you must know very well that humans like us are an imminent threat to their own race after all… ”

”… ”

”Leave that old thing aside, but I have a question for you too, if you don want to talk about it I understand. ”

”What do you want to know girl? ”

”I already realized that you know very well how my magic works, I also heard something about another uncle who had the same magical form as mine, besides he was trained by you, who was the guy? Where is he these days? ”

I didn expect her to know these things, didn want to comment on it, but given who we
e talking about, it would be better if I explained the situation to her.

”Haruka, the ability you have was only seen twice before you, the first time was many years ago, in the beginning of our organization, in an S-level demon, Ancestor class, he was very powerful, the tales about they say it took 8 supreme rank hunters to take down that threat, the second user of this spell was one of my students, he got lost in his greed for power, the more he trained the stronger he got, in a short time he was a apprentice to a hunter of Crimson rank, but one day, he suddenly killed 6 hunters of the same rank and seriously injured a hunter of Specialist rank, when I finally found him, I couldn recognize my student anymore, he wore a mask with a smile frightening and there was a frightening pressure coming from him, when I tried to capture him, a dimensional portal between our world and the spiritual opened, before I even knew it, he had already entered that vast world. ”

”You could have given a summary there as an old man, dammit you almost spoke the bible to me… But I understand, it must have been a dose for you. ”

The atmosphere had gotten a little negative in the practice room, we were both silent for a while, Harukas movements were already starting to come back, thats when I remembered the second reason why I had called her.

”Girl, I forgot to tell you, this came for you earlier. ”

”And what would it be? ”

”Your first mission as a hunter, you were chosen for a level D hunt, apparently they are from the Superhuman and Prime classes, its a youkai infestation in a small town, it was properly closed, the army has already reconnoitered the place, too. The day has been set for your mission, youve been cast with a group of other apprentice hunters. ”

”Youkai infestation, looks like something interesting, I was dying to detonate someone because of work. ”

”Hope you keep your ego in check girl, a hunter shouldn underestimate his enemies. ”

”Yeah! Yeah! Old man, relax that the most that can happen is for them to kill me. ”

She looked very eager for her first quest, she couldn even hide that smile, I on the other hand was worried, I didn have much confidence in letting my apprentice go alone on his first quest, but quests of this level cannot be interfered with by a high level hunter, so I can only rely on Harukas skills and hope that everything works out.

”Alright girl, at least be careful, these types of missions may seem simple, but stay focused, youkai are dangerous even at low threat levels. ”

”Right old man, keep your eyes open, look around, analyze, see, observe, capture, verify, understand, Ill use it. ”

After playing with my worry, Haruka suffered from the aftereffects of body enhancement, the hellish pain of the first use leaving the poor girl traumatized by the technique.

I spent some time asking Haruka to let go of the fear of training the technique after that, even denying herself and acting like a child, she finally agreed to continue, it didn take long for her to keep the technique any longer.

”Your mission is in four days girl, I think its enough time to improve your technique, with a little more effort you can manage to maintain it for 1 minute. ”

Despite having a fast forward, Haruka didn look too happy at the time, it wasn like she was bored with her training, something was putting the girl down.

”Has something happened, girl? ”

”This infernal training is not something for me, no old man, I feel my body screaming for me to stop or something. ”

”Believe me, masters have been through this before, its a painful effort but very effective, you said you wanted to be strong to eliminate threats, right? ”

”Theres no way to make a code that releases all the force present in me at once, isn it? ”

”What do you mean by code? ”

”Its man, you know, up, down, left, left, R2, triangle, square, then I release the absolute power! ”

It could only be a joke what I was hearing, I couldn believe she was such an idiot.

”Its a joke, right? ”

”Boring old man, I need to improve faster, but for now, I can just concentrate on training, I have some commitments to resolve and I need money… ”

”Youd better keep your mind only on practice, but I understand, just try not to forget about your first mission. ”

”I will only forget my mission if I end up forgetting. ”

I thought about saying something about that nonsensical comment, but Id be playing her game, so I just let it go while I pretended to understand.

”Well, Im leaving, if you had a cell phone I would keep in touch through FalaZap, but I doubt that someone your age knows how to use it. ”

Haruka then got up and started to pick up her things to leave, while waving at me, I just wanted to know if everything would work out for her mission, on the other hand, your proposal wasn bad, a cell phone right? Maybe Ill buy one in the future.

After that day, I didn hear from the girl anymore, she literally disappeared, I ended up asking to get in touch with her, but the only means of contact we had with her was no longer working.

For a while I was worried, her mission day finally arrived, it was a team hunt, while the other hunters arrived, I wondered even more where she was, soon they would go out to start the hunt, on the other hand the girl still You gone.

”Sebastian, wheres your apprentice? Everyone is already here, we can wait any longer. ”

”- Sorry, I don know where she is either, but I guarantee she will arrive soon. ”

”Unfortunately Sebastian, we can wait any longer, well leave immediately to eliminate the infestation… ”

Before he finished speaking, the girl finally arrived, she looked pretty tired and exhausted.

”I arrived, are you all ready? ”

”Girl, where have you been?! ”

”If we don see, my cell phone was stolen, my boss increased my workload and I was late on the subway, do you want to know anything else? ”

”Stolen?! How did you allow a thief to steal your cell phone? ”

”Oh! It was like that, he came up to me and said, Raise your hand, you lost the trout! Then I said Calm down! then he took my cell phone and ran away. ”

”What is your training for? You took down 3 statues alone, how can you not defeat a mere thief?! ”

At that moment Haruka looked at me with a sadistic and serious look, with a scary smile, she seemed to be with an unparalleled anger.

”You know, old man… What I wanted most was to smash that unfortunate mans face, but a dumb idiot stopped me from hitting humans… ”

I had forgotten about that, after Harukas comments in her apprentice assessment, she was banned from using her abilities on humans, I didn think she would follow that order to the letter, but I was proud of her too.

”Have you finished wanting to know about my life? So lets go, I want to break something. ”

”Okay… Good luck girl… ”

It was a very simple mission, eliminating such a low level youkai infestation shouldn be a problem for a team, it didn take long for them to finish opening the portal, so all the hunters including Haruka had already passed to complete the mission, now I just he could follow his hunt from afar.

After the arrival of the group of hunters, the vision they had of the small town was deplorable, the army worked with organizations to contain supernatural threats, but they were not much help in combating the creatures, it was very rare to see a human Its normal to win a tier D threat, even with such weaponry, the poor soldiers only managed to evacuate a few people, those who stayed to hold back the advance of the youkai didn stand a chance.

A young man took the lead of the group, he seemed to be well trained, but in the hunters world experience was superior to strength.

”Ok guys, lets clear the area as soon as possible, they are level D youkai, they are powerful in group, so we should go together too, we are not training anymore, so we need to be careful. ”

Those were wise words, teaming up to fight the threat was a very interesting idea, coming from an apprentice, I could only say that he had some idea of how strong the enemy was.

”Did you hear the guy? Brother, I didn come here to hold anyones hand, I came to kill youk

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