Eyes of the Mind

Cap 2 - A Bitter Mission

t in the center later. ”

”Affirmative. ”

Separating for time Haruka and Hyper started the clash against the creatures, four of the creatures followed Hyper on his way, while Haruka stayed to stop the other four, while Hyper distanced himself from Haruka the combat between the girl and the demons had already started.

The creatures were strong, their speed and strength was superior to any other creature of the superhuman class, at that time Haruka was in a tricky situation, despite using her soul skill the girl was having great difficulties in fighting the four creatures, while the girl focused her analysis on finding openings to attack the creatures they attacked relentlessly, despite being resistant the demons were not unbeatable.

For a few mistakes of the creatures Haruka managed to kill one of the demons piercing his heart and breaking his change then, with the use of his ability Haruka managed to become invulnerable to physical attacks except when he needed to fight back, his triumph in combat against those creatures was that skill , the fight started to get complicated for the creatures, little by little the girl started to fight back the onslaughts of the demons.

Haruka in a moment of sliding creatures using the technique of body enhancement, launched a series of quick attacks that took down two of the creatures, at that time only one of the demons was still standing.

”Looks like its one against one now, right? Come on! Fall in, come here. ”

The creature even after the girls speeches showed no fear, demons were known for not being afraid of anything, despite the girls affront the demon did not shake, in a rapid advance the creature began to reduce its distance between the girl, Haruka no However she wouldn let him get close, the girl used one of her attack that launched a soul cut that broke one of the creatures legs and arms, knocking the demon to the ground, even when the creature was down, it was still ready to fight, if dragging towards the girl.

”Man, I have to say I admire your strength, but I can waste any more time here. ”

Haruka then stuck his sword in the creatures skull, ending that threat, withdrawing and sheathing his sword soon after, the girl then returned to her path, the girl ran through the streets of the deserted and destroyed city towards the rendezvous point while looking her companion, around the path that the girl walked she was able to identify three of the creatures shot down by the hunter Hyper, but she had no idea where her ally was, as she approached the meeting point Haruka came across what appeared to be a threat of superhuman level, but that demon was kind of peculiar.

That creature in addition to being a little bigger than the others was even more muscular, it had 3 horns, its color was gray and had long white hair, the creature had stopped in the hunters path, Haruka without thinking twice began to analyze the demon , on the other hand the creature stared deeply at the girl.

The creature then lowered itself putting its weight on one of its legs, in a swift shot the creature advanced towards the girl, its speed was almost invisible to the girls eyes, by reflex the girl managed to dodge the creatures fierce attack.

In that short moment Haruka drew his sword unleashing three attacks on the creatures torso, after being hit the demon landed quietly as he turned to attack the girl again, at that moment it was more than clear, Haruka was not fighting a threat of class over human, she had found a prime class.

”You are very fast girl. ”

”What?! Do you speak horned? ”

”Can you escape yet another one of my advances? ”

Haruka at the same second her soul ability made her invulnerable, at that same moment the creature passed between the girl, stopping further ahead, the creatures attack could not be seen by the hunter, the enemy was very strong, the girl knew that, at that moment that fight was beyond her abilities, Haruka had no idea if she would win that battle, the girl was reluctant to continue that fight.

”That magic of yours… You
e a user of the soul, aren you? ”

”You talk is scary as hell, you can just be silent? ”

”Humans with ancient demon abilities, this is outrageous, Im going to rip your insolent human head off. ”

Before the creature made its third charge, three quick beams of light pierced its body, that light attack was the specialty of the hunter Hyper who had just arrived for battle.

”Are you okay leader? ”

”Im fine but… this guy is very strong. ”

the creature even after being wounded by the two hunters began to strengthen even more, its muscles even stronger, its size even bigger.

”Humans… Im going to slaughter and deform you both! ”

”Then that insufferable crazy, can you just go back to your house? ”

”Leader, what shall we do? ”

”The only thing we can do, right light bulb, lets put down that threat even if we die trying, if we let this madman pass the old man will beat me dead. ”

The creature prepared to attack again, the demon had in its focus now the hunter Hyper, while the creature prepares to give its impulse, Haruka advanced towards her, using the body enhancement and her soul magic, the girl got into a Violent combat with the creature, its quick and powerful blows were ricocheted by the creatures dense muscles, Hyper didn wait to join the combat, the hunters even with all their might couldn press the creature, however Haruka was still analyzing the demon, it was just as the girl noticed the creatures drastic drop in speed, Haruka then signaled Hyper to back off, at the same time the girls gathered away from the demon.

”Hes really strong, our blows didn even scratch that monster. ”

”Its not really that light bulb, that animal is adaptive, hes just strengthening his muscles, his speed dropped a lot after his muscles got bigger, he sacrificed speed for strength. ”

”Your eyes are indeed impressive human, in a short time you realized that, so Ive already stopped playing with you. ”

Decreasing its muscles the creature begins to divide its focus between speed and strength, that demon had already adapted to be able to fight the hunters on an equal footing, as well as Haruka the creature adapted to fights, he also realized that he could not fight back. blows of the two hunters with his focus being only on strength, but he also knew that only his speed made him fragile against the hunters.

