Eyes of the Mind

Cap 1 - Lethal Hunt

ai, if you want to play nanny, its your problem, understand? ”

After the ignorant words of a troublemaker, the atmosphere among the apprentices was not good, the mistake of less experienced hunters was to think that they would solve everything themselves, is the famous thought of the protagonist, it is quite normal for peoples ego to take them straight to death, with hunters was no different.

”Right… Go there alone then, when you finish killing everyone, tell us, I want to go home soon. ”

e that girl who passed the apprentice test in a month and a half right? What was your name? Haru… Harin… Karu? Well whatever, I don care, but if you think Im going to protect someone like you, you better forget, I don fight for weaklings, much less girls. ”

”Thats cool, it looks like those generic anime characters that only serve to occupy space in the script, great speech I must say, worthy of the Nobel Prize, then go! Show me what you can do! ”

”Tsk, thats why I hate girls… Lets get it over with, those who don want to babysit come with me. ”

”If you need help, call Batman! ”

Haruka had gotten what she wanted, part of her plan was to separate the most troublesome from the others, the idea of sending the short-tempered hunters ahead was really interesting.

”Why did you do that? Now we have only 5 people, it was better for everyone to stay together. ”

”Man, I did you a favor, that madman was sure to kill us, he caught the other troublemakers, now we just need to follow them from a safe distance. ”

”Are you using them for bait? ”

e high? I only sent 5 idiots to clear the way, if they die its egos fault. ”

”… ”

Really Harukas idea wasn very nice to the other hunters, but they also had in mind that she wasn actually wrong, the idea of making the most hateful clear the way ahead was just a plan so she could analyze the threats well, if they were indeed successful in eliminating all youkai alone still benefiting her.

After entering the city the atmosphere of the place was calm, it was as if there was nothing in that place, the bodies of civilians and soldiers were everywhere, just the fact of being there was very uncomfortable for the apprentices.

”Haruka right? my name is Davi, those are Oscar, Inkar and lastly… ”

”Please don waste your time telling me your names, I have a birds memory desu, so its quite possible that I don remember you. ”

Haruka wasn much of a talker, she was one of those antisocial types of people, so she didn usually talk to anyone much, not that she had that kind of interest either.

It only took a moment of distraction, when the hunters eyes returned to her front, all the hunters who had been there a few moments had already disappeared.

”What? its your fault Daniel! Because of you I lost my sight baits. ”

”My name is David… And what do you mean baits? So you were actually using those guys?! ”

”No, I didn use anyone, not directly… They were hunters who came here to kill or be killed, just like us, right now Im at risk of life, it may seem like not but Im already being observed. ”

”What do you mean by that? ”

”My analysis wasn finished yet, but I can feel they
e already here, apparently we
e in combat against the Prime class, no superhuman class could do that, in a few moments, he disappeared with the other hunters, I must say that I believe they have already died too. ”

”This is impossible! theres no way this could happen so fast, they were in front of us right now. ”

With the disappearance of the first team, the hunters could not hide their fear, they only thought against what they were fighting.

”For you it may seem impossible, but to my eyes no, the prime class can also use magic, probably an illusion. ”

”Illusion? ”

”Now do you understand? The boy with the Mayan name and Davi also disappeared, oddly enough, I couldn see them disappear, it started after the fog that is below us appeared. ”

”Fog? ”

A very dense fog covered the hunters legs at that moment, it was as if it had appeared out of nowhere, in the middle of that situation, they separated and disappeared without a trace, inexperienced hunters are the first to disappear in combat, even at low levels, corrected they are even more powerful together, in the blink of an eye 7 out of 10 hunters had already disappeared into that fog.

”Help! Someone help me! ”

”Please! Help! ”

Some voices coming from the fog called for help, although not could see where the voices were, you could hear it loud and clear.

”We need to help, come on, the 3 of us can help them! ”

Haruka then raised his sword in front of the hunter, stopping his movements desperate.

”Help who? ” Thats not human, the owner of that voice must already be knowing the creator. ”

”How do you know that? ”

”Its very simple, the owner of that voice, its probably the one over there. ”

The girl pointed with her sword to a post half hidden in the fog, at the moment Oscar managed to focus on what she was pointing at, he was displaced, it was the body of that troublesome hunter, totally broken and lifeless, the young boy couldn hide his pallor.

They couldn waste a second, Haruka had in mind that the current situation was complicated.

”Our time is running out, the fog will swallow us too, tell me what skills you have fast! ”

”I… Im a wind user! ”

”Im a Lightning user. ”

”The boy with the name of the prize, can you open this mist into a circle using your wind magic? ”

”Yes… Yes! ”

”Okay, the rest is up to me and youll hit him, at my signal, youll have to open the fog boy wind, we need to be fast, I can feel the presence of 7 of them, the creator of this fog, must be one of them, we need to eliminate the superhumans before the fog covers us again. ”

Preparing for combat Haruka just closed her eyes, her goal was to hear the youkais movements, her eyes weren much help in the fog, so if she couldn count on her vision, she would use her ears while focusing. in the noises and sounds coming from the fog, the wait was terrifying.

In a few seconds the dense fog grew higher, covering the hunters, this was the perfect moment.

”Now wind boy! Open the fog fast! ”

The boy then placed his hands on the ground while doing his wind control magic to open the dense fog, what once covered the 3 hunters, now had been dispersed, at that moment 6 youkai appeared, all of super human class, they were like normal people , but their skin was white as snow, their eyes were red and black, their clothes were old and worn, they all had a kind of horn on the left corner of their head, they moved forward quickly, without waiting, in a swift action, Haruka advanced towards the youkai, drawing his sword and cutting off the heads of two of the creatures, while with his speed coming from the ability to control lightning, the hunter with his electrified spear, pierced the other youkai, eliminating the four creatures in the blink of an eye, it was a well-synced attack, but before you knew it, the prime-class youkai emerged from the fog behind the poor wind user, he was big and strong, his appearance resembled something in between. a wendigo and a human, without them having time to react, the creature reached over the hunters back with its hand, ripping out his heart next.

There was nothing to be done, however Haruka wouldn let the chance to take down the prime pass, with the use of her soul user ability, she advanced fiercely towards her target, but with an unthinkable attack, the creature landed a blow. fast and powerful on the girl, causing her to fly violently hitting a wall, on the other hand the lightning user advanced towards the creature, the confrontation was already decided, the one with the greatest resistance and strength would emerge victorious, the battle was resumed in speed and precise blows, the creature even being hit by the hunters electrified spear, did not seem to get weaker, quite the contrary, his blows got stronger and faster, the hunter knew that if he was hit it would be his end, but keep the use of his ability was killing his spiritual magic, by a slip, the hunter was hit, after the impact, he started to spin wildly in the air, the bloodthirsty youkai didn miss the chance, the hitting him with a punch almost burying the same in the ground, the pain was agonizing, when the hunter thought it would be his end, Haruka emerged from the fog attacking the creature by surprise, with a broken arm and two fractured ribs, the girl used her technique of body enhancement along with his soul magic, to deliver a blow that tore the youkais arm, in that brief opening, with all his strength, the hunter pierced the creatures back with his spear, causing immense damage to the youkai, but that was not enough to kill the creature, with a deafening scream, the youkai wrenched the spear from its own body, while preparing to use it as a weapon.

Even injured, Haruka positioned herself, standing face to face with the powerful youkai, preparing for what would be her last blow.

”Ouch! You almost broke my sword… Get ready and Ill send you to a very warm place! ”

The girl closed her eyes, concentrating her strength on the body enhancement technique, the sudden use caused unimaginable pain for the girl, but she was focused only on killing the creature, making use of all her magic the girl carried her sword to the ultimate blow.