”Okay, if you
e ready, lets get the game started for real. ”

The creature advanced quickly against the girls, its speed could not be compared to its fight against Haruka, but it was still fast enough, at that moment the hunters responded to the fight advancing towards the demon too, in that fight the creature showed itself superior in speed and strength, however fighting the two hunters left the fight balanced, in any slip the hunters could be eliminated, however the wise creature could be shot down if hit by the consecutive blows of the two hunters.

Hyper at that time was waiting for the right moment, in a short second when the creature focused its gaze on the hunter she used her light ability to blind the creature, Haruka then dealt several blows on the creature, the demon could not resist so much damage, but not was totally defeated, before he had a chance to counterattack the girl, Hyper unleashed his slashing beam of light, slicing the creature into two parts.

Despite the victory, the hunters had used a lot of magical power, the fatigue they both felt was immense.

”Disgusting beast, dammit if it wasn for that short period of time he would have passed us on to another life. ”

”I believe our victory was a matter of luck, leader, that threat was not something we had to win alone. ”

”Glad you sprouted at the last second then, thanks light bulb, I owe you one. ”

”I just came to assist my leader, that doesn need to be rewarded. ”

”Okay! Okay! Stop with this leader talk, you can call me Haruka anyway. ”

”So could you call me by my name too? ”

”No, my nickname is cooler than yours. ”

The mission was almost over, at that moment the hunters took the opportunity to recover their strength, while waiting for the end of the containment of the fissure, something caught the attention of Haruka.

”Hey, are you feeling it? ”

”Yes… Is it likely that it would be another prime? ”

”No, its much stronger, we have to go, its coming from where the drummer and the rock boy are. ”

Haruka didn think twice, along with Hyper, they used their strength to run to where that terrible presence was, as they ran towards their allies the girls witnessed the combat scenes around the city, whatever it was had just entered combat with hunters.

”But what the hell is this magical pressure? What is the threat level of that freak? ”

”I can answer leader, I have to say that I think wed better back off. ”

”I deny myself! I won let them die. ”

It didn take long for the hunters to find the owner of that frightening presence, in the middle of the totally destroyed street was a man who wore black clothes with a hood, he had his back to the hunters, the first sight of Haruka was of his allies defeated.

e the new soul user? ”

”And who would you be? ”

Before the hunter had a chance to think the man had hit Hyper, when the girl turned her eyes to her mate the girl was already on the ground.

”Don worry, I didn kill them. ”

The girl then managed to visualize what the mans hood hid, a mask with a frightening smile.

”You… You
e the guy the old man used to train, aren you? ”

”Is Sebastian still alive? Even in these three years that guy keeps standing, isn that right. ”

”… ”

Haruka then drew his sword aiming at the mans neck, but with a quick attack the man broke his sword with a punch, the girl was pale after that, the difference between their powers were more than devastating, she realized it when she didn even notice the movements of that man.

”Sorry, I didn want to break your sword, I just want to talk. ”

”To talk? And what do you want to talk about? ”

”Its very simple girl, do you trust the ACP? ”

”… ”

”You shouldn trust them, I don expect you to believe me, but I think youd better do some research on the people you work for. ”

”You said something interesting, why should I trust your words? ”

The man then started to approach the girl, fear would not let her move.

”You can call me G, don trust anyone Haruka, ACP is unreliable, you might not even believe me now, but youll understand in the future, don count on Sebastian too much, he sticks too much to the rules of that bunch of pigs, my advice is that you keep our conversation a secret, otherwise what prevents the elders from killing you won help you anymore. ”

Before the girl had time to react, the man landed a blow to her head that affected her entire body, while the girl started to faint, she could notice that the man was not alone, but her vision no longer let her see who that person was.

After that humiliating fight, Haruka woke up after a few minutes in a military medical tent, the girl did not understand how she ended up there, while looking around the girl noticed the presence of the hunter Speack.

”Good morning, Sleeping Beauty. ”

”How did I get here? ”

”You and your team took a surreal beating. Sebastian and Carlos are hunting the guy who did this to you guys, at least trying I think. ”

”Where are the others? They are well? ”

”They are relatively well, the most injured are the hunters Vitor and Jean, which I don understand… Its because he didn kill you, did he say something? ”

At that moment Haruka could feel the danger coming from the hunter Speack, in her mind the girl remembered the lines of that man, she didn know if she could trust him, but she also felt that the best choice was not to tell about that conversation.

”No, he just gave us a whack. ”

”Hmm, you
e not lying to me are you? ”

”And why would I lie about that maam? ”

”Ah! I already said that I don like it when they call me lady! ”

”… ”

The girl was thoughtful, on the one hand she was disappointed at being defeated so easily, but she was also curious about what the man had said, not trusting anyone in ACP, the girl didn know what to do, at that moment she was wondering if I could even count on someone.

”Is something bothering you, Haruzinha? ”

”No, Im just frustrated, where did the old man go? ”

”Hmm, if you really want to know, just head towards the purple light.

”Purple light? ”

Leaving the tent the girl saw a very distant light, its glow even miles away from the girl left her with her vision blurred.

”What the hell is that? ”

”Is this the first time youve seen it? Thats the end of the last rift between our world and the spiritual, your mission will be completed after that disappears for good, Sebastian and Carlos must be there. ”

”Are they hunting that guy over there? ”

”Exactly Haruzinha. ”

Haruka didn know what to do at that moment, she was between going towards that light or waiting for her master to come back, that doubt made the girl crazy, after thinking a little the girl decided to go towards the light.

The girl then started running towards that light, as she passed through the city Haruka could see the traces of her battle with the prime, that fight began to reverberate through her mind, the girl began to see how she was still not strong enough to fight against threats.

There was little to reach the light, the girls curiosity only increased with each step, the doubts about not being able to trust the ACP were disturbing the girl, she had no idea what was to come, when she finally arrived at the place, the vision that she had amazed her.

The scene that awaits Haruka would leave anyone speechless, the hunter Carlos was seriously injured as Sebastian used his last strength to keep himself upright against that masked man.

”Its interesting isn it Sebastian? History repeats itself, me on the verge of passing to the other world, Carlos again injured and you here again trying to stop me, although this time you didn have many chances. ”

”How did you get so strong in that short amount of time? ”

”This I have to thank ACP, the hunters they sent to kill me made me stronger, after a long time in that world, I managed to develop a new skill of my soul magic, I named it soul thief, with that I it could consume the souls of my enemies, it greatly strengthened my strength. ”

”Have you consumed their souls? What kind of monster have you become G?! ”

”Ive become a necessary monster Sebastian, the monster that this world and the next needed, Im going to put an end to your suffering now, just close your eyes, Im releasing you from the burden of following that organization. ”

”Not! Get away from the old man now! ”

”You? I didn think youd be back so soon. ”

Haruka was unarmed and knew she couldn fight that threat, but she wouldn let her master die at that mans hands.

”You know you can beat me girl, its no use trying to fight me. ”

”Girl, get out of here now! ”

”Shut up, old man! I won let you die. ”

”Being defended by an apprentice, it seems that your level has managed to get even lower Sebastian… Ill let you pass this time, next time I won give that chance again. ”

”Not! Come back here now G. ”

”Goodbye…Sebastian. ”

At that moment Haruka focused on helping Sebastian to stand, G was going towards the portal to the spirit world, while G entered the spirit world he turned his eyes to Haruka, again the girl saw that person who was with that man , but this time she was in the spirit world, that woman, it was her mother who had been pulled by an anomaly into the spirit world.

The girl had no idea what to say, the sight of her mother left her perplexed, for Haruka her mother had died a long time ago, seeing her left the girl in shock.

With the portal closed the girl was still immobile, she couldn trust the ACP, her mother was alive and her doubts were even bigger than before.

”Old man, are you all right? ”

”He has become very powerful, we need to help Carlos, he is in a worse situation than mine. ”

”You look awful Carlos, it looks like you lost to him again, right? ”

Speak had just arrived, while she was helping Carlos who was unconscious, Haruka was trying to understand the current situation.

”Old… ”

”… ”

”Help me get stronger, I need to get into that world, but I can in my current condition. ”

”Whats the real motivation for you wanting to go in there? ”

”My mother, she was there. ”

”Was she at the portal? Impossible! How could she survive in this place? ”

”I do not know! But… She was there. ”

”… ”

The girl was focused on entering that world in search of her mother, what she didn know is that the ACP would not be very collaborative with that idea, after that mission, Sebastian and Carlos were hospitalized to be able to recover, so the elders put the Huntress Speak to take care of the girl.

After a day of training Haruka realized that Speack was not only there to help the girl in her training, but to watch over the girl.

”So Haruzinha, how about we do a girls night? ”

”I don like these ideas very much. ”

”Lets go, why not? Where is your home? I accompany you. ”

”See that bridge? ”

”Yes, are you after her? ”

”Its not under her, come pay me a visit later. ”

Any normal person would understand that Haruka didn want to say where she lived, much less take someone to her house, but in Hunter Speacks mind, she thought the girl was in financial trouble.

”Wow, sorry… I understand that apprentices don get paid much, but don worry! You will be able to solve this! believe me Haruzinha! ”

”Our lady, how noisy you are. ”

At that moment Haruka knew her situation was delicate, she began to distrust ACP and after Speack started training the girl it just made her even more thoughtful, the girl now understood what that man meant, she understood that ACP is the elders were not to be trusted.

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