The creature advanced towards the girl, ready to kill the hunter, but without the youkai noticing, the lightning user launched an electric blast that hit the youkai full on, paralyzing the creature for just 2 seconds, with a clean and swift cut , in the blink of an eye, Haruka split the youkai in two, falling unconscious right after killing her opponent.

In that situation, no one could say if that mission would have been successful or not, 8 hunters had lost their lives, one of them was seriously injured, only one was well compared to the others, with the elimination of those youkai, all that was left was to return for the association, using the rest of the his forces, the ray user carried Haruka back to the portal.

Inexperience and lack of preparation was what led those hunters to their death, but it was still considered a victory for some members of the organization.

I couldn understand the new ACP principles, consider a victory even with 8 dead hunters? It was only then that I began to understand the disgust Haruka felt.

After that mission, Haruka was admitted to the hunter hospital, to treat her wounds, despite struggling with hating hospitals, she had no choice.

After those events, I received an unusual visit, to say the least.

”Good morning Sebastian… Wheres the troublemaker? ”

”Hello… Carlos, good morning, talk about Haruka? She is still hospitalized, her injuries were severe, but she is not life-threatening, knowing she must be eager to get back on the hunt. ”

”I see… Well, the reason for my visit is because the council of elders chose to gather some apprentices, the objective is to form something like a team, one of my students was chosen, he fought side by side with his apprentice in the your last mission, the other two should arrive in the next few days, ive been assigned to train them along with you. ”

”Just out of Doubt, who is this boy you
e talking about? ”

”His name is Jean, he has the same form of power as mine, therefore he is also in the same rank as that troublemaker. ”

The sudden arrival of Carlos announced a project designed by the elders to gather promising apprentices, but what was their real intention?

”Why do they want to bring our apprentices together? ”

”Sebastian, I don ask silly questions, Im just following orders, deliver this message to your apprentice when she leaves the hospital. ”

”… ”

Carlos was a very serious man, but naturally he followed orders to the letter, he might have a short fuse, but he was a great hunter, his experience was similar to mine, training our students side by side would make their potential grow even more, I didn have much friendship with that man, but his help would be very welcome to train Haruka, so I was really excited to work together with him.

”Very well Carlos, I hope we can understand each other well during the days you saw. ”

”Believe me Sebastian, I have no desire to help you train that girl, we are creating a new weapon to give to the corrupted on a platter, you know how dangerous that power she has is, the right thing would be to kill her while we still have the chance. ”

”Carlos… I have a lot of respect for you, but if you try to touch her with the intention of doing any harm, I will most certainly make you see hell. ”

”Tsk, who knows, I hope this time doesn let another murderer escape, that bastard you were master has already caused us enough problems. ”

I was silent after hearing those words, among all the hunters I was the most aware of how dangerous that magic that Haruka had was, but I wouldn let anyone touch it, even if I had to go against everything and everyone.

”Thanks for the warning…but I have complete faith in my apprentice, so you needn be worried. ”

”… ”

Apparently working with Carlos is going to be even harder than training the girl, my life apparently isn going to be easy.

As the inevitable partnership with Carlos was formed, near the hospital where Haruka was recovering from her injuries, there was the silhouette of two strangers.

”Is that the soul user? ”

”Exactly, I expected more from someone with this magic, but apparently she was just any. ”

”Syfer, não deixe sua visão das pessoas interferir na sua missão, aquela menina é semelhante aquele homem, você sabe o quanto ele interferiu nos meus planos… ”

”Yes my sovereign, I have full knowledge of him. ”

”So you must know how dangerous that girl is, but I also can not hide that she would be of great use to my plans, if possible avoid eliminating, try to bring me her alive. ”

”At the right time, I will bring her to you my sovereign. ”

”Great, lets go, I don want to draw the hunters attention… ”

Unknown eyes stalked Haruka, who were they, what were the strangers plans for the girl?

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